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by Paul Borosky, MBA.

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We Specialize in Custom Financial Models and Proforma Financial Projections!

Quality Business Plan's mission, as a business plan writing service, is to have our business plan writer, business plan consultant, ghostwriter, grant writer, and finance projection consultant create quality business plans and financial projections for proforma statements for our clients.  We do this by following a proven business plan writing process, which includes an initial interview, diligent research, and quality business plan writing. Possible uses of our business plans include raising money from investors, funding from SBA loans or SBA Disaster Loans, and also in business operations as a benchmarking tool.

Our business plans may be used for a multitude of purposes.  For example, our business plans may be used as a foundation for examining whether growth through acquisition is a viable practice for a small business.  Just about everybody has heard of Hershey.  However, few people know how Hershey became a leader in the chocolate industry.  Based on our research, the organization in the 70s and 80s embarked on some serious acquisition activities.  Like they say if you can’t beat them, buy them.  And that is exactly what Hershey’s did for two decades.  However, acquisition through growth does not always lead to success, just look at Hewlett Packard and Compaq merger, what a disaster.  For assistance in determining whether mergers or acquisitions are strategically viable for your organization, be sure to work with our business plan writer and financial projection professional.

Traditional Business Plans Ready in 7 Business Days or Less!!**

Express Business Plans Ready in 3 Business Days or Less!!

**Express Plans, Basic Plans, and Intermediate Plans only!  Must have the questionnaire and initial meeting completed.

Business Plan Writer and Ghostwriter Services Offered

Paul Borosky, MBA., Business plan writer

Business Plan Writer

Over 80% of all our business is writing business plans.  This is our specialty.  Our business plan writing service offers numerous business plan packages to best meet the needs of our clients.  The business plan packages range from our basic plan, which is about 8 to 12 pages to our deluxe plan, which often exceeds 40 pages.  Click on the link above for more details!

Business Consulting

Have an issue that you just cannot solve? Allow our business consultants to take a crack at it.  Check out the range of our consulting services by clicking the link above. 


Financial Forecasting

Have your business plan already written but struggling with your financial projections?  No worries!  Our financial projection professionals can help you complete your projections.  Just give us a call for a price. 



Need an operations manual written?  How about an ebook?  Regardless of your writing needs, our professional ghostwriter is ready to help small business owners with all of their business writing needs.  Just contact us at the link above. 


Website Building

Starting a business all too often starts with a "to do" list that never even gets written because of all the immediate demands of the business.  The one thing that should never be neglected is a well-designed AND content-rich website.  Contact us today for a quote!


Grant Writing

Struggling with funding your non-profit organization?  Is your local government offering small businesses like yours grant funding?  Let our grant writer help!  We can prepare professional grant proposals, research grant opportunities, and provide consulting related to which grants may best be aligned with your organization.


About Us...

Paul Borosky, owner of Quality Business Plan, Doctoral Candidate, Published Author, MBA., has over ten years' experience as a business ownerbusiness consultantbusiness plan writer, financial projection consultant, finance tutor, ghost book writer, author, and or adjunct finance professor. 

From these experiences, our firm will be able to assist startup companies as well as established firms looking for growth opportunities.

Do You Need a Professionally Written Business Plan?

Paul Borosky MBA., our business plan writer and grant writer, has found that there are three main reasons that a potential business owner or current business owner needs a business plan.

1. Need Funding– Over 70% of all businesses started need some type of funding. The popular funding source may be family or friends, commercial banks, grants, and investors. 

When attempting to woo investors (friends and family included) or lenders, having a professionally written business plan shows that you are serious about your business, ready to move forward with your idea and, most importantly, you have thoroughly examined the business concept and are convinced beyond any measurable doubt that the venture will be successful!

2. Thoughts and ideas about your business are keeping you up at night– This issue may seem strange to people who are not entrepreneurs. However, in all seriousness, if an entrepreneur does not structure their thoughts and ideas, then they will literally drive their family, especially your spouse, completely nuts.  Further, without your thoughts and ideas, about a business, in a coherent structure, potential investors may perceive the business owner as disorganized and unreliable.

Having a professionally written business plan does wonders for business owners who need structure to their business ideas.  A business plan is inherently a structured document.  By placing your thoughts and ideas into this formal document, business owners will inevitably be able to see better and understand their conceived business as a whole.

3. Need to organize their business– Some entrepreneurs start their business without a business plan. There is a multitude of reasons why this is a colossal mistake.  The main reason is that when an owner eventually faces challenges in their business, without a business plan, they have no prepared strategies in which to deal with the problems.  From this, inevitably, decisions are made instantaneously and without much thought. After this practice has repeated numerous times, eventually, a disorganized structure is naturally born.

By hiring a professional business plan writer, business owners can step back and reflect upon their current or future business. From these reflections, specific strategies may be created and enshrined in a business plan for future implantation.

Benefits of a Professionally Prepared Business Plan

Small business owners and potential entrepreneurs will find a multitude of benefits from our professionally prepared business plan by our business plan writer and business plan consultant.  An essential advantage of our proprietary business plans is the balance between too much information and not enough information.

Too Much Information in a Business Plan

What we mean by this is that some business owners tend to either put too much information or not enough data in their business plan.  When an entrepreneur puts too much information in the business plan, then they are pretty much giving away their playbook for how they plan to compete in the marketplace.  By doing this, the business owner leaves himself susceptible to competitors gaining access to their thoughts and ideas. 

What could be worse than coming up with a fantastic business idea and strategy, only to have it given away through the business plan writing process?  

Too Little Information in a Business Plan

As for too little information, this is probably a more significant concern for business owners.  Most entrepreneurs are absolutely amazing with devising strategies and concepts to introduce new business products or services to the marketplace.  Unfortunately, documenting their thoughts and ideas in a coherent and well-written business plan is a skill that eludes most.  Because of this, most business plans written lack detail and a cohesive structure.

