5 Best Business Opportunities In The Central Florida Area

5 Best Business Opportunities in the Central Florida Area

As the new year starts, potential entrepreneurs in the Central Florida area seeking new ways to start businesses or expand on their current operations.  With this in mind, Quality Business Plan has come up with a list of five excellent business opportunities for entrepreneurs to exploit in the Central Florida area.

Kissimmee, FL. -  The Orlando Sentinel reported recently a research facility in the Kissimmee, Florida area will be merging with a larger former competitor.  This merger will increase the research facilities ability to hire new employees and take on additional research opportunities.  Entrepreneurs in the Kissimmee, Florida area may exploit this opportunity by starting businesses focused on servicing this and other research facilities.  For example, research facilities often need to have secure technological infrastructures.  As a result, local entrepreneurs may startup businesses related to selling networking capabilities such as hardware and software.  This will lead to enhanced security for the research facility’s studies, while using local experts specializing in networking installation and protection.

Orlando, FL. –   Recycling is not only good for the environment but also good for entrepreneurs looking to expand operations.  In a recent article, again, from the Orlando Sentinel, journalist noted Coca-Cola is seeking to recycle each can of soda sold.  With this objective made public, local entrepreneurs may create businesses focused on helping Coca-Cola meet this objective.  To illustrate, a marketing campaign may be designed to help the company inform the public about importance of recycling.  This would lead to currently established marketing companies expanding operations to include a public awareness component.  If the campaign is successful, then a niche market may be created for other public awareness operations.

Sanford, FL. -    The Sanford Riverwalk, phase 1, was built several years ago on the shores of Lake Monroe.  This first phase of the Riverwalk attracts multitude of people on a daily basis for exercise or to just appreciate scenic views and wildlife in the area.  As the second phase of the Riverwalk project is started, business opportunities are plentiful.  To illustrate, a multitude of construction workers will be drawn to the area during various stages of construction.  This leads to the need for food truck operators during breakfast and lunch breaks hours. This opportunity may be exploited by already established restaurants seeking to expand their brand or new food truck market entrants.

Winter Park, FL. – Park Avenue in Winter Park is renowned for their high quality and unique retail stores.  However, a recent article suggests e-commerce may not be fully exploited by local retail establishments.  Since social media is used by over 2 billion people on a global scale, not capitalizing in this market may lead to significant revenue loss for retail stores in the area.  Creative entrepreneurs may start businesses focusing on enhancing social media exposure for local businesses through social media management.  Not only will Park Avenue retailers experience additional revenue growth through this expansion but entrepreneurs will be able to enter into a market which has few competitors.

Apopka, FL. –  Lake Apopka is regionally renowned for its opportunities to view wildlife.  For example, in just a few weeks, Lake Apopka will be having a birding festival.  This is just one of several wildlife-based themes, which attracts visitors to the area.  As entrepreneurs, this market offers opportunities for new businesses.  To illustrate, a local entrepreneur may spend some time identifying prime viewing locations for various types of wildlife.  From this research, a tour guide service may be created for local and regional visitors.  The outcome from this will be a more fruitful appreciation of nature from visitors and a lucrative revenue stream for entrepreneurs.

As central Florida continues to grow, new and exciting uses opportunities await entrepreneurs seeking to solve problems customers may or may not be aware of.  For additional information related to business plan writing, business consulting, and social media management, contact Quality Business Plan today.

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Updated: 8/16/2019