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Quality Business Plan by Paul Borosky, MBA.

Quality Business Plan by Paul Borosky, MBA., passion as a business plan writer, proforma financial projections consultant, and business plan template service is to have our business plan writer and proforma finance projection consultant design and offer industry-leading, high-quality custom-written business plans, business plan templates, and proforma financial projections for our clients. 

We strive to attain this objective by creating easily understandable proprietary business plan writing processes and pro forma financial projection models that are not only easily understandable and comprehensive but also customizable to meet the demands of a wide range of industries.  For our business plans, important segments may include a concise executive summary, company description, third-party research typically from IBIS World, organizational structure (with an organizational chart), funding page, and comprehensive pro forma financial projections.  Previous clients of our custom-written business plans, business plan templates, and pro forma financial projections have told us that our finished products have been used for SBA loans, SBA disaster loans, traditional bank loans, and even for some grant opportunities (1/23).

Our business plan writer and proforma financial projection consultant, Paul Borosky, MBA., is located in the Orlando, FL., area.  However, we have the capabilities to write business plans for entrepreneurs throughout the US in major cities such as New York City, New York, Los Angeles, California, Houston, Texas, Chicago, Illinois, Miami, FL., Raleigh, North Carolina, and other areas (1/23).


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Business Plan Plan Services Offered

Business Plan Writer

Paul Borosky, MBA., Business plan writer
Paul Borosky, MBA., Business plan writer

Our main service provided to our clients is writing customized business plans.  Popular business plan packages include our Express Business Plan, Express Plus Business Plan, Traditional Business Plan, and Complete Business Plan.  For our custom business plan writing services, our business plan writer will work with clients to create a well-structured business plan that not only conveys how the organization will operate but also provides detailed discussions about the company’s industry, marketing strategies, and financial projections. 

In addition, our business plan writing services may also include editing already created business plans.  Our business plan editing services are usually based on an hourly rate, and free estimates are always provided (7/22).

Business Plan Templates

Writing a business plan starting with a blank piece of paper is almost a recipe for failure.  Not only do entrepreneurs who start this way have to come up with a structure that is coherent and understandable, but the business plan writer/entrepreneur also must research and include important segments or sections of a business plan.  All this work before the actual business plan writing process even starts.  To avoid reinventing the wheel, and if you do not want a professional business plan prepared, then the next best option is to start with a business plan template (1/23).

Quality Business Plan has industry-specific business plan templates for over 60 popular industries.  All of our business plan templates include a professionally formatted structure, basic financial model, industry research, and critical sections that most banks deem necessary for a well-prepared business plan.  Check out our business plan templates here (1/23).

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Proforma Financial Projections

Proforma Financial Projections Consultant
Proforma Financial Projections Consultant

Have you already completed your business plan but found that those pesky pro forma financial projections are our Herculean task to complete?  If so, it’s all good; just let our pro forma financial projection consultants take care of this minor inconvenience.  Our pro forma financial projection services include customizing our financial model to meet your business and industry needs.  Further, once your revenues and cost estimates are input, our model may produce various financial projections such as 12-month profit and loss statements, 24-month profit and loss statements, pro forma income statements, pro forma balance sheet, breakeven analysis, and other financial calculations.  For assistance with completing your pro forma financial projections, just contact us today (1/23).


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Do You Need a Professionally Written Business Plan?

Paul Borosky, MBA., our business plan writer and grant writer, has found that there are three main reasons that a potential business owner or current business owner needs a business plan.

1. Need Funding –  One of the main reasons entrepreneurs need a business plan is for funding purposes.  Funding sources may include bank loans, investors, or even partnerships with other like-minded individuals.  No matter the funding source, having a business plan will help the funding party better understand what type of business you will be starting, how it will operate, advertising strategies, operational structure, and even anticipated revenues and profits.  Further, when your business plan is well prepared and structured, business owners in Houston, Texas, and other areas, are able to fully convey the vision of their organization in a succinct manner through the business plan and the subsequent financial projections (11/21).

2. Thoughts and ideas about your business are keeping you up at night – This unaddressed challenge is a huge stumbling block for novice entrepreneurs.  Our business plan writer has found that some business owners or prospective business owners obsess so much about their business that it feels like their head is swimming with thoughts and ideas.  In these instances, entrepreneurs often get petrified, so much so that they do not know where to start to gather ideas for their business (1/22).

Having a professionally written business plan does wonder for business owners who need structure to their business ideas.  A business plan is inherently a structured document.  By placing your thoughts and ideas into this formal document, business owners will inevitably be able to see better and understand their conceived business as a whole.

3. Need to organize their business – Based on my research, as well as based on other people’s research, most business owners, especially in large urban cities like New York City, start and operate their business without a business plan.  It is a fact of life.  However, another fact of life is that most small businesses that have startup operations now will not be in operation after one year.  At the five-year point, researchers have noted about 70 to 80% of businesses that started five years ago are shut down.  Now I am not saying that having a business plan will help an organization stay in operation.  Nor am I saying that some businesses don’t shut down to start other, more lucrative opportunities.  Goodness knows that I have started and ended many business opportunities based on changing economic events.  But what can be firmly championed is that having a business plan has been shown to increase the likelihood of success for the company.  Also, having a plan ready in case of funding needs or benchmarking purposes is advisable as compared to not (1/22).

By hiring a professional business plan writer, business owners can step back and reflect upon their current or future business. From these reflections, specific strategies may be created and enshrined in a business plan for future implantation.

