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Industry for Business Plan Research: Pizzeria Restaurant

A pizzeria restaurant is traditionally considered an establishment that mainly offers various types of pizzas, calzones, noodle dishes, breadsticks, and chicken wings.  Further, our business plan writers have found that these establishments provide dine-in, take-out, and delivery services.  A defining difference between this type of restaurant and other casual dining restaurants is their mode of food delivery.  For most casual dining restaurants, delivery services are often not offered.  However, for pizzeria restaurants, this is become expected by customers.  From this, these types of restaurants may incur additional costs as compared to other establishments.

Industry Statistics for Pizzeria Restaurant:

Based on research from our business plan writers, the pizzeria restaurant revenues, for 2018, on a global scale, was over $134 billion.  In the US, sales of pizza were over 45 billion.  Further, the number of pizzerias in the US fell last year.  This shows that established pizzeria competitors are gaining market share and putting poor-performing pizzeria’s restaurants out of business.  Further, this also indicates that large chains, such as Pizza Hut, Dominoes, and Papa John’s, are increasingly gaining market share as well.

With this said, potential restaurant entrepreneurs entering this market should create specific business models that focus on differentiating its products and services from large chain competitors.  For example, our business plan consultants recently spoke with a successful pizzeria restaurant owner.  In our discussions, he noted that a key to his success was continually adding new types of pizza and Italian style foods to his restaurant.  He did note that many costs may increase.  However, this differentiation allows him to gain market share over chain competitors.

Threats and Opportunities for a Pizzeria Restaurant Business:

Annual growth for the last five years, based on research from IBIS World, was 2.5%.  Total pizzeria businesses in the US were approximately 91,000.  These businesses employed over 1 million people.  This indicates that pizzeria restaurants are critical for local and regional economies.

Because of their importance to our economy, examining opportunities and risks related to pizzeria restaurants is essential.  In starting with threats, chain pizza restaurants have been gaining market share in the industry over the last several years.  This is because they can cut costs by hiring minimum-wage workers, using low-quality food ingredients, and heavily advertising their products.  If this trend continues, startup entrepreneurs for pizzeria restaurants may not be able to continue to compete at the low-end of the market. 

However, this does create an opportunity.  From our business plan writer’s research, small entrepreneurs have been successfully gaining market share through the use of two strategies.  First, some restaurant entrepreneurs have decided to join franchise opportunities from small, regional chains.  By doing this, they already have a playbook in which to use to follow when starting operations.  This often leads to improved chances for success.  A second strategy is to use the highest quality ingredients available, differentiate menu items from chain competitors, and more senior skilled workers at higher rates.  Through this strategy, restaurant-pizzeria entrepreneurs have found that customers are more prone to spending a few extra dollars to ensure the highest quality dining experience.

Essential Sections of a Pizzeria Restaurant Business Plan:

As previously noted, pizzeria restaurants differentiate from other casual dining restaurants because of their delivery service components.  From this, the pizzeria restaurants to enjoy additional avenues of revenue.  However, this does incur additional costs as well.  Our business plan consultants have noted that some pizzeria restaurant is gaining the best of both worlds by using third-party delivery services.  In doing this, the firm still enjoys the revenue source.  However, the costs are lower because of the third service bills the customer as compared to needing to incorporate caution to products.  This leads to higher profits.

When attempting to start a pizzeria restaurant, always have a professional business plan writer assist with the pizzeria restaurant business plan.  In working with a professional, not only will you receive a well-written and researched document, but you also can work with business professionals.

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