Ghostwriter for North Carolina

Quality Business Plan has a ghostwriter, ghost book writer, and strategic plan writer ready to assist small business owners in the Charlotte, NC., Raleigh, NC., Greensboro, NC. and other North Carolina areas. 

We specialize in business-related writing. 

Service Area for North Carolina

  • Charlotte, North Carolina.
  • Concord, North Carolina.
  • Gastonia, North Carolina.
  • Asheville, North Carolina.
  • Rocky Mount, North Carolina.
  • Raleigh, North Carolina.
  • Durham, North Carolina.
  • Cary, North Carolina.
  • Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
  • Fayetteville, North Carolina.
  • Greensboro, North Carolina.
  • Winston-Salem, North Carolina.
  • High Point, North Carolina.
  • Burlington, North Carolina.
  • Wilmington, North Carolina.

Ghostwriting Services Offered

Ghost Book and eBook Writer

Want to educate your current and potential customers about your industry?  Looking for a way to be viewed as an industry expert? Write a book about it.   Not a "born: writer?  No worries. Our ghost book writer will do all the writing and help you publish your book on Amazon IN YOUR NAME!

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Our ghostwriter will write up articles and blog postings, in your name, on a topic of your choosing. The minimum word count for a ghostwritten article or blog is 250.

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Our writer is located in Orlando, Fl. We have researched and written business plans for numerous businesses in the US.

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Published Books By Owner, Paul Borosky, MBA., Doctoral Candidate

Popular Ghostbook and Ghostwriting Topics

Our ghost book and ghostwriter has experience in writing about a multitude of different business topics from industry challenges to business-related concepts like employee recruitment.

Ghost Book Writer for Charlotte, NC.

Our ghost book writer may help Charlotte, NC. residents by writing a book about industry-related topics.  For example, our ghostwriter has found that the Charlotte area is a prime location for startup and experienced attorneys to open up new shops.  Currently, the law firm industry generates approximately $330 billion in revenues annually.  Over the last five years, this industry has increased its annual returns by about 2.3%.  Over the next five years, our ghostwriter estimates that law firms will grow by approximately 1% annually.  Because their law firms pay attorneys a substantial fee, wages for the industry have exceeded $115 billion.  At present, there are about 400,000 law firms throughout the US, with an above-average amount of firms located in the greater Charlotte, North Carolina area.

This information will be an example of an excellent foundation from which our ghostwriter may be able to develop and write a book for area business owners or professionals.

Ghostwriter – Articles for Raleigh, NC.

A possible ghostwriter article for a business professional in the Raleigh, NC. area could be related to pay surveys.  Pay surveys are when business owners employ a third party, like consultants, to survey employees in a geographic region about their wages earned from their employers.  The purpose of this practice is for a business owner to gain a better understanding as to how much they should be paying their employees for services rendered.  By having our ghostwriter constructed an article on this topic, a business consultant may show their worth through expertise as well as in-depth knowledge about specific issues that are important to Raleigh area business owners.

Ghostwriter – Business Topics for Greensboro, NC.

Small businesses in the Greensboro, NC., metropolitan area may need a ghostwriter for business topics like the misuse of research findings.  In some industries, competitors often quote research articles in their advertising to support their thoughts and ideas about business practices.  However, all too often, business owners, even in the Greensboro, North Carolina area, misquote or misuse research findings to help them generate undue revenues for the organization.  With the help of our ghostwriter, professionals or business owners in the area may have a voice to dispute misinformation disseminated by unethical competitors.