Three Reasons to Hire a Business Plan Writer for your New York City, NY (NYC) Business.

Hiring a business plan writer for your New York City, New York business may be a challenging decision that needs be made.  There are several reasons to have a business plan.  There are even more reasons to hire a professional business plan writer.  From this, Quality Business Plan has outlined several reasons for hiring a business plan writer.

Reason #1: Business Plan Writers Understand Business

Most business owners, especially in the New York City area, believe that their business is so complicated that no other person could possibly understand the intricacies of their operations and their aspirations for growth.  From this belief, the business owner shoulders the burden of writing an in-depth business plan related to their unique business.

However, business plan writers have significant experience not only in writing business plans but also with working with small business owners in a wide array of industries.  From this, we have experience in understanding revenue flows, being able to align various costs to the needed flows and creating professional financial projections that will not only help the business owner better understand their growth prospects but also help possible investors gain the needed business owner insight.

Reason #2: Strategic Management Help

The very concept of strategy is challenging for small business owners to grasp.  This is because strategy conceptualizes almost all aspects of your small business.  For example, some businesses have strategies for pricing their products or services.  Other companies have strategies for competing with local competitors.  Regardless as to what you believe your most important strategies are, having a business plan writer documenting this information is critical.

Documented strategies will help small business owners stay focused on improving the most important strategies.  Further, documented strategies are also excellent for sharing with employees and customers.  This shows that the business owner understands the intricacies of the business and is willing to share the information for transparency purposes.  A final important reason for documenting strategies is to share with investors.  Investors and loan officers, inherently, are cautious about investing their hard-earned funds.  Because of this, small business owners in the New York City area should be cognizant of the fact and prepare written strategies to share with possible investors.

By having a business plan writer documenting this information, the presentation will be professional, information will be complete and strategies may be aligned to ensure synergy.

Reason # 3:  Business Plan Structure and Content

Not surprisingly, some business plan writing companies want small business owners to believe that writing the perfect business plan is a mystical art that is known to only a few.  Fortunately for all the small businesses in the New York City area, this myth is far from fact.  However, there are some important components that needs to be addressed in a well written business plan.

For example, small business owners should make sure to have a well-structured title page.  The title page should include the name of the company, logo and author of the document.  By sharing this information up front, the readers will be educated as to the type of company that is being presented, location of the firm and author.


In summary, having a professional business plan writer assisting in documenting your company will not only ensure a professionally written document but will also help small business owners structure the business plan in a professional manner.

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Author: Paul Borosky, Doctoral Candidate, MBA., Author

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Date: 1/5/2019