Advanced Business Plan

Advanced Business Plan

Our advanced business plan is ideal for small business owners seeking to document their thoughts and ideas.  Further, based on our research and/or client feedback, this plan may be adequate for up to about $750,000 in debt and/or equity financing.  

**Please understand, this is an estimate based on feedback and/or our research.  We do not promise that this plan, or any plan for that matter, will secure funding.

Business plan is delivered as a Word doc. and PDF file.  Excel spreadsheet is not included.

**All business plans, PowerPoint presentations, and financial projections come with 2 revisions within 30 days of our firm emailing the initial documents.

Business Plan Details

Advanced Business Plan

***Content in video may be different from actual plan.

Advanced Plan:

  • 40 to 50 pages.
  • 2 revisions within 30 days of our firm emailing the initial rough draft (What is a Business Plan Revision?)***
  • Charts and color graphs included!!
  • Proprietary business plan template customized.
  • Title Page
  • Table of contents
  • Confidentiality and Disclaimer Statement
  • Executive Summary (2 page)
  • Company description (2 to 3 pages)
    • Company summary
    • Product description
    • Primary target
    • Competitive advantage (Graph)
    • Location
    • Personnel
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Industry analysis (2 pages)
    • Industry
    • Product/services segmentation
  • Competitor analysis (1 page)
    • Brief competitive analysis of 2 competitors
  • Organization and management (1 page)
    • Ownership
    • Organizational Structure Chart
    • Resume (Customer must provide in Word Doc.)
  • Marketing and sales (1 page)
    • Social Media
    • Traditional
    • Website
  • Financials (No Customization) (11 pages)
    • Financial Assumptions ***+++
    • Initial daily/monthly sales
    • Initial labor
    • Initial monthly fixed costs
    • Growth rates
    • Profit & Loss (24 months)
    • Common size calculations
    • Income statement (5 years)
    • Balance sheet (5 years)
    • Breakeven analysis
    • Best/Worst Case Projections
    • Cash Budget (1 year)
    • Projected Valuation based on cash flows for 5 years
    • Payback period up to 5 years
    • Financial ratios
    • Sensitivity analysis for COGS and fixed expenses
  • Funding request (2 pages)
  • Appendix

***+++ All projected revenues and costs are provided by the customer.

** Additional Revisions or adding new information after meeting notes are approved starts at $100.00

*** Business plan revision Includes: A business plan revision consists of correcting misspellings, ensuring the document is grammatically correct, and products, services, competitors, and industries are described accurately.  Finally, a revision may include updating financial information, such as sales projections.

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