Business Plan Consultant for Phoenix, AZ.

Business Plan Consultant for Phoenix, AZ.

Our business plan consultant and proforma financial projections consultant are ready to provide business plan writing services to business owners in Phoenix, AZ., Glendale, AZ., Peoria, AZ., Tempe, AZ., and Chandler, AZ., areas.

There are several benefits that a Phoenix-area business owner may enjoy through the use of our services.  For example, inevitably, area business owners will need to purchase industry-specific software for their company to ensure smooth operations.  However, price points for software packages differ from company to company.  Because of these changes, having a business model developed to assess innovative software is almost a necessity in this day and age.  From this, our business plan writer can not only write up a well-documented business plan, but we can also design financial models that allow the business owner to change purchase prices for software purchases to determine which item best meets the needs of the organization from a financial perspective.  This is just one of many benefits business owners may enjoy through the use of our business plan consulting and pro forma financial projection model services.

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Business Plan Consulting Services for Phoenix, AZ., Businesses

Business Plan Consultant

Business Plan Consultant
Business Plan Consultant

Quality Business Plan provides Phoenix, Arizona, area business owners with a multitude of business plan writing services.  Our popular business plan writing services would include custom business plan writing, industry-specific business plan templates, and editing already completed business plans.  Further, our organization also provides small business owners with complementary services like industry analysis, strategic planning, and preparing pitch decks/PowerPoint presentations for investors.  Our wide-ranging services insurers that Phoenix small business owners may rely on us for all their business plan and strategic planning needs (8/22).

Proforma Financial Projections Consultant

For the most part, our Phoenix area clients utilize our business plan writing services in conjunction with our pro forma financial projection services.  However, in some cases, small business owners have already prepared and edited their business plans.  Unfortunately, those pesky pro forma financial projections tend to trip up even the most seasoned of entrepreneurs.  From this, Quality Business Plan provides area business owners with the opportunity to purchase standalone pro forma financial projections.  Our pro forma financial projection packages include our basic financial projections, advanced financial projections, and our complete pro forma financial projection package.  Each financial projection package is priced based on the quantity of information included as well as the time it takes for us to prepare it.  For assistance in selecting which financial projection package will best meet your Phoenix area business needs, contact us today (8/22).

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Benefits from hiring a Business Plan Consultant

When small business owners start their business, they often have lofty future plans.  For example, a restaurant business owner may wish to start additional restaurants in the next 3 to 5 years.  If this is the case, our business plan writers and business plan consultants can help you design and create future aspirations for the company.  We often do this by including a “Future Plan” section in our business plans.  However, business plan writers and business plan consultants need to ensure that this section always follows the business objectives timeline.  This is because readers, such as investors and think loan officers, will want to see how a business will attain specific objectives.  From this, the reader will easily be able to appreciate why the small business owner has set her future objective in this way.  Failure to follow this strategy may lead to investors or bank loan officers feeling that the business owner is trying to attain too much too soon.  In other words, make sure to have a business plan writer or business plan consultant help structure your business plan to ensure coherency and cohesiveness.

A company’s culture, similar to its external environment, changes on a continuous basis.  Our business plan consultant has found that common catalyst for change within an organization’s company culture includes new products or services, growth, employee turnover, and any of a multitude of other factors.  As a company culture changes, it may strengthen or weaken, depending on how management monitors and cultivates the firm’s cultural environment.  Because of the importance of the continuous flux of culture within the company, our business plan consultant often includes discussions about how to monitor and cultivate a company culture that strengthens the organization’s mission and value statements.  Further, the strategies are also all too often summarized and included in the information section of the business plan (1/21).

Uses of Proforma Financial Projections for a Business Plan

There is a multitude of uses for pro forma financial projections.  Some Phoenix-area business owners often contemplate whether to introduce innovations to their business gradually or immediately.  When weighing this decision, our financial projection professional recommends that a tool used to gain insight into both processes should be your pro forma financial model.  With this model, especially when it’s customized for your business, business owners are able to better ascertain how innovations will impact revenues and cost in the short-term as well as the long-term—just one of many uses of a pro forma financial model.

Startup Business Help in Phoenix, AZ.

The city of Phoenix offers numerous educational opportunities for small business owners throughout the area.

City of Phoenix Small Business Resources.

200 W. Washington St.  Phoenix, Arizona.  85003.

Phone: 602 – 262 – 6011.

Comments: the City of Phoenix offers an excellent webpage where local business owners may visit to find relevant information for starting a business, funding it, and even growing your company after a foundation has been set.  To illustrate, on this website, business owners may find a small business checklist, city vendor registrations, and neighborhood commercial revitalization areas.

In writing the business plan, a small business in the Phoenix area may utilize a checklist to ensure that all proper licenses are obtained, and proper tax filing information is ready for implementation.  As for the city vendor registration, this is important for food truck-related businesses.  Finally, the revitalization area should be explored by small companies seeking to start their organization with five or more employees.

Common Phoenix Area Financial Statement and Financial Projection Questions.

I have grown my company to the point where I’m ready to go public; what are some of the costs involved?

For some people, starting and growing their business is a passion that lasts a lifetime.  For other individuals, they seek to grow their organization to the point where they can either sell it to a third party or take the company public.  When attempting to take a company public, there is a multitude of costs involved.  Some of these costs include investment banking charges, attorney charges, accountant costs, printing fees, and even travel fees.  Because of the multitude of expenses involved, hiring a qualified consultant to guide you through the process is often a critical decision to make.