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Business Consulting - Quality Business Plan has professional business consultants helping entrepreneurs in the Orlando, Fl., Winter Park, Fl. Sanford, Fl. Clermont, Fl. and other Central Florida areas solve common and uncommon business problems.

"Quite simply, your problem is our business."

If you are in business, then, without a doubt, you have business problems.  Plain and simple. Popular business problems include the need to grow your business, business organization, obtaining working capital, and better competing in the marketplace.  Without solving these problems, your firm may become stagnant, competitors could gain market share in your local industry, and/or your scarce business resources may be squandered on inefficient marketing strategies.

To help small business owners succeed in the marketplace, Quality Business Plan has professional business consultants to assist small business owners in solving their specialized challenges.  Our consultants are all MBAs with years of experience in helping small business owners solve their problems and move forward with their business.

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Hours of Operation: 7 Days a week 8am to 9pm EST.

Our business plan writers are located in Orlando, Fl. We have researched and written business plans for numerous businesses in the US.

Business Consulting Process:

My company has created a stream-lined process for reviewing requests, scheduling and meeting with small business owners to discuss your business consulting needs.  

  1. Submit your business consulting request in the submission form to the right. 
  2. Paul will review the form and schedule a free consultation with you.
  3. In this meeting, we will determine how our services can best help your firm.
  4. Payment for the business consulting services is made.
  5. We meet via Skype or in-person to implement our services.

Popular Business Problems Solved By Our Business Consultants:

  • Times Management
  • Business Plans
  • Strategic Planning
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Cost Savings Strategies
  • Business Start-Up
  • Growth Strategies
  • Capital Budgeting Analysis
  • Executing Plans
  • Competitor Research
  • Team Building
  • Plain and Simple, We Solve Your Business Problems...

Our business consultants have identified four main areas when businesses tend to seek our business consulting expertise:

Business Start-Up Problems

Starting a business is one of the most challenging endeavors a person can attempt in their professional career.  When starting a business, entrepreneurs need to identify a problem that is not adequately solved in their external environment.  Then, create a unique solution to this problem that is not easily copied by local competitors.  Further, business startups have to quickly enter the marketplace before other competitors identify the same market opportunity.  Finally, startup businesses need to communicate their products and services to the general public.

With all these steps that need to be taken, small business owners tend to get lost in identifying which step needs to be taken first.  Our business consultants have years of expertise in helping first time and seasoned entrepreneurs identify market opportunities, create strategies to exploit the opportunities, and execute agreed-upon strategies.

Common feedback from our startup business consulting is less stress in the entrepreneurial process, time and money saved, and a more efficient business when operations start.  Contact us today for customized business consulting.

Business Planning Problems–

A little-known fact is that over 90% of all small businesses that start operations, end their business within five years.  Studies have shown that a main reason small businesses fail to successfully compete in the market place is that they fail to have a business plan. 

Quality Business Plan is well-versed in this statistical issue and has focused their business on helping small businesses create and update their business plans.  Updated business plans offer numerous benefits for a business.  First, a business plan takes all the ideas that are floating around in the business owner’s head and systematically delineates the ideas systematic order. This offer is on the door clarity, vision, and a path to success.  A second benefit for business plan is funding opportunities.  Some small business owners wait until they need funding before they seek out a business plan.  However, a better strategy is for small business owners to have a business plan prepared in case an opportunity for enticing an investor is presented.  In other words, be prepared for unexpected opportunities.  A final benefit for having a business plan is the in-depth review of the firm’s internal and external environments.  This is done through the SWOT analysis.  In this analysis, small business owners are presented with the opportunity to reflect on their business workings and their exterior competitive environment.  From this reflection, small business owners often claim that they identify potential market opportunities to exploit and have a better understanding as to how their operations may be improved.  With the help of her business consultants, professional business plan may be prepared.

Social Media Marketing Problems

There are over 3 billion people using the Internet on a global scale.  Of this 3 billion people, 1.96 billion use some type of social media.  By the end of 2018, social media users should exceed 2.5 billion.  This is a huge market opportunity for small business owners to educate customers and relations to the products and services.  Unfortunately, most small business owners neglect their social media marketing strategies.  This leads to allowing competitors to exploit this market and gain market share.

Quality Business Plan has social media marketing consultants to help small business owners exploit this opportunity.  Our social media marketing consultants will work with small business owners to establish a social media footprint, post meaningful content to their social media outlets, and establish strategies to grow the company’s social media presence.