Business Plan Writer Tips: Gastropubs, Bars and Microbreweries

Gastropubs, microbreweries and bars/lounges are immensely popular businesses to start, based on feedback from our business plan writers and business plan consultants.  Further, gastropubs, bars/lounges and microbrewery business plan requests are popular in the New York City, NY., Los Angeles, CA., Orlando, FL., Miami, FL., and Chicago, IL areas.  Because of this growing demand, our business plan writers and business plan consultants have compiled tips and tricks to use when creating business plans for these industries.

Gastropub Business Plan Writing Help:

A gastropub is a restaurant/Bar hybrid.  Like a restaurant, the gastropub services high quality appetizers and entrees.  However, similar to a bar, a gastropub will offer a wide-array of opportunities to consume alcohol such as offering a full bar, numerous local microbrewery selections and nationally known beers and wines.  Because of this hybrid, gastropubs are gaining market share from both restaurants and bars.

Our business plan writers and business plan consultants suggest that when starting a gastropub, make sure to focus on a well-defined theme.  In our experiences, a well-defined theme for a gastropub helps to further differentiate the operation from other bars and restaurants in the area.  For example, some gastropubs have chosen to focus on embracing technological advances in their establishment.  This included tabletop computers for ordering, applications for paying and state-of-the-art sound and television systems to heighten the sports watching experience.

Bar/Lounge Business Plan Writing Help:

Bars and lounges offer a full liquor bar, wide selection of beer and sometimes a small menu selection for food.  Bars and lounges, for the most part, rely on loyal repeat customers for profits.  Because of this reliance, bar and lounge owners need to continually keep customers engaged through innovative concepts such as karaoke, trivia games and popular bar activities such as pool, darts and video games.

Our business plan writers and business plan consultants found that successful bar and lounge business plans often include in-depth discussions as to how business owners will maintain loyal customer levels.  Without this type of discussion in the business plan, investors and banks will immediately think that the potential owner will not be able to build a solid loyal customer base needed for the business’s success.

Microbrewery Business Plan Writing Help:

Microbreweries offer a limited selection of beer and often sell their products to third-party sources such as bars, grocery stores and restaurants.  However, a growing trend in the industry is that some microbreweries are opening a front end to their normal backend operations.  This front end consists of a limited food menu selection, our atmosphere and limited alcoholics selection. The main objective is to offer customers the opportunity to try their microbrews in a comfortable setting with quality complementary food items that change seasonally.

Our business plan writers and business by consultants have found that microbreweries often more successful when they use this form of business model.  This is because taking their products directly to the customer increases brand recognition.  From this brand recognition, retailers often solicit the microbreweries for the products.  This leads to less advertising cost and elevated sales.

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