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Paul Borosky MBA, ABD

A business plan writer for hire is not something most people contemplate on a daily basis.  Unfortunately, some small business owners often run into issues with organizing their thoughts and ideas. Other entrepreneurs have issues with enticing banks and other lending institutions to investing in their business concept.  When these challenges arise, the idea of hiring a business plan writer is not a foreign notion anymore.  Working with a business plan writer offers a multitude of benefits for entrepreneurs and established corporations.

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Why hire a professional business plan writer?

     Professional Presentation.

A business plan writer will not only prepare your business plan and financial statements.  But they will also package your business plan the professional manner.  This may include easy to read structure and supporting graphs and other documentation for the reader to better understand your concept or idea.

     Financial Statements.

Not enough can be said about financial statements in the business plan.  Most businesses start solely to make a profit for the owner.  Almost all investors choose businesses that they feel will return the highest profits for their investment.  To sum up, most businesses are interested in profits.  Without a crystal ball, the best way to determine if the business is going to be profitable if through professionally prepared financial statements.  With this said, make sure the hire a business plan writer that is well versed in creating and explaining financial statements.


A business plan may be professionally prepared and have incredible financial statements.  However, without supporting documentation, or content, the business plan is all but useless.  From this, a professionally prepared business plan will have specific section such as the executive summary, market analysis, competitor analysis and other sections championed by SBA contained in their plan.

Should I Hire a Free Lance Business Plan Writer?

An alternative to hiring a professional business plan writer is to employ a freelance business plan writer to help with your business’s foundation.  There are specific reasons why a freelance business plan writer should be chosen over professional.

            Cost Savings

Freelance business plan writers often my business plans on a part-time basis.  This is because later have a full-time job in another profession or they are attempting to finish school.  Because this is not their main source of income, freelance business plan writers may be able to offer a discount on their plans as compared to a professional.

            Time Crunch

Professional business plan writers often take anywhere between seven days in two weeks to complete a business plan.  In some instances, entrepreneurs need a business plan within a day or two because of various deadlines.  In these cases, a freelance business plan writer may be able to construct a business plan on short notice.

            Just Need Something

Some business owners just one a business plan to have a business plan.  As odd as this may sound, this happens all the time.  If quality is really not an issue, saving money on a freelance business plan writer is a great way to go.  Just make sure that in the future the application of the business plan is really not necessitated.  Hint: if you are in business, a business plan is always needed.

Hopefully this information kinda answers the question of why the thought of: “business plan writer for hire” often enters the minds of entrepreneurs and small business professionals.

Author: Paul Borosky, MBA., ABD.

Date: 3/27/18

Owner: Quality Business Plan and

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