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Want to educate your current and potential customers about your industry?  Looking for a competitive advantage over your competitors? Write a book about it.   Unfortunately, not everybody is born writers.  Because of this, small business owners have been turning to ghost book writing services for help with publishing books related to their industry.  Our ghost book writing services will work with individuals and business owners to write books, published in our client’s names, on a wide array of topics or industries.

What is a Ghost Book Writer?

A ghost book writer will interview and work with a client to publish a paperback and eBook.  Book topics, length, and content will vary based on assignment.  However, in the end, our clients will have a published paperback book and eBook, while retaining full copyright and profits from the sale of the book.

Benefits of a Ghost Book Writing Service

Educate Customers

Educate Customers:   Current and potential customers often want to know as much about an industry or service, before they purchase, as possible.  By writing a book, or having a ghost writer write a book for you, related to your products and services, customers will be able to gain the knowledge first-hand.

Extra Income

Side Income:    Our ghost book writers will help you publish your eBook and paperback book on Amazon.  Pricing structure is up to you.  Most small books sell between $2.99 and $9.99.

Establish Credibility

Books Published in YOUR Name:  Take credit for our work!  Our ghost book writers will assign copyright authority to our clients.  In other words, the book and all content will be yours.

Establish Creditability:     Want to know how to become an expert in your industry?  Write a book.  Publishing books related to your products, services and industry often leads to increased credibility for yourself and company.

Ghost Book and Ghost EBook Writing Process:

Our ghost book writing process starts with a phone or video meeting with our client.

Step 1:  Initial Meeting:  In this meeting, our ghost book and eBook writer will discuss various topics that need to be included inside the book.  Further, we will discuss which references and documents we will be used when writing the book.

Step 2: Approve the outline.  After our initial meeting, our ghost book writer will create an outline that the book will follow.  The bullet points in the outline will represent chapters that will be included in the book.  This step may take 2 to 3 days.

Step 3:  Complete rough draft.  The rough draft submitted for approval will be pretty much very similar to the final published.  In this step, we do ask for our client to read through the book to ensure the concepts are correct.

Step 4:  Final Edit.  In this step, our ghosts book writer will do a final edit of the document.

Step 5:  Choose book cover.  Our book cover selection is limited to Amazon’s templates.

Step 6:  Publish document on Amazon.  Our ghost book writer will help our clients publish, both the paperback version and eBook version of the document on Amazon.

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