Starting a Business is Like Playing a Video Game... Here are the Level Cheats

Looking to start a business but have no idea how?  Stuck in a particular task in regards to starting your own business?  Paul Borosky’s book, “Starting a Business is Like Playing a Video Game… Here are the Level Cheats” walks potential small business owners through the various stages of starting a business, step-by-step. These steps are also followed by Quality Business Plan's business consultants.

Topics covered in the book include identifying a potential business, understanding and evaluating advertising channels, seeking out funding, seeking out funding business, and much more. 

Discussed below are just some of the different “levels” or steps that entrepreneurs must go through in order to start their business.  In all, the book covers 14 different steps or ‘levels.

Level 1: Find a Problem

In this step, I walked readers through, step-by-step, actions they may take to identify potential problem that their business could possibly solve.

Level 4: Company Vision

Discussed in level 4 are steps that a potential business owner needs to take to create their vision for the company.  Further, I go into some details related to why a company vision is important at this stage.  Hint: it is a great motivator as well as a beacon for direction.

Level 6: Competition Research

Competition research can be incredibly daunting for a novice entrepreneur.  In this chapter, I help the reader structure a competitive research strategy that will not only help you identify important information about competitors but also put the information in a usable structure.

Level 8: Advertising

Without advertising, nobody will know about your business.  However, incorrectly selecting advertising channels is almost as bad.  This is because the business owner is inevitably educating individuals about the company.  However, these individuals probably do not have the need for your business.  From this, this section will not only educate the reader as to the different types of advertising opportunities available.  But I also offer explanations as to which channel may be appropriate for specific industries.

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