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Business Consulting -   Helping small businesses write a business plan is just the start of our relationship with small business owners.  After the business plan is complete, small business owners often rely upon our firm to supply consulting services.  Our consulting services have help small business owners complete strategic objectives, streamline operations, expand operations, and evaluate different funding options to ensure optimal alignment with the firm.  Common outcomes from our consulting services have been lowered costs, increase revenues, and better morale within the various small businesses.

Popular Business Consulting Services

Crafting Strategies:

A popular business consulting service that we offer is helping small businesses craft strategies.  A main objective for strategies is to ensure that all strategies are focused on the vision of the company.  In doing this, the company has a better chance of obtaining synergistic tendencies to increase the success of their new strategies and overall business operations.  Common strategies that we have assisted with include:

  • Marketing strategies
  • Strategy alignment
  • Operating strategies
  • Cost reduction strategies
  • Growth strategies

Finance Statements:

Financial statements are absolutely important for small businesses to have and understand.  With these statements, businesses will be able to determine whether they have enough funds to stay open, determine how much funding will be needed in the future and other important management decisions are based on financial statements.  However, most small business owners have no clue as to how to create or even read a financial statement.  From this, our consulting services includes creating in explaining various financial statements.  From this, small business owners have a better opportunity to exploit this information for profitability.

Social Media Marketing:

Almost everybody knows how to use social media in our personal lives.  However, most small business owners do not understand how to exploit social media for their businesses.  From this, our consulting services include training and implementing strategies related to social media marketing.  Popular social media marketing includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and google.

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