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Quality Business Plan offers numerous services such as business plan writing, business plan coaching, business consulting, business plan consulting, resume writing and social media management.  We specialize is servicing small business owners.  Let us know how we can help you today!

Our Business Services:

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Our business plan writers are located in Orlando, Fl.

We have researched and written business plans for numerous businesses in the US.

Business Plan Writer

One of our most popular services offered is business plan writing for small business owners across the United States and around the world.  Our business plan writers have helped entrepreneurs in industries such as restaurants, hotels, food trucks, construction, retail, and a multitude of other industries.  Our specialization is working with small business owners who just started the company or thinking about starting a business.

Small business owners usually excel in their craft or trade.  However, constructing a business plan to organize thoughts, obtain loans, or offer in-depth information to potential investors, is a complicated endeavor for most small business owners.  Unfortunately, without a professionally written business plan, attaining specific objectives may be out of reach.  From this, Quality Business Plan help small business owners start and grow the company using a professionally written business plan as a foundation.

Business plan writing process:

  1. Contact our business plan writing professionals to determine your business plan needs.
  2. Schedule an initial consultation via Skype (Usually take about one to two hours).  
  3. Give us 1 week to write up your rough draft for the business plan.
  4. We email you the rough draft of your business plan for review.
  5. We meet one last time to make final changes to your plan.
  6. Business plan is complete!

Sample Complex Business Plan

Business Consultant

Most companies at some point in time come across problems they are not able to solve.  Popular challenges for small business owners include lowering costs, completing pro forma financial statements, or determining whether a project will be profitable or not.  When faced with these types of challenges and more, contacting a business consultant is often an excellent option.  With most business consultants, their fees may range into hundreds if not thousands of dollars for rudimentary suggestions on complex issues.  Quality Business Plan offers business consulting at affordable prices.

Quality Business Plan has experienced business plan consultants ready to work with small business owners to overcome various challenges in their firm.  Our business consultants have helped business owners design strategies for entering markets, identify optimal locations for a business and other challenging needs.  Make sure to contact one of our business consultants for your challenges today.

Business Consulting Process:

The business consulting process varies depending on the needs of our customer.  For the most part, the process is as follows:

  1. Call, text or email our business consultant to schedule a free consultation by phone.
  2. We will discuss your situation and determine how our consultants may help.
  3. Next, a plan of action is created and price for services is explained.
  4. Payment for business consulting services
  5. We implement the agreed upon plan of action.
  6. Finally, we assess results and make adjustments.

Business Plan Consultant

A common point of confusion for most people is the difference between a business plan consultant, business plan writer, and freelance business plan writer.  From my experience, the difference is that business plan consultants help small business owners complete their business plan.  Starting the business plan is a relatively easy process for most people.  They just download a business plan template from various websites and start filling in the various sections.  However, some sections of the business plan are more complicated than others.  At this point in time, a business plan consultant can step in and work with you to complete specific portions of the business plan.  Further, our business plan consultants are capable of editing and revising a rough draft business plan.  Regardless of which point you are at with your business plan, our business plan consultants can help you finish the plan and polish the writing for commercial use.

Our business plan consultants focus on helping you complete your business plan, regardless at which stage of the writing process you are currently in.  Our business plan consultants have experience in each stage of the business plan writing process.  So do not hesitate to contact one of our professionals today.

Business Plan Consulting Process:

Our business plan consulting process is as follows:

  1. Schedule a time to meet with one of our business plan consultants.
  2. We work with you to determine at what stage of the business plan writing process you are at and how our services can best help you complete your business plan.
  3. Next, we create specific steps to help you complete your business plan.
  4. A price is agreed-upon for our business plan consulting services.
  5. Finally, we work with you to complete your business plan into a finished product.

Resume Writer

An important part of a business plan is the resume for the small business owner or entrepreneur.  Without a resume, needed experiences are not available to the business plan writer to support a proposed business.  Further, if the resume is not professionally written, chances of obtaining a bank loan or investor funding is greatly diminished.  Because of this challenge, Quality Business Plan has resume writers available or freelance resume writers to work with small business owners for a professionally developed resume.

Quality Business Plan has resume writers available to help construct a professionally appealing resume.  Our resume writers have advanced degrees and significant experience in constructing resumes tailored to your business proposal.  Text or call today for more information about our resume writers.

Resume Writing:

Our resume writing services follows a specific structure:

  1. Get in touch with us via text or phone regarding a resume for a business plan.
  2. We work with your schedule to identify a good time for a free consultation.
  3. At this point, we gather information needed for our resume writer.
  4. A price is agreed upon for the completion of the resume.
  5. Our resume writer gets to work on completing the project.
  6. Your professionally written resume is emailed to you as a word document and pdf.

Social Media Manager

Small business owners often seek a competitive advantage over local and regional competitors.  A growing opportunity for a competitive advantage is related to social media.  Numerous studies have projected that social media use will fall between 1.5 billion and 2 billion people in the next 12 months.  However, entrepreneurs often neglect their social media accounts.  From this neglect, vigilance competitors may exploit this opportunity through the use of a social media manager.

Our social media managers work with small business owners to create engaging material for social media outlets such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media outlets.  Possible results from our social media managers include increased revenues, lower advertising cost, and improved brand recognition.  Picture to contact one of our social media managers today for this opportunity.

Social Media Managing:

Our social media managers have a specific method that is proven to increase exposure for a company through social media.

  1. Schedule a free consultation with our social media management experts.
  2. Discuss which social media outlets will best suit your business objectives.
  3. We agree upon a package for social media management.
  4. Our social media managers implement a strategy for increasing social media exposure.

Articles and Blog

Quality Business Plan writes numerous articles and blog posting every month.  Stay up to date on industry happenings and tips/tricks for entrepreneurial success.  Also, we have numerous articles for the motivated entrepreneur.