Business Plan Writer for St. Paul, MN.

Business Plan Writer for St. Paul, MN.

Our business plan writer, ghostwriter, and proforma financial projection professionals have helped numerous small business owners in St. Paul, MN., Minnetonka, MN., Bloomington, MN., and Maple Grove, MN., areas. 

From assisting the small business owners, our business plan writers have found that specific challenges are faced by business owners in this area.  For example, our business plan writers have found that some small businesses fail to take care of all stakeholders.

What our business plan writers mean by this is that stakeholders are a critical component of a small business.  For example, some small business owners failed to take care of their suppliers.  When this happens, sometimes, suppliers will start focusing their efforts on other competitors.  This may result in poor service from the stakeholders.  Of course, a small business owner can always change vendors.  However, quite frankly, this action is a royal pain in the neck.  A better practice is to ensure that your business strategies include caring for all stakeholders, not just customers.

Business Plan Writer Services Offered for St. Paul, MN.

Business Plan Writer

Paul Borosky, MBA., Business plan writer
Paul Borosky, MBA., Business plan writer

Our business plan writer provides a wide array of business plan writing services to St. Paul, Minnesota area small businesses as well as businesses throughout the US.  Our business plan writing packages include custom business plan writing and business plan templates.  When clients are on a budget, we often recommend the use of our business plan templates.  The business plan templates or industry-specific and includes both a Word document as well as a customized financial model for individual industries.  Further, we also provide a wide array of business plan writing tutorials to help entrepreneurs quickly and efficiently complete their business plans.  When a custom-written business plan is needed, we are more than happy to provide this service as well.  Our custom-written business plan packages include our express business plans, traditional business plan, and our complete business plan.  For help with deciding which business plan will best meet your individual needs, contact your business plan writer (7/22).

Proforma Financial Projections Consultant for St. Paul, MN.

Pro forma financial projections are included in every one of our business plans as well as our business plan template.  However, the important differentiating factor for our pro forma financial projections is the depth of financial analysis.  To illustrate, in our business plan templates, we provide 12-month profit and loss statements, a five-year pro forma income statement, and a five-year balance sheet.  In contrast, our complete business plan will include financial projections ranging from 24-month profit-loss statements, financial ratios, and projected valuation, as well as including the foundational information in the business plan template.  For assistance in determining your financial analysis needs, contact our pro forma financial projection consultant (7/22).

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Business Plan Writer Help

Our business plan writer and ghostwriter have helped small business owners in the St. Paul area construct business plans with strategies focused on caring for all stakeholders instead of just customers and employees.  To illustrate, our business plan writers can help small business owners create a list of stakeholders.  This list may include customers, employees, vendors, and also specific members of the community.  With this list created, we can then assist business owners in developing specific strategies to ensure these entities are cared for.  In the end, not only will a small business owner have a well-written business plan.  But they will also have specific strategies to address and care for each stakeholder that is impacted by their organization. 

Also, an important corporate social responsibility strategy embraced by some small business owners in the St. Paul Minnesota area, based on research from our business plan writer, is to sponsor charitable organizations such as local churches, homeless shelters, and other nonprofit organizations.  This practice not only helps the community but also builds brand recognition and shows that the company cares for its community members.  Unfortunately, in some instances, supporting a nonprofit organization with questionable financial and managerial practices all too often will lead to a damaged brand for the company.  Because of this potential downfall, small business owners in the area should do their due diligence in researching nonprofit organizations before donating and aligning their company brand with theirs.  Also, the strategy should be supported and documented in your business plan community help segment.

Financial Projections for a St. Paul, MN., Area

Some small business owners worry that carrying for stakeholders may impact them financially.  However, our financial projection professionals have been able to design low-cost strategies to ensure stakeholder needs are addressed, without breaking the bank.  For example, attending community meetings is a simple and low-cost method for engaging with community stakeholders.  Not only will the community be able to receive feedback from their business community.  But, also, the small business owner is able to exploit networking opportunities for the organization.  In the end, our business plan writers and financial projection professionals, working together, are able to help small business owners fund stakeholder initiatives.