75 Reasons to Hire Business Plan Writers in 24 Cities and in 24 Industries

Over the years, as a business plan writer, business consultant, financial forecasting expert, resume writer and website designer, I have spoken with, worked with and otherwise interacted with hundreds, if not thousands, of small business owners across the US and around the world.  From my experiences, coupled with research into various industries, I have put together a short compilation of approximately 75 reasons why a small business owner should hire a business plan writer using 24 cities and 24 industries as examples.

As you can imagine, this short discussion is not inclusive of all the reasons why a small business owner should hire business plan writer.  However, I do think that these highlights more than justify my ingrained belief as to the importance of business plan writers.

City and Industry # 1: Business owners in New York City, NY. Competing in the Import/Export Business Need Business Plan Writers

Popular industry: Import/Export Business Plans

Starting in import/export business is one of the hardest businesses to start for an entrepreneur.  A main reason for the complexity and starting in import export business is the various steps that need to be followed in order to achieve a profit.  For example, import/export businesses need to identify goods that could be sold or are in demand in the foreign market.  Next, the business owner needs to then find the commodity or product in a different part of the world and in affordable price.  Once this is done, then steps need to be taken to transport the products from one place to the next.  In doing all this stuff, our business plan writers have found that unexpected cost may occur in various points in time.  More often than not, without a sound business plan, the unexpected costs may turn a profitable opportunity into a significant loss.

Common Problems with Import/Export Business Plan.

A common problem with small business owners in the import/export industry is that the organization lacks structure and details.  As noted above, business owners in this industry that do not thoroughly planned out each step of the process may lose significant funds due to unexpected costs.  With a solid business plan, business owners are able to examine opportunities from various perspectives, such as financially and logistical.  Through these examinations, our business plan writers have found that thorough planning is often a leading cause for losses for industry participants.

Benefit of our business plan writing service.

Business plan writers are skilled professionals in a multitude of industries, even the import/export industry.  From these experiences, business plan writers are able to help industry participants structure their business so that they are better able to focus on the logistical aspects of their company.  As shown below, the picture of the table of contents is just a starting point of how business plan writers are able to use structures within structures to help owners better understand the complexity of their industry and how to use in-depth planning to succeed, where other competitors often fail.

Table of Contents for Business Plan

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City and Industry # 2: Business owners in Los Angeles, CA. Competing in the Technology Industry Need Business Plan Writers

Popular Industry: Technology Industry

The technology industry spans a multitude of different subindustries, such as startup applications, new technological designs and software code.   Specifically, our business plan writers have found that small businesses best compete in electronics, software development, computer manufacturing (on a small, niche scale) and other logistical systems subcategories.

The Los Angeles area, which includes Long Beach, Santa Monica and Anaheim, CA., excel in competing in this area for some very good reasons. A driving reason, based on research from our business plan writers, is the multitude of world-renowned colleges in the area that focus on technology.  Some of these colleges include the University of California, Los Angeles city College and Loyola. With a sound educational foundation, and a professionally written business plan, business owners in this area often are hanging shoulders ahead of other cities and countries for technological innovations and startups.

Solve common problems in the Technology Industry: Market Research

Regardless of the solidity of business owners foundation related to technological advances in the Los Angeles area, common challenges still arise in the technology industry.  A common challenge is obtaining industry needed research related to the technology industry.  With the help of business plan writers, this issue may be mitigated through the use of their ability to conduct market research.

Market research may include a brief examination of the overall industry to in-depth analysis of various competitors in the Los Angeles and California areas.  Regardless of how thorough the research is done, a bare minimum must be conducted to ensure a rudimentary understanding of the competitors in the industry.  From this, using professional business plan writers, business owners are able to quickly and efficiently gain needed knowledge about the current events in their industry.

Of course, the picture below is not a representation of a technology industry research analysis.  However, it is a good representation of the structure and information that professional business plan writers may use when conducting industry research for the technology industry.

Market Research Example for Business Plan

City and Industry # 3: Business owners in Chicago, IL. Competing in the Hotel Industry Need Business Plan Writers

The third city examined for the need of business plan writers is Chicago, IL. A popular and growing industry in that Chicago area is the hotel industry.  Not only is Chicago home world renown hotels, such as the Sheraton Grand Chicago, Wyndham Grand Chicago Riverfront and Hyatt Regency Chicago, but also to numerous small hotels that make up the lion-share of the establishments. It is to that segment in which a business plan writer is needed.

