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Link to SBA Recommended Business Plans and Length

SBA Loan and SBA Disaster Loan Business Plan Guidelines.

The SBA offers relatively broad guidelines in reference to what they expect in a business plan.  Because of their sometimes cryptic explanations about business plans, our experience SBA business plan writer wishes to offer some insights regarding writing a business plan in hopes of an SBA or SBA disaster loan.

SBA Loan Business Plan Page Count

The SBA website offers some broad guidelines for business plan page count.  In general, the SBA wants to see a business plan between 25 to 100 pages.  Less than 25 pages, their perception may be that the business plan lacks sufficient details to make a lending decision.  Further, the SBA often looks at business plans less than 25 pages as either executive summaries or loan proposals, which are unacceptable in their lending criteria.  However, our business plan writer has found that submitting business plans over 100 pages is not only appreciated but sometimes, for some industries, actually expected.

 Important Pieces of Information in an SBA Business Plan

On the SBA's website, they do stress and probably require specific pieces of information to be included in the plan.  These aspects include:

  • Mission statement. The mission statement may be as simple as a picture or a sentence.  Further, some businesses prefer to have their mission statement as long as a page or more.  Regardless, the SBA wants to be able to look or read a mission statement and understand what accompanies purpose in existing is.
  • Business start date. This start date is pretty straightforward.  SBA just wants to know when the company was established.  This may be used to determine qualifications.
  • Owner's names and other information. Again in relation to qualifications, business owners must be listed, and the percentage of ownership owned documented.  Based on research from our business plan writer, this may be due to their wish to avoid lending to default customers in the past.
  • The number of employees. The SBA considers a small business as any entity employing less than 500 people.  From this, the number of employees is an absolute criterion for applying and including in the business plan.
  • Company summary. In the company summary, make sure to address the who, what, where, why, and how for business.
  • Future plans. Is your company can expand to new locations?  Will you add more employees in the near future, make sure to explore these topics and more in your business plan submitted to the SBA.

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SBA Loan Business Plan Structure.

 The SBA has a specific guideline and structure that they prefer business owners to use when applying for an SBA loan or SBA disaster loan.  This structure includes:

  • Part one – introduction.
  • Part two – market analysis.
  • Part three – company description.
  • Part four – organization and management.
  • Part five – marketing and sales.
  • Part six – product or service.
  • Part seven – funding request.
  • Part eight – financial information.

When our business plan writer compiles a business plan for an SBA loan, we include all aspects of the business outlined discussed above.  However, we do make specific adjustments to the business plan structure.  The changes improve the information flow.  Specifically, the market analysis for our business plans is usually the sixth or seventh category.  Instead of having it as a first category, we choose to put the company description.  Also, in the company description, our business plan writer will explore the products and services offered by the firm. 

Another change in the structure would be the funding request.  Instead of having it at part seven, we include the funding request in part eight.  By doing this, the reader of the document will fully understand the scope of the business and its financials before being presented with a dollar amount needed for funding.

A final change made to the business plan structure championed by the SBA is the documents included in the financial projection or financial information section.  In our business plans, instead of just presenting a profit and loss statement and annual income statement, we preface this information with daily sales and a breakdown of fixed costs.  In doing this, the reader of the document is able to better understand how a business owner arrived at their financial projections.

Benefits of an Experienced SBA Loan and SBA Disaster Loan Business Plan Writer.

There is a multitude of reasons to hire a professional business plan writer when seeking an SBA business loan or SBA disaster business loan.  The main reason is that our business plan writer is able to complete a business plan, usually within 7 to 10 days.  In contrast, we have had reports that some business owners have taken a month or more in attempting to write your own business plan.

A second reason to possibly hire an experienced business plan writer for an SBA loan would be our experience and actually having written a multitude of business plans that have been used for SBA loans.  Over the years, our business plan writer has received feedback related to structuring business plans and which pieces of information are needed when applying for an SBA loan.  From this feedback, we have been able to continually optimize our business plan structure and processes.  This has led to well-written and streamline business plans.

Do I need a business plan for an SBA Disaster Loan?

In some instances, Yes.  Natural disasters are challenging for small businesses.  Fortunately, the SBA has a loan program, SBA Disaster Loans, to help small business owners cope with loss after the disaster.  However, there are some requirements for obtaining an SBA disaster loan.  A common requirement is a business plan with the following requirements:

  • Provide a complete business plan including two (2) successive 12-month Profit and Loss statements for the applicant business based on anticipated operations had the disaster not occurred.  Include details to explain the basic assumptions used in preparing the projections.
  • Provide a substantiated 20XX year-to-date (dated within 90 days) profit and loss statement and balance sheet for the applicant business. You must include evidence to substantiate business operations, i.e., bank statements to evidence revenues and operating expenses, invoices for purchases of inventory or sales receipts, or other evidence satisfactory to SBA.
  • Please note: If the requested information is not received within 7 calendar days, including today, the request will be withdrawn to allow additional time  

Quality Business Plan has prepared numerous SBA disaster business plans.  Further, our firm is able to complete most SBA disaster loan business plans with 5 business days. 

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