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Quality Business Plan, through our business plan writers and business plan consultants, has significant experience with writing startup business plans.  From the hundreds of business plans that we have written, both for startup companies and established companies, there are specific differences between the two types of plans.  Two main difference between the plans is the structure and details needed. 

For startup plans, in general, these types of plans need significantly more details as compared to traditionally written business plans.  The details may include additional information related to the business concept, financial assumptions and employees needed.  Further, the startup business plans need a different structure to help readers completely understand the founder’s vision.

Because of the structure difference and the need for more details, our business plan writers and business by consultants offer specific tips and tricks for writing start a business plans.

Popular Businesses for Startup Companies:

  • Smart phone app. startups.
  • Computer repair startups.
  • Retail store startups.
  • Online retail startups.


  • Restaurant startups.
  • Food truck startups.
  • Delivery service startups.
  • Export startups.


  • Lawn care business startup.
  • Pest control startup.
  • Appliance repair startup.
  • Home repair startup.


Restaurant Startup Business Plan

Tech Startup Business Plan

Retail Startup Business Plan

Startup Business Plan Structure

For startup business plan structures, traditional business plan templates and business plan outlines are often rendered useless.  This is because startup businesses do not have historical records or experience to support the founder’s vision, for most cases.  Because of this, depending on the industry, customized structures need to be developed for startup businesses.  Discussed below are specific types of structures that are business plan writers have found helpful for different industries.

Business Plan Structure for Restaurant Startup.

For traditional business plans, the problem statement, or the reason why the company was started, may or may not be included in the business plan.    This is because the company is already in operations and is probably already profitable.  From this, identifying the problem in which the company is solving is almost insinuated. 

However, for restaurant startups, our business plan consultants have found that the problem statement should be at the very top of your executive summary and at the top of your company description.  By introducing the problem statement at the start of the business plan, readers are better able to understand the thought process used by the founder in the entrepreneurial process.  In other words, investors and bankers are able to follow the entrepreneurs thought process from identifying a problem in the market to how the firm will better solve this issue is compared to the competitors.  As a result, the readers of the document are able to fully grasp the importance of the proposed company.

Business Plan Structure for Lawncare Startup.

Our business plan writers claimed that lawn care startup companies need to structure their marketing section in a specific way.  In some companies, firms are able to focus on one or two avenues for advertising.  This often leads to enough business leads for the organization.  However, the lawncare industry is incredibly competitive.  Because of the competitiveness, the marketing section of their business plan, especially for startups, needs to be broken into advertising strategies for Internet, networking, Google ad words and truck signage.  Because of the importance for each section, a specific subcategory should be devoted to each component to ensure a thoroughly discussed marketing strategy.

Business Plan Structure for Smart Phone App Startup.

Smart phone startup application companies inherently need significant capital before the product is launched and revenues are received.  Because of the significant capital needed, startup smartphone application companies need to add a segment to the business structure, which is focused on fundraising.  For traditional business plans, a small section is often devoted for funding needs.  In contrast, startup business plan for smart phone application companies need to include specific strategies that will be used to fund raise.  In adding this component to your business plan structure, investors will better understand how their investment percentage may be diluted.  Further, investors will also see the specific number of fundraising rounds needed to gain profitability.  This action not only leads to better transparency but also improves the likelihood of investor joining the firm in the early stages.


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