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Entrepreneurs usually do a multitude of research before starting a business. The research may include identifying specific actions they may take to improve or create a website, tips and tricks for identifying good businesses to start or learning mistakes other small business owners have made so they can be avoided.  Regardless of the research, Quality Business Plan is here to help.

Our site offers insights and articles related to starting a business, writing business plans, marketing and more!

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Eco-Friendly Business Startups

A growing trend in the marketplace is eco-friendly startups.  From this, our business plan writers have done some research and found three excellent eco-friendly startup ideas.

Going Green in Business

Going green in business is not just right for the environment; it is suitable for business as well!

Business Opportunities in Florida

Florida business opportunities abound because of our state's population, the number of visitors, and fantastic weather.  From this, our business plan writers have compiled a list of great business opportunities in Florida, for both novice and experienced entrepreneurs.

How to Start a Food Hall Business

Food halls are a growing trend in the US.  Jump on the bandwagon now by using our insights about the food hall business.

How to Start a Catering Business

Starting a catering business may be a lucrative venture for restaurant entrepreneurs.  Make sure to start this business right, though.

Five Best Business Opportunities in the New York City Area.

Our business experts reviewed the New York City area and found specific business opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs to examine.

Should you purchase a restaurant or start a new restaurant?

Restaurant entrepreneurs face a multitude of challenges in daily operations.  However, the challenges differ, depending on where they start their own, new restaurants, or purchase an existing one. 

Differences between startup business plans and traditional business plans.

Ever wonder why startup business plans are longer and more detailed than traditional ones?  Our business plan consultants offer some explanations.

Why do some business plan writing services not display their business plan prices?

Some business plan writing companies and freelance writers hope to lure customers in by withholding business plan prices.  Is this a good sales tactic or a cheap way to lure in a customer?

Writing a company business plan before exploring expansion opportunities.

Don't put the cart in front of the horse.  Write your business plan.  Then seek out explanation!

Food halls will be the next big restaurant trend.

Move over food trucks.  Food halls are the next big restaurant innovation.

Challenges of writing a business plan for a start-up technology company.

The tech industry is great, except when you need to write a business plan for one.

5 Quotes for Perseverance

Need some motivation?  Here are some popular perseverance quotes.

How do you use a Business Plan in Business?

Most small business owners think that business plans are only good for getting loans, enticing investors, or collecting dust on a shelf.  However, utilizing a business plan in business is just as important as funding.

4 Restaurant Business Plan Mistakes for Business Plan Writers to Avoid.

Restaurant business plans are a common request in our business.  Unfortunately, revising other business plan writer's work is not uncommon as well.  From our experiences, here are some common issues that can be avoided when writing a restaurant business plan. 

Should a Break-Even Analysis be in a Business Plan?

A popular question asked of our business plan writers is whether a break-even analysis should be included in a business plan.  Surprisingly, in most situations, the answer is not!  Check out our justification for this position.

6 Excellent Business Opportunities in the Tampa, Fl. Area.

Tampa, Fl. area is currently in need of some entrepreneurial help.  Labor shortages, traffic congestion, and other challenges in the area make for excellent opportunities for small business owners in the area. 

Write My Business Plan

"Write my business plan" is a phrase that I often hear from friends, students, and strangers alike.  Of course, as a professional business plan writer, I am always delighted to help.  However, some circumstances may arise where a business person is forced to write their own plan.  

Business Plan Writer For Hire

"Business plan writer for hire" is a though small business never imagined would cross their minds.  However, hiring a business plan writer or freelance business plan writer is a very real possibility in some situations.  

4 Best Business Opportunities in Jacksonville, Fl. Area.

Quality Business Plan has examined Jacksonville, FL. area for new and exciting business opportunities.  Through our research, we noted four potential areas for entrepreneurs to exploit for growth.  Take a look and let us know what you think.

Entrepreneurship Has Nothing to Do with Business

Entrepreneurship is actually the process of coming up with new thoughts and ideas about businesses or for current operations.  AFTER this is done, then business skills and actions are needed for implementation.  From this, entrepreneurship takes place before business actions are taken.

3 Best Business Opportunities in the South Florida Area

South Florida has beautiful beaches, fantastic weather, and more tourist attractions than you can shake a stick at.  Entrepreneurs in the area need original ideas to best compete in the market place.  Check out our business plan writers' best business opportunities in the South Florida area. 

Entrepreneurs: Just Do One Thing Well… No Wait, Just Kidding!

Entrepreneurs receive conflicting advice from successful individuals.  However, little information is offered as to when or what advice should be taken.  In this article, we explore different types of strategies for business offerings. 

When to Hire a Business Plan Writer

Hiring a business plan writer is a decision small business owners face before they start their business when they plan on growing the business and when the company needs funding from outside sources.  Because of the multitude of reasons that a small business owner may require a business plan writer, we have explored some of the possibilities in this article.

Top 5 Trending Businesses

As most entrepreneurs know, customers' tastes continually change.  One reason may be new technological advances growing trends in pop culture.  Whatever the reason, new businesses frequently form.  To help keep readers abreast of new opportunities, we continually update our five trending businesses for today’s market.

Actions to Help Entrepreneurs Cope with Stress

Entrepreneurship is, by far, one of the most rewarding adventures I have taken.  Also, being self-employed is also one of the most stressful ways to earn a living.  Because of the challenges that I have personally faced with stress, I have done some research and identified a few actions that entrepreneurs may take to help cope.

5 Best Business Opportunities in Central Florida

Central Florida has impressive business choices for almost any entrepreneurial desire.  In this posting, I identified five excellent business segments to explore. 

5 Best Businesses to Start Today

Serial entrepreneurs are continually seeking out business opportunities.  With this in mind, our researchers evaluated hundreds of businesses and came up with five cheap companies that a person can start today.  Hopefully, the sparks a drive for new business from one of our fellow serial entrepreneurs.

Best State for Business in 2017

Small business owners usually do not have the luxury to relocate to a different state that may be more business-friendly as compared to others.  However, knowing which states are business-friendly and which ones are not as good knowledge to have.  This led to some of our writers researching which state is best for small businesses.  Take a look.

Seven Things Entrepreneurs Need to Do at Year-End

Quality Business Plan employees do a lot of reading.  Through our reading, we often run across articles that we disagree with or find extremely interesting.  When this happens, our writers need to offer their two cents on the topic.  With that said, one of our writers found an interesting article by Forbes discussing specific actions entrepreneurs should do at the end of the year.  From this, we added our thoughts and ideas on the topic.

Three Questions Every Novice Entrepreneur Should Answer

Novice entrepreneurs should know, by heart, specific aspects of their internal and external environment.  Here is a good starting point to become familiarized.

Importance of Web Content

Most small business owners start out creating their own website.  The reason for this may be control issues or just a lack of funds to hire a professional to create their own website. The reasons for constructing their own website really does not matter. What matters is that the site has specific content related to their industry and product or service.  From this, we have written an article outlining significant aspects of a webpage.