Popular Industry: Hotel Industry

The hotel industry, based on research from our business plan writers, is a subcomponent of the hospitality industry, which includes competitors such as restaurants, theme parks, cruise lines and of course hotels.  Specific to the hotel industry, parameters for this industry would be establishments that rents rooms to visitors for a short duration.  A short duration may be considered seven days or less.  Competitors in this industry are hotels but also a growing movement of individuals leasing their homes out for a day or a week.

Common problems in the Hotel Industry: Daily Profits

A common problem faced by hotel competitors is identifying price points for their various rooms and services to ensure profitability.  Our business plan writers, working with skills needed for financial projections, noted that some hotel business plans categorize their profit centers as rooms for rent, restaurant sales, gift shop sales and miscellaneous sales.  By identifying these categories, and constructing a financial template, as shown below, business plan writers are able to devise strategies to allow hotel business owners the ability to identify price points in which they will be able to make profits.  From this, not only our hotel operators receiving a professionally written business plan from business plan writers of the also have the opportunity to use financial template supplied from the services.

Example of Daily Sales for Business Plan

City and Industry # 4: Business owners in Houston, TX. Competing in the Ranching Industry Need Business Plan Writers

The fourth city that needs business plan writers is Houston, TX.  A well-known fact is that Houston, Texas is one of the largest metropolitans in the country.  However, our business plan writers seem to receive a significant number of calls from the area in relations to ranching, cattle sales and other agricultural businesses.

Popular Industry:  Cattle and Agricultural

Are business plan writers have done significant research in the cattle and agricultural industries in Texas, specifically in the Houston, Texas area.  Needless to say, agricultural business in Texas is huge as is everything in taxes.  For example, statistics show that approximately one in every seven Texan, or approximately 14% of all people in Texas, work in an agricultural related industry.  Further, farms and ranches in Texas are not big business own.  In contrast, 97% or more branches in taxes are owned by small companies.  The defragmentation of the industry allows for competitors to quickly enter the market when prices are high.  However, our business plan writers have found that there are some common mistakes made when prices drop by business owner ranchers. The common mistake is not having an organizational structure to support lean times.

Common Problem in the Ranching Industry: Organizational Structure

An organizational structure is considered by our business plan writer is to be the chain of command in which frontline workers interact with middle management who then interact with an executive team.  In ranching, more often than not, our business plan writers have found that small business owners tend to be very hands-on in this industry.  This is excellent when businesses booming.  They are able to step in and assist to ensure that customers receive the most attention.  Unfortunately, when times are slow, this is when they take actions to create strategic plans and attempt to implement those plans.  This often leads to extended downtimes and extreme peaks.

A better strategy is to have a professionally written business plan created to extrapolate the business owner from the ranching duties.  By doing this, the rancher will have more time to focus on exploiting market opportunities during down times as well as booming times.  The result is level revenues and constant growth.

The picture below illustrates a typical ranch organizational structure common in the Houston area.  As you can see, the rancher/CEO is very hands-on in the structure.  Our business plan writers recommend that the rancher or CEO extrapolate themselves from their organization.  A common way to do this is to hire a supervisor as a middle person.  Regardless of the actions taken, buffering the CEO in this industry is needed to ensure constant growth for the company.

Business Plan Writer for Houston

City and Industry # 5: Business owners in Phoenix, AZ. Competing in the Whole Sale Foods Industry Need Business Plan Writers

Phoenix, Arizona needs business plan writers because of their significant operations related to the wholesale food industry.  In this area, there are over eight different wholesale food distributors, such as Shamrock Foodservices, Southwest Sales and Surplus and Eagle Eye Wholesalers, just to name a few. As you can see, these food distributors or wholesale food companies are relatively small organizations as compared to big-box wholesalers, such as Costco or Sams. To best compete with large organizations, especially in this industry, our business plan writers recommend having a professionally written business plan.

Popular Industry: Whole Sale Foods

Our business plan writers define the whole sale food industry as the middle people between food producers and retail organizations such as Krogers, Publix or Walmart. Currently, this industry has revenues of approximately $207 billion.  Competing in this industry is approximately 5000 businesses who employ over 150,000 individuals.  Our business plan writers have found that industry growth of approximately between 2 to 3% annually, based on findings from IBISWorld.

Common Problem in the Whole Sale Foods Industry: Cost of Goods Sold

As a wholesale industry competitor, small business owners often our challenge related to cost of goods sold.  Cost of goods sold is a price wholesaler pay for the products that they will eventually sell.  The common problem with cost of goods sold is that sometimes products have expiration dates that are reached before the products are sold.  The other issue is that some products purchased become obsolete before the inventory is moved.  Regardless of which challenge is faced by the wholesaler, our business by writers have found that obsolete inventory is constantly for small business owners.

