Seven things entrepreneurs need to do at year end

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I found an interesting article online today titled “Seven things every entrepreneur needs to do to wrap up 2017”.  Most of the information on here is pretty straightforward and I agree whole-heartedly with such as spend time with family, reduce your tax liability by prepaying known expenses such as rent, and acknowledging accomplishments.

However, some of the topics covered I find questionable.  For example, one of the seven items on the to do list is spent ‘time with family’.  From my experience, if an entrepreneur waits until the holidays to spend time with family, there may not be very many family members who are still on talking terms.  This should be a weekly or monthly practice.  Not annually.

Second questionable topic is related to a disconnect from technology. I do not understand this concept.  My business is based on technology! I live for the next phone call or email inquiring about my services.  Not that a few hours without a phone or computer is bad.  But the very thought of no technology for any length of time is appalling.

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Below is a link to the article.  Enjoy.

“Seven things every entrepreneur needs to do to wrap up 2017”


Author: Paul Borosky, MBA. ABD. 

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Date: 2017