Business Plan Writer for Orlando, FL.

Business Plan Consultant for Orlando, FL.

Business Plan Consultant for Orlando, FL.

Small business owners in Orlando, FL., Winter Park, FL., Windermere, FL., Clermont, FL., and Sanford, FL., rely on Quality Business Plan to help start their organization or grow their established firms. 

With our experienced MBA business plan writer, including our business plan consultant and proforma financial projections consultant, we are well-equipped to assist entrepreneurs in various industries. Whether you require a business plan for a fitness center or a nail salon, we have the expertise to support your needs. Led by our owner, Paul Borosky, MBA, and doctoral candidate, who possesses over a decade of experience as a business owner, business plan consultant, writer, and adjunct finance and entrepreneurship professor, our firm is committed to helping startups and established businesses achieve their growth objectives. Benefit from our extensive knowledge and industry insights to create a comprehensive and effective business plan tailored to your goals and requirements (7/23).

Business Plan Consultant Services for Orlando, FL.

Business Plan Consultant

Business Plan Writers in Orlando, FL.
Business Plan Writers in Orlando, FL.

Our primary business plan consulting service focuses on custom business plans to entrepreneurs in Orlando and across the United States. However, we also offer additional services complementing our business plan writing expertise. These include conducting competitor analysis, strategic planning, and creating presentations based on the organization's business plan.

For competitor analysis, our business plan consultant thoroughly researches two or three direct competitors and provides a concise analysis based on the findings. In the strategic planning process, we start by completing or editing your Orlando business plan and then use it as a foundation to develop your strategic plan. Our strategic plans typically span five years and range from 8 to 15 pages.

Finally, we offer PowerPoint presentations focusing on your business plan, strategic plan, or combination. These presentations are professionally designed to communicate your ideas effectively. Whether you need a well-written business plan or a comprehensive strategic plan, our business plan consultant is ready to assist you (7/23).

Pro forma Financial Projections Consultant

Our pro forma financial projection consulting services are highly valued by Orlando area business owners and can be combined with any of our business plans. The pro forma financial projections are included in the package when you purchase a custom business plan. However, if you already have a business plan and only require pro forma financial projections, our dedicated pro forma financial projection consultant can assist you. We offer three packages to cater to the specific needs of your Orlando business: the basic pro forma financial projection package, the advanced pro forma financial projection package, and the complete pro forma financial projection package. Our consultant will guide you in choosing the most suitable package for your requirements.

Whether you need comprehensive financial projections or just standalone pro forma financial projections, our experienced pro forma financial projection consultant is ready to provide the assistance you need. Contact us today for personalized support tailored to your Orlando area business (7/23).

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Our business plan writers are located in Orlando, Fl. We have researched and written business plans for numerous businesses in the US.


Benefits of using Business Plan Consultants

Small business owners in the Orlando, Florida, area demonstrate proficiency in creating basic financial models that capture essential variables such as daily customer estimates, product prices, and variable costs. However, our business plan consultant has noticed that some local entrepreneurs overlook integrating economic factors into their financial projections. Our consultant specializes in customizing financial models encompassing growth, interest, and inflation factors to address this. By incorporating these crucial economic variables, we provide comprehensive and accurate financial projections tailored to the unique needs of your business.

Whether you require assistance with customized financial projections or a well-prepared business plan, our experienced business plan consultant is ready to support you. Contact us today to benefit from our expertise and receive personalized guidance for your Orlando area business (7/23).

Benefits of using our Ghostwriter:

A common benefit of working with our ghostwriter is quickly updating your business plans.  When our ghostwriter finishes a business plan, we allow minor changes once approved.  This practice allows our clients to update their plans for no or low prices continually.  Remember that significant changes, such as section updates, requested by our business plan writers may include charges.  Regardless, having a current business plan is critical for the success of most businesses.  Stay ahead of the competition and hire our business plan writers today!

