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Florida Business Plan
Florida Business Plan

Quality Business Plan works with small business owners across the US.  Over the last several years, our business plan writers have noted that some areas of the country requests more business plans in particular industries as compared to other states and areas.  In this review, our business plan writers have identified popular business plan requests from some of Florida’s largest cities such as Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville and Sarasota, Florida areas. 

Some of the most popular business plan requests were restaurant business plans, hair and nail salon business plans, construction company business plans and repair company business plans.  Please keep in mind, this review is far from scientific.  But it is a good gauge as for which businesses may be most successful in Florida.

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Restaurant Business Plans in Orlando, Fl. 

Orlando, Florida area is renowned for our theme parks, beaches no more than an hour drive to the East or West and amazing restaurants.  From this, our business plan writers have determined that one of the most popular business plans requested in the area are restaurant business plans.  Orlando Sentinel recently noted that the Orlando area, which includes Winter Park, Altamonte Springs, Lake Buena Vista and Kissimmee, starts an average 74 restaurants per year.  This shows that the restaurant industry is booming in Orlando, Florida area.

       Restaurant Business Plan Marketing Statistics in Orlando, Florida.

Some of the top restaurants in Florida includes Sonny’s Barbecue, Farmer Market Restaurant, and some chain restaurants such as the Olive Garden and Outback.  For entrepreneurs looking to create a restaurant business plan, here are some good starting facts:

  • The restaurant industry currently leads for job growth in the Central Florida area (Orlando Sentinal).
  • Florida leads the nation in tourism, which may explain why restaurant sales in the state exceed all other states (Toast.com).
  • Chain restaurants often used Florida locations as test markets.  This may indicate that restaurant visitors in Florida have a high tolerance for change and innovation (Rewards Network).
  • Restaurant franchising is considered lower risk as compared to attempting to establish a new brand.

Nail and Hair Salon Business Plans in Miami, Fl. 

This should come as no surprise for most Floridians: Miami, Florida area entrepreneurs, which includes Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton and Hialeah, Fl., have requested more nail salon business plans and hair salon business plans from our business plan writers than any other area in the state of Florida.  Just in the Miami area alone, there are approximately 40 nails salons, as shown on Google maps.  As for hair salons, the number exceeds well over 70.  This indicates that the nail salon and hair salon industry is booming in the South Florida area.  There are numerous reasons for the success in this industry.

       Nail Salon and Hair Salon Reasons for Success

There are multitudes of reasons for the success of nail salons and hair salons in the South Florida area.  Here are just a few reasons:

  • Costs for doing hair and nails is exceedingly low.  Statisica.com indicated that an average manicure cost approximately $20.  However, material costs for the procedure is well below $.10.  This shows that the profit margin on this procedure and others is extraordinarily high.
  • Nail art is a wildly popular trend. Ask any checkout person for Walmart or Publix what is the first thing they notice about some women appearance.  The vast majority will respond their nail art.  Nail art is when the nail person creates custom designs for customers’ nails.  These designs often include glitter, multiple nail colors and imitation gems such as diamonds and topaz.  Regardless of the design or accessory included in nail art, the one commonality for the practice is the premium prices charged by the organization.
  • A main revenue driver in the hair salon industry is hair coloring.  A surprising reason that hair salons do so well is hair coloring.  Hairstylist often charge between $70 -$150 for hair coloring.  However, our business plan writers have found that this process takes approximately an hour and cost involved in the process are less than two dollars.  This means that hair salons are making approximately $68-$148 an hour for each coloring session.  An unbelievable profit margin.

Construction Company Business Plans in Jacksonville, Fl. 

The construction industry in Jacksonville, Florida and the surrounding area is immensely popular as claimed by our business plan consultants.  For this industry, business plan requests are more focused into subcategories of the construction industry.  For example, construction material business plans, AC company business plans and roofing business plans were all combined into the general category of construction industry.   There are numerous reasons why the construction industry is popular in the Jacksonville, Florida area.  Here are some important facts related to the construction industry that may be important when writing a business plan.

  • Between March 2017 and 2018, Florida, especially the Jacksonville area, added approximately 32,000 jobs in the construction industry. This was a spectacular 6.3% growth from the previous year (Jacksonville Business Journal).
  • The construction industry is currently suffering labor shortages in the Jacksonville, Florida area. These shortages may be driving up labor costs for various construction industry participants such as roofers, carpenters, and concrete professionals.  Because of this, our business plan writers recommend that when writing a business plan for these industries, make sure to increase salaries for pro forma statements by approximately 4 to 5% per year.

Repair Company Business Plans in Tampa/St. Petersburg, Fl. 

The Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater, Fl. area has been voted number one for requesting repair company business plans by our business plan writers.  Repair companies may include computer repair business plans, lawn equipment business plans and car repair business plans.  For these labor-intensive industries, this market is popular in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area due to their large population concentration, propensity for “do-it-yourself” projects and above average disposable income, which allows for discretionary spending.

Some important facts related to repair company business plans would be as follows:

  • Just in the Tampa area alone, there are well over 50 automobile repair shops. This shows that the industry is profitable and lucrative with the correct business model.
  • The average computer repair technician makes approximately 40,000 a year (Educational Choices). This shows that computer repair companies pay above average wages for skilled labor.
  • Computer repair technicians are one of the few labor-intensive services that require a college degree for some job positions.

Service Company Business Plans in Sarasota/Bradenton, Fl. 

The final area examined was the Sarasota and Bradenton, Florida area.  This area had more service company business plan requests than any other area in the state.  Our business plan writers claim that service companies include insurance, mortgage brokering, real estate sales, and accounting.  The reasons for elevated service business plan requests from the area may lie in the specific statistics related to the different service industry sub sectors.

  • The average salary for accountants in Florida, including the Bradenton and Sarasota area, was over $100,000. Add in a CPA license and income jumps to approximately $125,000 a year.  This shows that service industry participants need to gravitate towards municipalities with higher than average median incomes, which is a well-known fact with the Bradenton and Sarasota area.
  • Florida is ranked number six in the nation for most expensive automobile policy premiums. As we all know, when premiums are high, then insurance agents receive higher commission checks.  From this, the reason demand for new insurance companies is rising is almost a given, large profits.

So here we have it, from our business plan writers' experiences, Quality Business Plan claims that some of the most popular business plan request in Florida ranged from the restaurant industry to different service industries.  Just keep in mind, when preparing to write a business plan, it never hurts to consult a business plan writer or business plan consultant for professional guidance.

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