Market Research For Your Business Plan

For most business plans, the structure and segments for the plan should be similar.  To illustrate, most business plan start with executive summary, which summarizes the content found within the business plan.  This section is usually written last. 

Following the executive summary should be the company information.  Within the company information, business plan writer should start with identifying the problem that the company will solve and discussing the implications to society in the community if these challenges are not mitigated.

Once the company information is complete, then the business plan writers should dive into the organizational structure, products and services, industry research, demographics and then the financial information.

Unfortunately, the business plan structure is often the easiest component of the business plan writing process for entrepreneurs and even professional business plan writers.  The more complex part of the business plan writing process is to identify and find market information related to your potential industry, local competitors and SWOT for your particular company. 

Because of these challenges, Quality Business Plan has compiled market research for entrepreneurs to use in their various business plans.  This market research will be broken down into business plan examples that may be used in various business plan templates.

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Business Plan Examples Showing Marketing Information for Different Industries

Our business plan writers have conducted market research in a multitude of industries such as restaurants, fitness centers, solar panel sales and a multitude of other industries.  Through this research, our writers have gained invaluable insight into how these markets operate, their competitors and various strengths and weaknesses related to the competition.  Below, are various links to market research, business plan samples and business plan templates to help potential customers gain important insights into their soon to be in history. 

The business plan examples related to market research may include a number of competitors in a specific area, growth for the industry over the last five years, expected growth within the industry and other important market factors that may be implemented into business plan examples.

Business Plan Samples and Templates for Different Industries

With the business plan market research conducted below, small business owners may use this market research in their business plan templates or professionally written business plans.  In using this research, please make sure to cite your information accordingly.  Not only will this avoid plagiarism, but this will also lend credibility to facts and figures quoted from our site.