Business Analysis

Business analysis -  A key part of a business plan is the business analysis.  However, after a business plan is done, the external and internal environment for company continually changes.  From this, our company offers business analysis services annually or quarterly to reevaluate the competitive nature of the firm.  Our business analysis services often lead to identifying and exploiting market opportunities.  Further, our services have helped customers streamline operations for future growth.

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Popular Business Analysis Services:

  • Examining Competition
  • Researching Industries
  • Assessing capital budgeting projects
  • Compiling Finance Ratios
  • Analyzing Finance Ratios
  • Reducing costs or increasing revenues

Assessing Capital Budgeting Projects:

The most common business analysis service utilized by small businesses is our capital budgeting service.  In capital budgeting, we analyze the possible profit or loss related to a new business venture.  This is done through research, projecting sales and cost, and determining whether the project will be viable and when the project will possibly turn a profit.  This will lead to a sound foundation from which small business owners are able to base business decisions related to future projects.

Industry and Competition Research:

Another popular service offered is industry and competition research.  Through this analysis, we examine competitors in the area that our small business owner competes.  In this examination, we assess the competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, growth possibilities, and how to best compete against these firms is identified.  This leads to our employers having cutting-edge information related to competitors and the industry.

Financial Analysis:

A final popular service offered is our financial analysis.  In our financial analysis, we compile information needed for financial statements.  From this, we create an income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement.  Further, our company will run numerous ratios such as return on equity and return on assets.  On a final note, our firm will examine and discuss what the ratios mean, how a firm may be able to reduce their cost, and finally how they will be able to possibly increase revenues.