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Quality Business Plan's mission as a business plan writing, proforma financial projections consultant, and business plan template service is to have our business plan writers and proforma finance projection consultants create high-quality business plans, business plan templates, and financial projections for our clients.  We do this by following a proprietary and proven business plan writing process and outline as well, which includes an initial interview, third-party industry research, quality business plan writing, and creating a customized financial model for our client's pro forma financial projections.  Based on feedback and other discussions with previous clients, possible uses of our business plans and business plan templates may include raising money from investors, funding from SBA loans or SBA Disaster Loans, traditional bank loans, and also in business operations as a benchmarking tool. (7/22).

Our business plan writer and proforma financial projection consultant, Paul Borosky, MBA., is located in the Orlando, FL., area.  However, we have the capabilities to write business plans for entrepreneurs throughout the US in major cities such as New York City, New York, Los Angeles, California, Houston, Texas, Chicago, Illinois, Phoenix, Arizona, Raleigh, North Carolina, and other areas (7/22).


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Business Plan Plan Services Offered

Business Plan Writer

Paul Borosky, MBA., Business plan writer
Paul Borosky, MBA., Business plan writer

Our main service provided to our clients is writing customized business plans.  Popular business plan packages include our Express Business Plan, Express Plus Business Plan, Traditional Business Plan, and Complete Business Plan.  For our custom business plan writing services, our business plan writer will work with clients to create a well-structured business plan that not only conveys how the organization will operate but also provides detailed discussions about the company’s industry, marketing strategies, and financial projections. 

In addition, our business plan writing services may also include editing already created business plans.  Our business plan editing services are usually based on an hourly rate, and free estimates are always provided (7/22).

Business Plan Templates

Frustrated with trying to write your own business plan from scratch?  Is your business plan writing a budget a little tight right now?  The next best option may be to utilize one of our customized business plan templates.  Each one of our business plan templates is specifically designed for different industries, such as restaurants, construction, trucking, etc.  Further, each one of our business plan templates includes industry-related research and a financial model customized to meet industry competitor needs. (12/21).

Proforma Financial Projections

Proforma Financial Projections Consultant
Proforma Financial Projections Consultant

Already have your business plan written but stumbling over constructing a pro forma financial projection for your company?  No worries!  Quality Business Plan has a pro forma financial projection pro ready to develop and customers in Phoenix, Arizona, as well as other areas with our financial models to meet your specific needs.  Also, in most instances, our financial projections may be ready in as little as one business day. (12/21).





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Do You Need a Professionally Written Business Plan?

Paul Borosky, MBA., our business plan writer and grant writer, has found that there are three main reasons that a potential business owner or current business owner needs a business plan.

1. Need Funding –  One of the main reasons entrepreneurs need a business plan is for funding purposes.  Funding sources may include bank loans, investors, or even partnerships with other like-minded individuals.  No matter the funding source, having a business plan will help the funding party better understand what type of business you will be starting, how it will operate, advertising strategies, operational structure, and even anticipated revenues and profits.  Further, when your business plan is well prepared and structured, business owners in Houston, Texas, and other areas, are able to fully convey the vision of their organization in a succinct manner through the business plan and the subsequent financial projections (11/21).

2. Thoughts and ideas about your business are keeping you up at night – This unaddressed challenge is a huge stumbling block for novice entrepreneurs.  Our business plan writer has found that some business owners or prospective business owners obsess so much about their business that it feels like their head is swimming with thoughts and ideas.  In these instances, entrepreneurs often get petrified, so much so that they do not know where to start to gather ideas for their business (1/22).

Having a professionally written business plan does wonder for business owners who need structure to their business ideas.  A business plan is inherently a structured document.  By placing your thoughts and ideas into this formal document, business owners will inevitably be able to see better and understand their conceived business as a whole.