To mitigate this issue, small business owners need to take specific actions.  First, our business plan writer strongly recommend that wholesalers keep their cost of goods sold to approximately 25% of the revenues.  As shown in the chart below, keeping a 25% cost of good margin allows for decent net profits.  Further, in the events that a product expires, significant damage is not done to the bottom line.

Business Plan Writer for Phoenix, AZ.

City and Industry # 6: Business owners in Philadelphia, PA. Competing in the Coffee Shop Industry Need Business Plan Writers

Our business plan writers love to work with business owners in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area.  Not only are they some of the most creative and interesting entrepreneurs but they are also well versed in our nation’s historical features in the area, such as the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall in other national monuments.  A common industry in this area, based on research from our business plan writers, a coffee shops (and Philly cheesesteaks). There are easily over 20 different coffee shops in the downtown Philadelphia area.  Interestingly enough, most of the shops are located in Filter Square, Center City and Penn’s Landing. The concentration of coffee shops in this area indicate that only a life of coffee in Philadelphia but also a significant number of competitors.

Popular Industry: Coffee Shops

Coffee shops are classified as entities the specialized in offering a wide array of coffees, ice coffees and other coffee-based beverages.  Based on research from our business plan writers, revenues for this industry have exceeded $48 billion in 2018.  Further, there are over 67,000 businesses in industry that employee over 700,000 individuals.  Annual growth estimates, based on research done by IBISWorld, was approximately 5.8% annually over the last five years.  Further, industry experts project that coffee shop growth will continue this above-average growth for the foreseeable future.  Even though coffee shop growth has been elevated over the last several years, there are still challenges for small business coffee shops, especially in the Philadelphia area.  A common issue noted by our business plan writers is keeping and attracting skilled workers.

Common Problem in the Coffee Shop Industry:  Keeping and Attracting Skilled Workers

Skilled workers are individuals with needed skills, such as baristas, to perform various tasks within a coffee shop.  Skilled workers in this industry are an issue for numerous reasons.  A common reason is that casual dining restaurants often seek out similar skill sets as compared to coffee shops.  However, because casual dining workers receive larger tips, employees tend to use smaller coffee shops as a starting point or entry gate to larger competitors.  To mitigate this issue, our business plan writer is recommend creating specific strategies to not only retain skilled workers but also to attract new workers as well.  By exploiting strategy opportunities, business owners are able to plan out specific actions ahead of time before the actual problem actually sets in.

Business Plan Writer for Philadelphia

City and Industry # 7: Business owners in San Antonio, TX. Competing in the Gastropub Industry Need Business Plan Writers

The restaurant industry is one of the most dynamic and complex industries in which a business owner may compete.  Our business plan writers find this to be especially true for restaurant entrepreneurs in the San Antonio, TX. areas.  A main challenge for competing in this industry is that there are so many sub categories for restaurants.  Popular subcategories may include casual dining, food trucks, fast food and even street vendors.  However, a popular sub industry in the San Antonio, TX. area are Gastropubs.

Popular Industry: Gastropubs in San Antonio, TX.

Gastropubs, based on research from our business plan writers, were originated in Great Britain in the early 1980s.  The focus of the Gastropub was to complement various types of alcoholic beverages with quality appetizers.  This concept was then caught on in New York City.  As with most great ideas, once New York City jumped on board, the concept jumped across the United States and caught on fire in California.  Finally, the concept started moving in words on both coasts.  Right now, there are thousands of Gastropubs in operation. Unfortunately, this new set of industry faces significant, common challenges.

Common Problem in the Gastropub Industry: Differentiating Services

A common challenge faced in the Gastropub industry is differentiating a gastropub and from other competitors, while still staying true to the Gastropub concept.  From our business plan writer’s experiences, a common way to differentiate a Gastropub is to embrace a nationality theme.  For example, we have worked with Gastropub that have embraced the theme of Ireland, Italy, America and even China.  When operating these types of restaurants, the alcoholic of beverages would be imported, for the most part, from the various countries.  Further, the appetizers would also be popular menu items in the themed country.  By doing this, the Gastropub concept is honored, while customers are able to enjoy unique experiences.

As shown below, our business plan writers may be able to use the "Business Model" section to help business owners develop differentiating factors in their Gastropub.

Business Plan Writers Help with Differentiated Servcies

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