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A pawn shop is a place where individuals or business owner can bring valuable items, such as coins, mowing equipment or antiques and leave them with the pawn store owner.  Our business plan writers have found that in return, the customer receives cash on the spot and the ability to reclaim their possession at a later point in time.  Our business plan consultants have found that this type of business is beneficial because some businesses or individuals often fall short in relations to fund for business or personal needs.  Through the short-term loan system, people are able to obtain cash needed quickly and efficiently.

Industry Statistics for Pawn Shop:

In the last five years, on store revenues have been declining at a steady pace.  Annual growth reduction is estimated at -2.4%.  This is resulted in revenues for 2017 to be approximately $6 billion.  Still, there are over 11,000 different pawn stores that employ approximately 26,800 people.  A driving reason for declining in the pawn shop industry is declining prices of gold and continually improving economy.  However, if the economy does enter a contractionary cycle, industry experts expect this industry to rebound exponentially.

Threats and Opportunities for a Pawn Shop Business:

There are specific threats and challenges for pawn store owners.  First, starting a pawn shop requires significant upfront capital, based on our research from our business plan writers.  Upfront capital may be needed for issuing loans to customers, purchasing items of value to sell at a retail basis and buildout for the facility.  Further, pawn shops are often targeted by thieves.  This results in continual break-in to facilities.  In order to mitigate this issue, pawn store owners need to invest in state-of-the-art security equipment.  Finally, opportunities to prevail in the industry.  For example, studies have shown that millennials are continually seeking out services from pawnshops.  This shows that younger generations still embrace this industry.

Important Sections of a Pawn Shop Business Plan:

As with most industries, our business plan writers and business plan consultants strongly recommend that potential or current pawn shop owners have an up to date business plan written by a professional business plan writer.  However, in the event that business owners wish to writer their own business plan, specific attention should be paid to the product offering section.  Most people believe that pawn stores just purchase items and sell the items if people cannot reclaim them.  However, this is just not the case.  Pawn stores often offer other services such as jewelry repair, retail sales and check-cashing.  From this, when writing your business plan, make sure to highlight and discuss each service offered.

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