Our Business Plan Writer Structures Plans to be Well-Balanced

To mitigate both of these issues, successful entrepreneurs use our professional business plan writing service.  Our business plan writer has created or reviewed hundreds of business plans over the last several years.  Further, he has also analyzed SBA guidelines and devise specific business plan structures, and financial models which allows him to succinctly state how a business will operate, what the problem is that the company will solve for the customer, marketing strategies that will be used, and financial results of these actions.  All in a well-balanced and professionally prepared business plan, which includes thorough financial projections using a proprietary financial model.

Days Needed to Complete a Business Plan
Days Needed to Ghostwrite an Article
Days Needed to Complete a Marketing Business Plan

Popular Business Plans Available

Basic Business Plan

The "basic business plan" is an excellent starter plan.  This plan, in our opinion, is good for qualifying for a lease, small loans up to about $100,000, and creating a foundation for a business owner to expand upon as their business grows.  This plan is not recommended for investors.

Intermediate Business Plan

The "Intermediate business plan" is our most popular business plan.  This plan is well-balanced with sufficient details about your company, services provided, target market, industry research, and other information to ensure investors and loan officers have a solid understanding of your company.  Based on our research, this business plan contains sufficient information for loans up to about $350,000.  This plan is not recommended for investors.

Advanced Business Plan

The Advanced Business Plan is an excellent "all-round" plan.  This plan offers moderate details about all aspects of your business.  From Company Summary to adequate financials, it has it all.  Plus, the Advanced Business Plan has summarized third-party industry research.  This plan would be the most cost-effective plan for investor fund raising.

Complete Business Plan

Our complete business plan is ideal for small business owners seeking to raise $1 million in debt and/or equity financing or more.  In our most humble of opinions, this plan includes "everything but the kitchen sink" in terms of depth of research and financial evaluations.

Additional Business Plans and Business Plan Prices

For additional business plans and for business plan prices, just click on the button below.

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Hours of Operation: 7 Days a week 8am to 9pm EST.

Our business plan writer is located in Orlando, Fl.

Business Plan Writing Process

Quality Business Plan's business plan writing process is quite simple.  In starting, our business plan writer first meets with our client for approximately 45 minutes to 1.5 hours.  In this meeting, we discussed the entrepreneur's thoughts and ideas about how their business will operate, problems that the firm will solve for their customers, strategies related to marketing, and their thoughts and ideas related to cost, revenues, and financial projections.

Business Plan Writing Process: General Research for a Business Plan

With this information gathered, our business plan writer then conducts research related to the company's industry, geographic location, and other essential variables specific to your company and operations.  In this process, the main objective is for our business plan writer to gain an in-depth understanding of the internal and external aspects of your company.  With this understanding, we can then construct a well-prepared business plan document.

Business Plan Writing Process: Financial Projections in a Business Plan

In this step, the business plan writer actually starts to write the business plan.  When our business plan writers start a business plan, we often do so in the financial projections section.  By doing this, we can immediately see whether a company will be profitable.

Business Plan Writing Process: Funding Needs and Funding Request in a Business Plan

With the financial projection section complete, our business plan writer then dives into the funding section.  In the funding section, we make sure to address the specific amount of money that the business owner will need, how the funds will be spent, and particular methods for which funding will be repaid.  The objective of this section is to be succinct, yet thorough in addressing how much money will be needed for the organization to start or expand and how the funds will be repaid to the investor or lending institution.

Business Plan Writing Process: Marketing Sections of a Business Plan

The marketing section of the business plan follows the completion of the financial projections segment.  Business owners love to discuss and tell everybody how they plan to market their products or services.  However, the marketing section of the business plan is definitely not something that a business owner wants to share before the strategy unfolds.

To protect the trade secrets, our business plan writer will employ a rather vague structure in the marketing section.  For example, our writer will discuss how the business owner will market their company, whether it be social media, traditional advertising, or Internet advertising. Yet, we will not provide specific details as to slogans used or details related to the strategy.

By using the structure, the reader of the business plan will have a sound idea as to how the company intends to market but not so much information that the business owner is giving up the strategic marketing playbook to potential competitors.

Business Plan Writing Process: Industry Research

The industry research section of a business plan may be as long as 4 to 5 pages or as short as a couple of paragraphs.  The details included in the industry research section of the business plan really all depend on the amount of funding needed and the number of details requested by the business owner.  For most business plans, one to two pages of market research is often enough to show that the business owner has a broad understanding of the market in which they will compete.

Business Plan Writing Process: Writing the Company Description

The final section of the business plan that we address is the most important, which is the company description section of the business plan.  Now that our business plan writer has an in-depth understanding of the external aspects of our client's company, we are now prepared to write up the company description section of the plan.  In this section, our business plans often include a company summary section, competitive advantage section, product and service description, and detailed business objectives and timeline segment.  Again, the amount of information provided depends upon the customer's budget and the complexity of the company.

Business Plan Writing Process: Executive Summary

The final portion of the plan write-up is the executive summary.  Technically, the executive summary is a separate document from the business plan.  In essence, business owners should be able to convey their thoughts and ideas about their business and its external environment in a brief executive summary.  Further, an executive summary should never introduce new concepts that are not thoroughly explained in the business plan.  From this, our business plan writer often, literally, copies and pastes information from the business plan directly into the executive summary.

Business Plan Writing Process: Editing Process

With the business plan now written, our business plan writer then edits and reviews the document for grammatical or spelling errors.  With this done, we then email the completed business plan in a Word document and PDF file to our client.  At this point, the client has the opportunity to review the business plan to ensure that the report captures 100% of their vision of the company.

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