For the most part, business owners are usually masters of their craft.  A chef will inevitably want to start a restaurant or, as a pest control expert, a pest control business.  Just because a business owner or entrepreneur is an expert does not mean they are an industry expert.  Our ghostwriter means that just because you work in your business does not mean you have a full and in-depth understanding of your industry.  With the help of our ghostwriter, we can more than mitigate this issue. We can help you become a perceived industry expert.  To accomplish this, our business ghostwriter can construct writings based on your industry’s happening currently.  As the business owner publishes more and more information about current trends and happenings in your industry, inevitably, business owners may become perceived as forefront thinkers.  This is just one of the many ways our ghostwriters can assist business owners (1/21).

Help from our Financial Projection Professional:

Proforma Financial Projections Consultant
Proforma Financial Projections Consultant

In many cases, business owners take the initiative to create their financial projections, demonstrating how their organization can generate revenue and potentially yield profits. However, accurately aligning revenues and costs becomes more challenging when a business has multiple revenue streams, such as diverse product lines or a wide range of services. This is where the expertise of a qualified financial projection professional becomes invaluable for Orlando area business owners. By entrusting the preparation of financials to a professional, owners can effectively explain the sources of revenue, align costs accurately, and justify their profit margins.

Additionally, pro forma financial statements play a crucial role in expansion decisions, such as selecting a new product line or determining the ideal location for the organization. While constructing financial models for such purposes, some business owners unintentionally include irrelevant costs, like sunk costs already incurred. These costs should be excluded from financial projections as they are irrelevant to decision-making. Business owners gain a quantitative understanding of their expansion options by eliminating such costs.

For tailored financial projections and expert guidance, contact our professional financial projection consultant to create a customized financial model that suits your business needs (7/23).

Importance of a Business Plan Consultant.

Business owners have varying perspectives on debt. Some avoid it altogether, while others embrace its potential benefits for operations and growth. However, finding the optimal capital structure that balances debt and equity can be complex. To navigate this challenge, seeking a professional business plan writer experienced in capital budgeting techniques and financial projection modeling is advisable.

Beginner's Guide to Financial Statements by Paul Borosky, MBA.
Beginner's Guide to Financial Statements

Our business plan writer can assist by constructing an optimal capital structure model that showcases the weighted average cost of capital for different equity and debt combinations, such as 10% equity and 90% debt, 20% equity and 80% debt, and so on. This structured model allows business owners in the Orlando area to identify their optimal cost of capital and capital structure. The findings can then be included in the financial section of a well-written business plan, providing valuable insights and supporting the overall business strategy.

By working with our business plan writer, you can clearly understand your company's ideal capital structure, enabling you to make informed decisions and optimize your financial position (7/23).

Business Plan Resources Found By Our Business Plan Writers

Our business plan writer and business plan consultants have researched Orlando, FL. Area and have found several business plan writing resources available to small business owners.

Business Plan Writing Help In Orlando, FL.

The score is an excellent source for business plan writing tips.  Orlando's SCORE branch services Orange, Osceola, and Seminole counties.  The organization offers free mentoring, seminars, events, business plan templates, and other tools.

Business Plan Writing Help In Kissimmee, FL.

Kissimmee Chamber of Commerce, which services Kissimmee and Osceola County, has great opportunities for small businesses to learn more about writing a business plan.  Services provided may include business plan writing, creating marketing plans, conducting marketing research, using feasibility studies, and understanding accounting systems.  The Small Business Development Council supports some of the programs.

Business Plan Writing Help In Sanford, FL.

The Small Business Development Council has a chapter in Sanford, Fl., located in Seminole State College.  Topics that may be covered include financing, marketing, business plan writing, patents and trademarks, program management, business startup, and small business technology.

Business Plan Writing Help In Winter Park, FL.

Winter Park, FL. Has a small business resource center for residents.  This resource center has links to the Orlando Chamber of Commerce, Small Business Development Center, SCORE, Florida Virtual Entrepreneur Center, and Winter Park Chamber of Commerce.

Business Plan Writing Help In Leesburg, FL.

Lake County, FL., has a great business plan resource in the Florida SBDC at UCF.  This Lake County, FL., source has business plan information about consulting, success stories, training, and a business starts up guide.