Strategic Plan for Small Businesses

Our strategic plan writers find that some small business owners confuse strategic planning with business planning.  When writing a business plan, our business plan writers will focus on the totality of your business.  In other words, we will examine your financial projections, business concept, industry, marketing plan and overall organizational structure.  In contrast, our strategic plan writers utilize the business plan in order to create specific strategies to help grow and stabilize an organization.

Benefits of a Strategic Plan

Business Objectives

Business Objectives:    If you think about it, it really does not matter where your company is going, if you do not have an end objective in mind.  This philosophy is all too common in some small businesses.  With our strategic plan writers, we will work with business owners to identify specific objectives that the company needs to meet.

Plan of Action

Plan of Action:    All the planning in the world does a small business owner no good if action is not taken.  With this said, our strategic plan writers will help business owners develop a usable plan of action to help achieve their strategic objectives.

Strategic Phases

Strategic Phases:    Going from point A to point B, in terms of business, is undeniably challenging, confusing and stressful.  However, our strategic plan writers will work with small business owners to break up their vision into attainable phases.  Within each phase, we will include specific benchmarks, tangible objectives, and funding needed to achieve the completion of the phase.

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A common challenge faced by small business owners in relations to strategic planning is how to use proven strategic business models.  For example, a popular strategic business model used is Porter’s Five Forces. In this model, strategic planners research various aspects of a small business’s external environment, such as competitors, pricing power, and rivalry statuses.  With this research done, we can then create specific strategic actions that a business owner may employ in order to either exploit external opportunities or mitigate external threats.