Business Plan Prices and Budget

Start-up business owners, for the most part, know that they need a professionally developed and written business plan to obtain funding from investors or financial institutions.  Also, entrepreneurial individuals often have a vision as to how the business plan should look and read.  But alas, few business owners have the time or even the inclination to write and prepare their own business plan.  This leads to the need to hire a professional business plan writer or freelance business plan writer. 

But before you go shopping for a qualified business plan writer or business plan consultant, make sure to know which business plan may best suit your needs and budget.  The purpose of this blog posting is to examine the correlation between business plan prices and the quantity of information provided in a business plan.

Business Plan Pricing Strategies

Most business plan writing companies have several different business plan packages available for an entrepreneur to choose from.  Keep in mind, just because a business plan writing company offers packages does not mean that a template is used for the business plan.  This just means that for each business plan, there is a specific amount of information that will be supplied in each segment.  This practice ensures a well-balanced and structured plan that may be presented to investors.

Also, by following a structured outline for writing business plans, small business owners can choose the amount of content that is included in the plan.  This enables business owners to budget their scarce resources based on budget, amount of information desired in the business plan, and the amount of money needed to start or grow your business.

Business Plan Budget

When budgeting for a business plan, there are a few topics to consider.  First, an essential variable for determining which business plan to select is the amount of funding needed to start or grow a business.  For business owners seeking financing less than $50,000, a lower price business plan may be just what you need.  These types of plans start at $400.

A second variable to consider when budgeting for a business plan is the size and scope of the business.  For organizations with ten or more employees, make sure to select an intermediate plan, or higher, that offers an in-depth company examination.  Low-cost plans for these scenarios often leave out critical details about a company’s operations or product offering.

A final aspect that should be considered when budgeting for a business plan is the actual funds available to a business owner.  If all you have is $800 to write your plan, then your budget needs to be set accordingly.  Don’t overextend.  But also, know that a critical decision-making tool that investors and lenders use is a business plan.`


In summary, most business owners and prospective entrepreneurs know that they need a professionally developed business plan.  Not only will a professionally prepared business plan increase the likelihood of funding your business.   But, the business plan writing process also allows you to document your thoughts and ideas.

Even though the thought of writing a plan is aching, budgeting for a business plan is almost as painful.  When considering a budget for the business plan, make sure to take into consideration the amount of funding needed, size and scope of your proposed business, and actual funds available for a business plan writer.

By following these guidelines, pricing out business plans, whether it be from a professional business plan writer or freelance business plan writer, does get significantly easier.

Published Books by Paul Borosky, Owner, MBA., Doctoral Candidate