3. Need to organize their business – Based on my research, as well as based on other people’s research, most business owners, especially in large urban cities like New York City, start and operate their business without a business plan.  It is a fact of life.  However, another fact of life is that most small businesses that have startup operations now will not be in operation after one year.  At the five-year point, researchers have noted about 70 to 80% of businesses that started five years ago are shut down.  Now I am not saying that having a business plan will help an organization stay in operation.  Nor am I saying that some businesses don’t shut down to start other, more lucrative opportunities.  Goodness knows that I have started and ended many business opportunities based on changing economic events.  But what can be firmly championed is that having a business plan has been shown to increase the likelihood of success for the company.  Also, having a plan ready in case of funding needs or benchmarking purposes is advisable as compared to not (1/22).

By hiring a professional business plan writer, business owners can step back and reflect upon their current or future business. From these reflections, specific strategies may be created and enshrined in a business plan for future implantation.

Top 4 Industries for Business Plans and Business Plan Templates

Trucking Business Plan and Trucking Business Plan Template

Our trucking business plans and trucking business plan templates are probably our most popular products and services purchased by entrepreneurs in the Houston, Texas, area.  There are a great many reasons why this is the case.  First and foremost, our trucking business plans encompass multiple sub-industries, such as over-the-road trucking, box trucking, hotshot trucking, tow trucks, and even local couriers.  Further, there is such a huge demand for trucking companies, so much so that new competitors are perpetually entering the marketplace, which drives the demand for trucking company business plans.  Finally, established trucking companies need to stay one step ahead of new entrants, which again elevates the demand for business plans in this industry.  For assistance with a trucking company business plan, just contact us today (2/22).

Donut Shop Business Plan and Donut Business Plan Template

Another interesting business that has been enjoying renewed growth in the New York City, New York area is doughnut shops.  Our doughnut shop business plan writer has found that this industry appeals to our society's quick and simple, grabbing-go lifestyle, as well as the industry's ability to customize coffee drinks to their patrons' desires.  No matter the reason for a donut shop's popularity, having a well-prepared doughnut shop business plan or donut shop business plan template is an excellent strategic move (2/22).

Restaurant Business Plan and Restaurant Business Plan Template

Our most popular business plan written, as well as the business plan template sold, in the Los Angeles, California area, would be in the restaurant industry.  Our restaurant business plans include breakfast restaurants, casual dining restaurants, fine dining restaurants, and even quick-service establishments.  Because of the wide scope and heightened demand for restaurant business plans, our restaurant business plan writer anticipates continued high demand for business plans in this industry in the future (2/22).

Construction Company Business Plan and Construction Business Plan Template

The construction industry is probably the only industry that I can think of that expands and contracts based on a wide array of economic happenings.  For example, when interest rates are low, then individuals and businesses are able to borrow funds less expensively, which allows them to build homes and offices.  These actions inevitably drive construction businesses' revenues higher, especially in the Chicago, Illinois, metropolitan region.  Further, when government agencies allocate additional funds to their infrastructure updating, then again, revenues for the construction industry are elevated.  Because of the multitude of opportunities for construction growth, our construction company business plans and construction company business plan templates are popular commodities (2/22).

Business Plan Writing Process

Quality Business Plan’s business plan writing process is pretty straightforward.

  • First, we ask that our prospective clients view a video sample of the business plan package they would like to purchase.  When a determination is made to purchase our business plan package, a deposit is paid on our website, and a questionnaire that is aligned with the package is downloaded.
  • The next step is for our client to complete the questionnaire (only complete the questions that you know, we will help with the others), and schedule a short phone meeting, approximately 20 to 45 minutes, to go over the questions and gain clarity as to how the business will operate and what information will be included in the business plan.
  • Once this is complete, our business plan writer gets to work; we conduct some research, gather industry information, construct the financial projection, and finally write up the final draft of the business plan (1/22).

Business Plan Writing Process: General Research for a Business Plan

In this section, we almost always utilize resources from IBIS World for our industry research segment of the business plan.  IBIS World is considered one of the leading industry research companies in the world.  In our industry research process, we tap into IBIS World’s database of over 700 industries, find the industry best aligned with our client’s needs, and summarize the information as well as populate custom charts designed by our business plan writer (1/22).

