Grant Writer and Grant Proposals

Here are some interesting statistics based on research from our grant writer: In 2019, the US Government alone issued over $721 billion in grants.  As for private foundations, in 2015, they issued over $62 billion, with a “b”, in grant funding.  With such significant amounts of money being doled out in grants, having a professional grant writer working for you and your organization may be a critical investment to ensure the longevity and sustainability of a nonprofit organization or small business.

What is a Grant Writer?

A grant writer, using the US Bureau of Labor Statistics paraphrased definition, is a person or organization that will research, write, and submit grant proposals to local, state, and federal government agencies, private foundations, and even public companies offering grant money.  At Quality Business Plan, our main gig is business plan writing.  However, because of the growing demand for grant writers, we have expanded services to include grant researching and grant writing.

Grant Proposal Structure:

  • Cover Letter
  • Executive Summary
  • Company Summary
    • Statement of problem
    • Business Concept
    • Mission/Vision/Value Statements
    • Goals and Objectives
  • Programs and Strategies
    • Programs
    • Outcome and Impact
    • Evaluations and Benchmarks
  • Funding
    • Current Funding
    • Funding Needs
    • Funding Allocation
    • Funding Sustainability
  • Organization's Management Team
    • Board of Directors
  • Appendix

In all, our grant proposals range between 8 to 12 pages.

***Grant Proposals may be customized and modified to meet the qualifications of numerous grants! Once the first proposal is written, then modification fees would then apply (Significant savings!)

We work with Non-Profit Organizations as well as For-Profit Businesses!!

Our Grant Writer Services

Grant Research

Professional Grant Research:   Professional grant research includes scouring the Internet as well as searching popular grant databases for grant opportunities that are aligned with our client’s mission or need.  The service is billed hourly.

Grant Proposal Writing

Our grant proposal writing service includes writing a general grant proposal using a popular format and structure commonly used in the grant writing industry.  With a general grant proposal, nonprofit organization leaders are able to customize a document for submission to multiple grants.  Also, our grant writer may write custom grants based on client's needs.

Grant Research and Proposal Writing

In this option, we will do both the grant research as well as the grant proposal writing.  Typically, this selection is done on a monthly contract basis, with our organization submitting between 5 to 10 grant requests per month.

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Benefits of a Grant Researcher

Our grant researcher provides business owners as well as nonprofit organizations specific benefits.  First, our firm utilizes multiple free as well as paid grant databases.  In searching multiple databases, our researcher is able to identify potential grant opportunities for niche nonprofit organizations as well as for-profit companies.

Benefits of a Grant Proposal Writer

All the grant research in the world will do a nonprofit organization or small business owner no good without a well-written and documented grant proposal.  Because of this glaring fact, our grant-writer will be able to utilize industry-acceptable grant structures or customized, donor-specific grant formats and populate the structure with your organization's specific offerings, needs, and missions.