Visa Business Plan

Our visa business plans are focused on helping small business owners obtain their L-1 visa, E-1 visa, E-2 visa, and other popular visas. 

Business Plan Details

Visa Business Plan:

  • 25 to 35 pages.
  • Confidentiality Disclaimer
  • 2 revisions within 30 days of our firm emailing the initial rough draft.***
  • Executive Summary
  • Company description
    • Problem statement
    • Company Description
    • Product description
    • Future plans
    • Competitive advantages
    • Pricing
    • Location
    • Business Objectives and Timeline
    • Mission/Vision/Value Statement
  • Target Market
    • Primary target
  • Market analysis
    • Industry
    • Threats, Trends and opportunities
    • SWOT (Detailed)
  • Competition
    • Competitive analysis **++
  • Demographics
  • Organization and management
    • History of Company
    • Motivation for Starting Company
    • Management Summary (with supplied resume).
    • Required Presence in US
    • Employee Hiring Projections
    • Job responsibilities
  • Organizational Structure Chart
  • Marketing and sales
    • Social Media
    • Traditional
    • Website
  • Financials (5 yrs)
    • Financial Assumptions ***+++
    • Profit & Loss (24 months)
    • Income statement (5 years)
    • Balance sheet (5 years)
    • Break-even analysis
    • Payback period
    • Financial ratios
  • Funding request
  • Exit Strategy
  • Appendix

**++Does not include competitor sales volume or potential market share captured.

***+++ All projected revenues and costs are provided by customer.

*** What is a business plan revision? - A business plan revision consists of correcting misspellings, ensuring document is grammatically correct, and products, services, competitors, and industries are described accurately.  Finally, a revision may include updating financial information, such as sales projections.

What a business plan revision is NOT - Business plans are not advertising pieces.  They describe a business's internal and external environments so the user is able to make informed decisions. From this, revisions do NOT include adding adjectives and adverbs to make a product or service sound 'mind-blowing'.  Nor do revisions include structuring a sentence(s) to 'sound best' to the owner. 

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