Do Book Authors Need a Business Plan?

Professional writers and authors tend to believe their industry is immune from the need for a professionally written business plan.  Publishing a work of art is usually simply writing it, editing the document, and publishing on a blog or Amazon, right?   This could not be further from the truth.

Successful authors, just like all other business owners, need to fully understand their internal and external environments as well as have strategic plans to ensure success within their business.  To help dispel this myth, here are just a few reasons why having a professionally written business plan by business plan writer employed by Quality Business Plan is a fantastic idea.

Helps Narrow Scope of Writing

Having a business plan helps to narrow your scope of writing.  Some authors tend to write on just about any topic that comes into their head.  This is a good strategy because it forces the author or writer to research a wide array of topics.  However, just because the strategy’s starting point is vague does not mean that there is no structure to the following steps.  For example, when I choose a random topic to write about, I did not follow specific strategic steps to ensure a systematic document is completed with little editing needed and sound research supporting the findings.

Financial Models Adds Numbers to Words

Publishing a book or blog article should not be done licketly-split.  For example, publishing books on one venue, such as Kindle’s KDP, precludes the author from publishing works on other sites.  Because of these types of exclusions and for other reasons, authors need to utilize financial models to help determine which strategic moves will offer the highest returns.  Further, findings from this research should always be included in your professionally written business plan.


In summary, authors and professional writers are not immune from the need for a professionally written business plan.  Not only will a business plan help structure how an author will conduct research, publish books, and even decide which platform to publish on, the process will also help authors better understand their competitors and industry as a whole.

Author: Paul Borosky, Doctoral Candidate, MBA., Author

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Date: 6/2/2019

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