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About Us

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Paul Borosky, the owner of Quality Business Plan, has diverse expertise and a strong background in various business-related disciplines. He is a doctoral candidate and holds an MBA focusing on Finance from Webster University. His understanding and application of finance and business concepts are comprehensive, backed by years of professional experience and academic achievements.

Paul Borosky, MBA., Business plan writer
Paul Borosky, MBA., Business plan writer

Paul is no stranger to entrepreneurship. As a small business owner for several years, he has hands-on knowledge of the joys and challenges of starting and running a business. His experience lends credibility to his business plan writer and consultant role, where he has written or reviewed hundreds of business plans in academic and professional settings.

With over a decade of experience in finance and business tutoring, Paul has honed his ability to simplify complex concepts, making them accessible to students at all levels. He is also an experienced professor of Finance and Entrepreneurship at a local college, contributing to the academic community and shaping the business leaders of tomorrow.

Paul's background in the real estate industry as a mortgage broker, realtor, and appraiser has given him a comprehensive understanding of this sector. His eight years in this industry gave him valuable insights into property valuation and financial structuring.

In addition to his professional and academic roles, Paul is a prolific writer. He has authored dozens of articles about entrepreneurship and business plan writing, contributing to the broader discourse in these areas.

Finally, Paul is a Microsoft Office Specialist, certified in Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. This certification underscores his proficiency in using these essential tools to create high-quality business plans, financial models, and presentations.

In conclusion, Paul Borosky is a well-rounded professional with a wealth of experience in business, finance, and entrepreneurship. His expertise forms the backbone of Quality Business Plan, providing clients with exceptional guidance and services.

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Important Business Plan Disclaimer:

Hey  All,

I am Paul Borosky, MBA., ABD., owner of QualityBusinessPlan. If or when you call the number below, you will get me.  Not an assistant, secretary, or intern.  If or when you email the email address below, again, the same story, you get my response.  I do not "farm out" your initial calls, business plan meetings, or even writing your business plan.  When you hire me to write your business plan or to help with your business needs, that is what you get... myself and my years of business and academic experience.   In my most humble of opinions, I don't think many other sites offer this service (a most delightful competitive advantage!)



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