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Website designers that use professional blog writers and web content writers are hard to find.  This is not because they don’t exist.  Our website designers have found that there are some excellent blog writers on the internet (I am one of them).  However, since small business owners have realized the importance of having a blog, large blog writing services have been flooding the market with sub-quality blog and web content writers.  This has resulted in tarnishing the good name of high-quality blog writers and web content writers.

The Importance of Integrating Website Design, Blog Writing, and Website Content.

Most website designers are excellent at infusing graphics into website platforms, such as WordPress and Weebly. However, researchers have shown that search engines have difficulty understanding and categorizing pretty pictures and amazing graphics.  This is led to the need for quality blog writers and web content writers to be used in conjunction with skilled website designers.  By using all of the skills noted, small business owners can achieve a well-designed website, with excellent content that engages the customers, while allowing search engines to categorize and rank their website accordingly.

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Benefits of Having A Blog Writer

If you ask 100 blog writers: “What is the most important benefit from having a professionally written blog?”, you will probably receive 100 different answers.   So, our blog writers have done some research and has found the top three benefits of having a blog.  So, here they are:

Professionally Written Blogs helps SEO

When Google and Bing ranked webpages, for the most part, they use keywords in their categorizing.  By having a professionally written blog, small business owners are able to focus their blog writings on those keywords.  By offering fresh contact through a blog, with the focus on those keywords, owners are able have their webpage or article rank higher than their competitors.

Blogs Help Businesses Educate their Customers.

Do you have a new product or service that may be an excellent complement to your current business model?  Well if you do, guess what, your previous customers would probably love to know about this.  This is just one example as to how a blog may be able to help business owners keep their brand in front of potential customers through educational strategies.

Blog Writing Can Help Show Expertise.

Most business owners start companies that they have an in-depth knowledge related to that particular industry.  For example, financial advisors often start financial advisory companies and roofers often start roofing companies.  Unfortunately, just because a small business owner starts a company does not mean that customers inherently believe that the owner or employees have any knowledge related to their industry or business.  However, through the use of a blog, our professional blog writers are able to write fresh content related to your industry.  From this, customers will be able to see that your firm is knowledgeable about the industry.

Benefits of Having A Web Content Writer

Web content is an important component for any Internet marketing strategy.  Quality web content, written by a web content writer, will simply and succinctly educative customer about your company, explain your services and how they benefit the customer and provides important information for customers related to your company, such as hours of operation or contact numbers.  However, if this information is not provided in a systematic and easy-to-understand form, small business owners may lose potential customers to competitors.  Because of the importance of web content, our web content writers has constructed a list of three important benefits the companies may gain to having a professional web content writer assist with their websites.

Web Content Writers Focus on SEO

A growing trend for web content over the last several years has been all about SEO or search engine optimization. Everybody’s talking about it but nobody really understands or knows exactly what a webpage needs in order to rank highest in an internet search.  Fortunately, not all SEO is a cryptic art.  There are some industry agreed-upon standards that need to be included in all webpages to rank high with SEO.  For example, each webpage should focus on, at most, two key words.  By eliminating keywords for a webpage, search engines often believe that the web content is focused on a particular topic.  As a result, the web contest has a better chance of ranking high in searches.

Quality Web Content is more likely to be Shared by Customers

Before the advent of the Internet, word-of-mouth advertising was one of the best and cheapest forms of advertising for a company.  In our technologically advanced day and age, word-of-mouth advertising has been supplemented with electronic “word-of-mouth” advertising.  This is in the form of sharing websites and social media.  When a small business hires a professional web content writer, a top demand needs to be that the content writers develop high-quality content to improve the likelihood of customers sharing that information with others.  If the content is not quality, then there is less likelihood of it being shared.

Company Differentiation often starts with Webpage Content.

Take any introduction to marketing course in one of the first topics that would be covered is how does a company differentiate their product or service from other competitors.  In other words, why should a customer choose your firm as compared to another.  Web content writers are able to panic picture, with words, as to the different benefits your company offers in contrast to the industry at large.  Through this differentiation, not only will customers see additional value in your products or services but they will also appreciate the differentiated factor as well.

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