Top 3 Industries for Business Plans and Business Plan Templates

Trucking Business Plan and Trucking Business Plan Template

Our trucking business plan templates, as well as the express trucker business plan, are probably our most popular products selected and used by owner-operator truckers entrepreneurs across the country, especially in the Houston, Texas, metropolitan area.  There are so many reasons why our trucking company business plans are popular.  For example, our trucking company business plans include up-to-date industry research on either the long-distance freight hauling industry or local delivery services, depending on our client's scope of work.  Further, turnover in the trucking industry has been persistently high.  This all too often leads to new competitors entering the marketplace, which in turn needs a trucking company business plan.   On a final note, because this is one of our most popular products, our business plan writer has become quite skilled at writing custom trucking company business plan templates as well as customizing and optimizing trucking company pro forma financial projections (1/23).

Restaurant Business Plan and Restaurant Business Plan Template

Almost as popular a business plan product as our trucking business plans would be our restaurant business plans as well as restaurant business plan templates.  Typically, our restaurant business plan writer recommends that restaurant entrepreneurs either choose our express plus business plan or traditional business plan for their restaurant business plan writing needs.  Both of these business plans are designed to adequately address employment needs, startup cost needs, and menu-driven products and services.  For example, our restaurant business plan template provides entrepreneurs with a section to include their prospective menu for the restaurant.  Further, the temple may also provide areas, depending on updates and the version, for the restaurant business owner to list their appetizers, main entrées, and beverages.  As a result, we have found that restaurant business owners are able to quickly customize our restaurant business plan templates to meet their needs or, even better, utilize our custom business plan writing services to have a well-prepared and documented restaurant business plan ready to submit to lenders or investors (1/23).

Construction Company Business Plan and Construction Business Plan Template

The third industry that is quite popular, based on our business plan writer experience, is the construction industry.  Our construction industry business plans cover a wide range of sub-industries like plumbing, general contractors, HVAC, road construction and repair, homebuilders, and a host of other subindustries.  Because of the extensive range of construction business plans, industry research in these types of plans is often focused on the overreaching industry as compared to subindustries.  Further, demand for construction industry business plans also trends with the overall economy.  To illustrate, if interest rates are low, then demand for construction company business plans and construction company business plan templates is elevated.  In contrast, when interest rates are rather high, the demand for this type of industry business plan falls proportionally (1/23).

Services are Offered in Major Cities and Small Towns throughout the US.

Business Plan Writer for New York City, NY

Our business plan writer has prepared numerous business plans for entrepreneurs in the New York City metropolitan area, which includes Long Island, Newark, and other areas.  Popular business plans written for New York City entrepreneurs would include restaurant business plans, cleaning company business plans, and short-term rental business plans.  Further, our New York City business plan writer has found that entrepreneurs in the area often prefer standalone pro forma financial projections with customized financial models as well.  Whatever the business plan writing needs, we are ready to help (1/23).

Business Plan Writer for Los Angeles, CA.

Los Angeles, California, business owners’ business plan writing needs often span the gauntlet from basic business plan templates to desiring complete business plans that exceed 80+ pages in depth for their Los Angeles area startup business.  Common industry competitors seeking business plans in the Los Angeles area would include meal delivery business plans, food hall business plans, and day spa business plans.  Our business plan writer for the Los Angeles, California, area is not only skilled in creating professional business plans in these industries and others, but we are also ready to work with entrepreneurs who are creating cutting-edge products and services (1/23).

Business Plan Writer for Chicago, IL.

Our business plan writer for Chicago, Illinois, has been working with entrepreneurs virtually in the area for several years.  Conventional business plans that we have written for Chicago area entrepreneurs would include auto mechanic business plans, e-commerce business plans, and bar and lounge business plans.  Based on our Chicago business plan writer experience, we have found that competitors in the area prefer their business plans short and sweet.  From this, we all too often recommend that Chicago area businesses that need a business plan examine our traditional business plan or express plus business plan (1/23).

Business Plan Writer for Orlando, FL.

Quality Business Plan’s business plan writer, Paul Borosky, MBA.,  is located in the Orlando, Florida, metropolitan area.  Because he lives in the area, our Orlando, FL.  Business plan writer has in-depth experience and knowledge of various Central Florida industries and happenings.  This knowledge often helps with assisting Orlando business owners with custom business plan writing needs as well as pro forma financial projections.  From this, make sure to have our Orlando, FL. business plan writer prepare your custom-written business plan for your organization (1/23).

Business Plan Writer for Houston, TX.

Houston, Texas, and its surrounding area have been enjoying a construction boom for the last several years.  From this, our Houston, TX. business plan writer has worked with numerous construction trades for business plans like HVAC business plans, plumbing business plans, and general contractor business plans.  Further, the construction expansion has also spurred the need for convenience store business plans and other Houston area services.  So, if your organization needs a professionally prepared business plan or pro forma financial projections, let our business plan writer for Houston help you today (1/23).

Business Plan Writer for Miami, FL.

Miami, Florida, and its surrounding area, such as South Beach, is world-renowned for tourism, beaches, and nightlife.  As a result, our business plan writer for Miami, FL., has worked with numerous nightclub business owners, tourism operator business owners, and other service-related businesses for custom-written business plans.  Because of the competitive environment, our business plan writer for Miami has found that most entrepreneurs gravitate towards our express plus a business plan, traditional business plan, or even the complete business plan.  For assistance in selecting which plan would be best for your organization, just contact us today (1/23).

Business Plan Writer for Raleigh, NC.

Raleigh, NC., which is part of the Research Triangle Park area (Raleigh, Durham, Cary, and Chapel Hill as well), has been growing exponentially in no small part due to large technology companies, such as Apple, entering the area.  Because of the tech-driven demand for services, our business plan writer for Raleigh, NC., has written numerous business plans in the smart app industry, e-commerce industry, and construction industry.  As the area continues to grow, demand for tech business plans, as well as complementary service business plans, will continue to grow as well.  As a consequence, the need for our Raleigh business plan writing services will continue to grow as well (1/23).