Importance of Web Page Content for Entrepreneurs

Web page content
Paul Borosky, MBA.

Potential customers visiting your website expect quality information to be presented in an easy to read and understandable format.  When these expectations are not met, not only do potential customers become frustrated but the likelihood of them returning to your site or using your services is greatly diminished.  This leads to the need for customers to continue their quest for information by possibly visiting competitors’ websites.  To avoid this issue, entrepreneur should offer quality content on their sites that are related to their products and services.  Here are some other reasons why entrepreneurs should focus on offering quality web content.

Educate customers related to your products and services.   

Web users appreciate succinct information related to the host website’s products and services.  Popular methods to exceed their expectations may include:

  • Short paragraphs.
  • Bullet point lists.
  • Multiple rows used in site design.

By using and embracing these pointers, customers will easily be able to navigate through your website, identify content related to their needs, and reach purchasing decisions quickly and easily.

Increased organic rankings.

Most SEO experts would agree that content on the website should not be focused on improving organic rankings.  However, through the use of focused quality content, increased organic rankings will be a pleasant benefit for entrepreneurs.

Any easy structure to apply for supplying quality content and improving organic rankings starts with the title of your webpage.  Make sure the title is aligned with the information offered on the pages.  For example, if your company offers business plan templates, then make sure the content on the page is related to business plan templates.

A second easily applied structure is to use sales funnel techniques for engaging your customer.  In short, sales funnels are specific steps implemented in the website design to lead customers to a quick and educated buying decision.  Through the use of the structure, customers are first educated about your products or services.  Then, customers are introduced to benefits related to your product or services.  Finally, purchasing the product or service is discussed.

Regardless of technique used, having structure to your website improves visitors experience and increases your chances of improved organic rankings.

Links from other website

Entrepreneurs often spent significant amounts of money attracting customers to their websites. Little do entrepreneurs know that high-quality content on the website leads to other sites linking information to your page.  To illustrate, engaging websites such as Tutor4Finance has numerous educational institutions linked to their site.  Not only does this benefit visitors with additional information related to their search topics.  The website also improves their organic ranking with various web browsers.  A win-win situation for of parties involved.

For these reasons and more, entrepreneurs should focus on improving the quality of their web content, ensure the content is in a structured format, and seek out opportunities to have other reputable websites link their information to your site.  If you need professional assist with managing your social media content, just contact Quality Business Plan.  We offer professional social media management and blogging services.

Author: Paul Borosky, MBA. ABD.

 Date: 1/11/2018 

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