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Business Plan Writer

Quality Business Plan uses business plan writers to help business owners in the United States and around the world develop professional business plans fast! 

A business plan is a written document of business objectives, reasons for attaining the objectives, and specific plans for the attainment of the objectives.  However, this concise definition does not do justice to the difficulties of writing an effective business plan.  

An effective business plan will seamlessly intertwine the various components of the business plan to produce a well thought-out, focused, living document, which will serve the small business owner well for years to come.  By using a professional business plan writer, small business owners will reap the benefits of a professional plan, at a fair price! 

Business Plan Writer Services

Business Plans

Over 80% of all our business is writing business plan.  This is our specialty.  Our business plan writing service offers numerous business plan packages to best meet the needs of our clients.  The business plan packages range from our basic plan, which is about 8 to 12 pages to our deluxe plan, which often exceeds 4o pages.  Click on the link above for more details!

Financial Projections

Have your business plan already written but struggling with your financial projections?  No worries!  Our financial projection professionals can help you complete your projections.  Just give us a call for a price. 

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What do business plan writers do and why should I hire one?

Hiring a business plan writer is not something that a business owner should do without careful consideration.  On one hand, when a business owner writes their own business plan, this exercise gives them an in-depth understanding of their business, competition and propose business model.  These experiences will allow owners to reflect on each component and gain a better understanding and appreciation of the topic. 

On the other hand, writing a business plan may take a novice several days or even a week to complete.  Further, important aspects of the business plan may be left out.  Because of the pros and cons related to hiring a business plan writer, Quality Business Plan taken this opportunity to explore various facets, uses, benefits and challenges of hiring a business plan writer.

Do you need a business plan writer?

As a business consultant and an entrepreneurial professor, I am often asked by small business owners: "Do I need a business plan?"  My response to this question almost always is "You mean ... you do not already have one?"  The reason I usually respond with the statement is because there are innumerable benefits to having a business plan.  Just to name a few:

 I could go on and on in reference to why having a business plan is a critical weapon to have in your arsenal.  However, one last thought to leave with you regarding if you should have a business plan or not is... Do your competitors have a business plan?  If they do, then they have a competitive advantage over your company... and now you are at a disadvantage.  If they do not, how long will it be before they do have a business plan?

What Does A Business Plan Writer Do:

A business plan writer will basically walk you through the business plan writing process until the plan is complete. Here is the typical business plan writing process, which is followed by the most professional business plan writers:

  1. Schedule initial appointment - Step one is to schedule your initial appointment with the business plan writer. Most business plan writers will ask for a small fee upfront before an appointment is scheduled. After the appointment, the remainder of the balance is usually due for the business plan writer will start work.
  2. Participate in initial appoint - Initial appointments may be done in-person, through Skype or over the phone. In the initial interview, the business plan writer will ask a multitude of questions related to the owner’s vision of the company, where the company will be located, what products and services will be offered, thoughts related to financial projections and information about employee positions and owners work history.  The objective of this step is to allow the business plan writer to gain your perspective of your company.  Usually, the initial appointment takes approximately 2 hours.
  3. Research - Allow the business plan writer to do research. The research phase of the business plan writing process it takes approximately 5 to 6 days to complete.  Professional business plan writers will examine competitors in the area, conduct market research related to your business and examined demographics related to your product or service.  Through this phase, make sure to not inundate the business plan writer with additional information.  When constructing the format of the business plan, it is imperative to properly compile all information that is known at that point in time.  By adding additional information through this process, confusion may set in.  This can result in important pieces of the business plan left undone.
  4. Writing the rough draft of the business plan - After the research is complete, bringing the business plan is next.  When writing the rough draft of the business plan, the business plan writer is taking the information gained from the initial appointment, mixing in all aspects of research conducted in filling in the blanks with knowledge and experience from the business plan writer.  Once this is done, the financials are next!
  5. Do financial projections and financial forecasts - One of the favorite aspects of the business plan, in the opinion of business owners, is looking over their financial projections and financial forecast.  This section alone will tell business owners whether their business idea has the possibility of even being financially successful.
  6. Review business plan and financials - For this step, the business plan writer will forward the rough draft of the business plan and the financial forecast for their proposed business.  Once received, the business owner should carefully read through the rough draft of the plan and examine the financial forecast to ensure that the documents fully capture their vision and expectations for the business.
  7. Final meeting with business plan writer - In the final meeting with the business plan writer, the business owner is able to thoroughly go through the business plan and the financials with the writer.  At this point in time, any errors or adjustments that need to be made to be brought to the attention of the writer.
  8. Final business plan - The last step is receiving the PDF file of the business plan, editable Word document of the plan and an Excel spreadsheet with the financials available.  Keep in mind, the business plan is a living document that should be used on a continuous basis in the business.  From this, it is inevitable that the plan will be altered.  So, a final note, make sure to use a business plan writer that does not charge exorbitant fees to make small changes to your plan.

Pros and cons of hiring a business plan writer.

As with any purchasing decision, hiring a business plan writer has benefits and challenges related to the process.  From this, an in-depth review as to whether a business should hire a business plan writer is needed.

Pros of hiring a business plan writer:

  • Business plan writers can help create a strong business plan structure - A professional business plan writer is well versed in the process of helping small business owners construct a business plan. From my experience, one of the most challenging aspects of writing a business plan is just being able to design the structure and format of the plan.  Without the structure, having a well understood business plan is difficult to attain.
  • Business plan writers have significant general business knowledge - For the most part, businesses all have the same or similar structures.  For example, each business has a stream of revenue or revenues.  Further, there are almost always cost involved to attain this revenue.  Finally, most businesses need employees in order to service the customers.  Because of the similar structures related to businesses, business plan writers are able to quickly understand a small business owners idea and apply this idea into a generalized structure.  This leads to, again, a strong process for finishing a business plan quickly and efficiently.
  • A final benefit for a business plan writer our financials - Financial statements are an absolute must for all business plans. The financial statements will show readers how much the company will make, what the costs are in order to make these revenues and how much the revenues and costs will grow over time.  From this information, investors, bankers and even the owners will be able to understand whether this business venture will be profitable or not.

Cons of hiring a business plan writer:

  • Business plan writers are expensive - Make no mistake about it, hiring a business plan writer is expensive.  High quality business plan writers range between $800 to over $2000 for a comprehensive business plan, which would include financials.  These costs are substantial for starting business owners as well as for entrepreneurs who currently have their business up and running.
  • Wait time for a business plan writer - The wait time for business plan writer may reach 30 to 45 days.  This is great for the business plan writer because they are in such high demand.  However, this is not so good for the entrepreneur who needed funding for the business like yesterday.
  • Assessing a business plan writer’s experience - Unfortunately, some business plan writers do not have significant experience in business or even writing. Further, this fact is hard for entrepreneurs to determine until the business plan is already written.  To protect against this issue, small business owners should always request a sample of the business writers writing to ensure quality and accuracy.