Business Plan Writing Process: Proforma Financial Projections in a Business Plan

In the pro forma financial projection segment of writing a business plan, we start with reviewing your questionnaire, specifically the portion discussing your startup costs, revenues, and fixed costs.  Once the review is complete, we then customize our proprietary pro forma financial projection model by inserting your revenues and costs.  Typically, revenues are based on expected daily sales.  Costs, except for variable costs, are typically included monthly.  Finally, our model will use growth rates and standard sizing techniques to expand the first-month findings to the 12-month projections and even five-year estimates (1/22).

Business Plan Writing Process: Funding Needs and Funding Requests in a Business Plan

In the funding request section of the business plan, our business plan writer will work with you to help categorize startup costs, identify a specific dollar amount needed to start or expand your operations based on research provided to us, and then explain to the reader how funds will be paid back whether it be through operations cash flow or other methods.  In following this tried-and-true structure, not only are business owners able to specifically state the dollar amount needed for their funding purposes but also show, generally, where funds will be spent as well as how monies will be returned to the lender or methods investors may enjoy for compensation (1/22).

Business Plan Writing Process: Marketing Sections of a Business Plan

The marketing section for our custom-written business plans starts with a foundation based on our customer’s expected advertising channels.  For example, traditionally, most businesses use traditional marketing activities, Internet marketing, and networking.  From this foundation, we then customized the structure with our client’s thoughts and ideas as to how they will conduct marketing for each category.  Once this is done, we then provide brief examples of marketing activities like sample social media postings, etc.  By following this process, not only are we able to describe the company's marketing strategy briefly but also help the reader envision possible content utilized (1/22).

Business Plan Writing Process: Industry Research

The industry research section of our traditional business plan is about 1 to 2 pages.  As compared to other segments of a business plan, like the company summary (2 to 3 pages) or the financial projections (10 to 15 pages), this seems like a relatively little amount of information.  Quantitatively speaking, this is true; the industry research section is a bit light.  However, there are justifiable reasons for this structure.  First, industry research is, unfortunately, notoriously inaccurate; just check any two lead industry research web pages in regard to a specific industry.  In some cases, estimates provided are literally billions of dollars off (The technology industry as an example).  Further, industry happenings change at such a rapid pace that information documented in the business plan is often obsolete within weeks.  As a result, our business plan writers will provide a broad overview of the industry, but the in-depth analysis is often bypassed in this section (1/22).

Business Plan Writing Process: Writing the Company Description

In the company description segment of a typical business plan, our business plan writer starts off by identifying the “who, what, where, and why” of the organization.  What we mean by this is that we typically will state the organization’s name, address, and primary services or products provided or sold.  From this foundation, we will then summarize other characteristics of the company, like legal business structure, hours of operation, and one or two competitive advantages.  All of this information is just in the first paragraph of the company description section.  Once complete, we then provide additional details on each one of the segments in various headings within the section.  By summarizing the company information and then providing detailed descriptions, our business plan writer is able to quickly paint a broad overview of the organization and then, in a systematic manner, fill in the details later in the segment (1/22).

Business Plan Writing Process: Executive Summary

The executive summary section for our business plans is the last section that we write.  This practice is done because it needs to summarize important segments of the business plan that have already been written.  Further, in order for us to know which segments are most important for the executive summary, the actual plan must already be written.  On a final note, we like to consider the executive summary as a completely separate document as compared to the business plan.  From this, another important practice that we utilize when writing the executive summary is that we actually copy and paste specific segments of the business plan into the executive summary.  We may or may not reword some areas.  We do this practice because the executive summary section should maintain alignment with the business plan itself.  What we mean by this is that the executive summary section should not introduce new information about the business that is not detailed in the actual business plan (2/22).

Business Plan Writing Process: Editing Process

Our editing process for business plans starts with comparing the completed business plan with our client’s questionnaire and meeting notes.  The comparison process is done to ensure that all of our client’s thoughts and ideas are correctly conveyed in the business plan.  Next, our business plan writer will read through the document to ensure it is grammatically correct, as well as the flow is coherent and concise.  Once this is complete, we then run the document through two different editor checks seeking out misspellings and grammatical errors.  Once this is done, the business plan is finally ready to be released to the client (2/22).