Business Plan Consultant

Business Plan Consultant

What is a business plan consultant?  Most small business owners have no idea what they do.  Business plan consultants advise clients on how to complete a business plan or complete an already started business plan.  There are numerous reasons why a small business owner or entrepreneur cannot finish a business plan. 

First, time constraints.  Business plans take hours, if not days, to write.  In this time, entrepreneurs are not able to focus on starting or growing their business.  Another reason to hire a business plan consultant may be for professional third-party insight.  An objective examination of a small owners’ business and external environment often allows entrepreneurs to better understand how their operations compare with their competitors. 

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A final popular reason for hiring a business plan consultant is for a professional polish to an already completed business plan.  Small business owners understand their business better than most.  This allows them to construct an adequate business plan.  However, having your completed business plan edited by a business plan consultant may help correct grammatical errors, add third-party insights, and include additional details to already provided sections.

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Should You Hire A Business Plan Consultant?

Before you hire a business plan consultant, take a few minutes to reflect on the questions below.  If your answer is “no” to any of the questions below, then consider hiring a business plan consultant or business plan writer today.

Do you have the experience with writing professional business plans?

Most MBA programs require graduates to write and edit a professional business plan for small business.  This experience gives students insight as to how to construct a business plan and why certain pieces of information are critical for the inclusion in a business plan.  Unfortunately, after a student writes a business plan, they soon forget all the important requirements of the plan.  In this case, business owners with advanced business degrees should still consider hiring a professional business plan consultant for their business plan needs.

If your area of schooling did not conclude writing and editing a business plan, then hiring a business plan consultant is an excellent idea.

Do you need a third-party perspective of your business?

Most small business owners understand their business and their competitors extremely well.  However, viewing their business in their competitors from different perspectives is often the complicated endeavor for entrepreneurs.  Unfortunately, entrepreneurs tend to have various bias related to their businesses and competitors.  In order to avoid this issue, having a third-party business plan consultant construct your competitive analysis may be good advice.

Are you proficient with Excel?

Business plan financials are a critical component of any business plan.  Most financials are completed using Microsoft’s Excel.  A benefit of using this program is that your financial projections and financial forecast will be custom link to ensure easy usability and accurate calculations.  However, if you are not familiar with or an expert with Excel, then consider hiring a business plan consultant to prepare your pro forma profit/loss statement, financial forecast and balance sheet.

Can you spare hours or days away from your business operation to write a business plan?

This question is the hardest for small business owners to answer.  Small business owners often spend 12 to 18 hours a day working in and on their business.  Extrapolating a small business owner from their business to write a business plan is almost unheard of.  If you are like most small business owners and entrepreneurs, who cannot bear to be away from their business for hours if not days, then hire a professional business plan consultant today.