Business Coaching

Business Coaching - In recent years, business coaching has gained popularity because of the specific benefits offered to small business owners.  I am often asked, What is the difference between business coaching and business consulting?” In response, the difference is simple… business coaching helps small business owners attaining their objectives through mentoring and consultations.  Whereas business consulting is actually performing the work for the customers.  In some instances, a business coaching session may lead to hiring my services as a consultant.  But, for the most part, the main objective is to help small business owners grow their business through strategizing and holding small business owners accountable for obtaining their coveted goals. 



Located in Orlando, Fl. and servicing small businesses nationwide!

Our Coaching Services Include But Not Limited Too:

  • Creating strategies.
  • Optimizing financial statement performance.
  • Designing social media marketing action plans.
  • Creating and setting business objectives
  • Holding small business owners accountable for performance.
  • Identifying and exploiting market opportunities.

Creating Business Strategies:

Our most popular requests for business coaching is in relations to creating business strategies.  Business strategies may be focused on increasing revenues, cutting costs, time management, and marketing.  When starting to create business strategies, the first step is to identify an end objective.  Next, we explore potential issues that may keep small business owners from attaining the objective. Further, we identify specific actions that need to be taken that will lead to our sought-after end result.  The second to last step is implementation.  The no matter how much strategizing a company may do, strategies are useless without implementation.  A final often overlooked step is evaluation and retooling. The evaluation process is examining whether the strategy implemented is working as expected.  If not, retooling of the strategy and execution is warranted.

Optimizing Finance Statements Performance:

When we sit down with a small business owner for optimizing financial statement performance, the first step is often reviewing previous and past the income statements or profit and loss statements.  In this review, Quality Business Plan will calculate various financial ratios, examine trends in the financial statements, and compare findings with other comparable businesses.  Through this process, specific strategies may be created to improve deficient line items.  For example, some small businesses often have excessive inventory loss.  From this, strategies will be created to mitigate this issue.

Designing Social Media Marketing Action Plans:

Almost all companies that we have worked with have several social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. However, for most cases, these gems are often in the rough.  In other words, the social media accounts of been set up but there is no strategy for posting quality content and luring potential customers from this mass-market.  Our firm has been significant resources in time and money creating social media marketing strategies that have proved beneficial for small business owners.

Take Action Now...

Contact one of our professional business coaches to schedule your initial session today.  Business coaching sessions are available in blocks of 8 hours, 16 hours, and 24 hours. This set up insurers your commitment to improving your business through professional coaching services.

Our business coaching process has been specifically designed to ensure improvement in your company.  We do this through specific steps:

Initial meeting. The initial meeting takes place at the start of the week, via Skype or Phone, and allows our business coaches to get familiar with your business and operations.  Further, we explore challenges your company has faced and is currently facing.  The next up is to create strategies to mitigate these issues.  The final step is to schedule time for small business owners to take action.

Second meeting.  In this meeting, discussions are often based on examining results of implemented actions.  Sometimes, action is never taken a strategy use identified.  In these cases, more focus is expended on reasons why previous strategies were not implemented.  From this, a revised plan of action is constructed and implemented.

Subsequent meetings may take a wide variety of forms.  Common actions in these meetings include examining the customer’s external environment or determining optimization strategies for current business operations.  Regardless of your company’s needs, our focus is improvement and growth for your firm.