Business Plan Template: Home Inspection

Business Plan Template: Home Inspector

Quality Business plan has a template specifically for a home inspecting business. The home inspecting business is lucrative for individuals as well as corporations.  Some studies have shown that individual home inspectors make well over 70,000 a year.  This does not include fringe benefits such as a relaxed work schedule, ability to create and schedule your own appointments and a seamlessly endless supply of work, fortunately, due to people constantly buying and selling homes and offices.  From this, starting a home inspection business is an excellent business idea.  As most business schools will teach, no excellent business idea will be useful without a business plan. 

Our home inspection business plan template is customized to help you create a sound foundation for your future or current endeavor.  Our business plan template includes important components such as the executive summary, business description and competitive strategies.  With our business plan template your firm will have a solid foundation to enter or grow in the industry.

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How Can a Home Inspector Business Plan Template Help?

Home Inspection Business:

Home inspectors examine properties before a person purchases a home or business.  Home inspectors often examine plumbing, electrical, foundation, and AC units.  Further, home inspectors ensure that the house is up to code.  On a final note, home inspectors need to protect their clients interest by doing and exceptional job.

The process from inspecting starts with scheduling an appointment with the current homeowner.  From this point, the home inspector examines the interior and exterior of the home.  As they do this, they take significant notes and follow an in-depth checklist to ensure every aspect of the home is covered.  Once this is complete, home inspectors retreat to their abode and fill out a 30 to 50-page document for their customer.    With this done, the home inspector often emails the document to the customer and the customer’s real estate agent or attorney.  The final step is to review the document with the customer to ensure understanding and answer any questions.

Using a Business Plan Template:

Starting and running a home inspection business takes managerial skills, delegation skills, marketing knowledge and, of course, construction knowledge.  If you want funding from a bank or investor, better add writing skills, because you will need a business plan.  Fortunately, there is no need to start with a blank computer screen and word document.  Our business plan templates may be just the answer.

Quality Business Plan templates help home inspectors answer specific questions related to their business and how their operations will function.  Further, a business plan template outlines specific types of costs that are unique to the home inspector industry.  With this structure, home inspection business owners can easily fill in the blanks about their company and customize the document to best suit their individual business.