Express Business Plan Plus

Express Plus Business Plan

Our express plus business plan is ideal for small business owners seeking a minimally customized business plan.

Express Plus Business Plan Process:

  1. Make a deposit payment for the Express Plus Business Plan.
  2. Complete the business plan questionnaire (as best you can... it is optional).
  3. Participate in the initial business plan meeting.
  4. Approve the scope of work and make the final business plan payment.
  5. Finally, give us about 5-10 business days to complete your business plan.
  6. Once the plan is complete, you will receive your customized business plan in a word document and PDF file. Excel file not included.

A few things to keep in mind with this business plan...

  • 2 revisions within 30 days of our firm emailing the initial business plan are emailed.***

***Content in the video may be different from the current plan.

The Express Plus Business Plan Includes:

  • 18-20 pages.
  • 2 revisions within 30 days of our firm emailing the initial business plan (What is a Business Plan Revision?)***
  • Limited to companies with 10 employees or less.
  • Proprietary business plan template filled in.
  • No color graphs included.
  • Title page
  • Table of contents
  • Executive Summary (1 Page)
  • Company description (2 Pages)
    • Company summary
    • Product description (Up to 3 products/services described)
    • Primary Target market
    • Competitive Advantages (Chart)
    • Location
    • Personnel
  • Industry analysis
    • Industry (1/2 Page)
  • Organization and management (1 Page)
    • Ownership
    • Organizational Structure
  • Marketing and sales (1 Page, customized)
    • Social Media
    • Traditional
    • Website
  • Financials (No Customization of template or assumptions, 8 Pages)
    • Financial Assumptions ***+++
    • Profit & Loss (12 months)
    • Income statement (5 years)
    • Balance sheet (5 years)
    • Breakeven analysis
  • Funding request (1 Page)

** Additional Revisions or adding new information after meeting notes are approved starts at $100.00*** 

***+++ All projected revenues and costs are provided by the customer.

***Express Plans are proprietary business plans templates that are minimally customized with the client’s name, industry information, and basic financial information.  These plans are excellent for clients wanting a solid business plan structure to customize as needed.