Intermediate Business Plan

Our intermediate business plan is idea for small business owners seeking to document their thoughts and ideas.  Further, some of our clients have told us that this plan has helped raise up to about $150,000 in debt and/or equity financing. 

**Please understand, this is an estimate based on feedback.  We do not promise that this plan, or any plan for that matter, will secure funding.


Business Plan Details

Intermediate Business Plan

Intermediate Plan:

  • 15 to 20 pages.
  • Confidentiality Disclaimer
  • Executive Summary
  • Company description
    • Company summary
    • Product description
    • Pricing
    • Location
    • Business Objectives and Timeline
  • Target Market
    • Primary target
  • Market analysis
    • Industry
    • SWOT Analysis
  • Competition
  • Organization and management
    • Job responsibilities
  • Organizational Structure Chart
  • Marketing and sales
    • Social Media
    • Traditional
    • Website
  • Financials (No Customization)
    • Financial Assumptions ***+++
    • Profit & Loss (12 months)
    • Income statement (5 years)
    • Balance sheet (5 years)
  • Funding request
  • Appendix


***+++ All projected revenues and costs are provided by customer.

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Component Basic Intermediate Complex Deluxe Complete Investor Plan
Page Count 8 to 15 15 to 20 25 to 35 35 to 45 40 to 50 50 Plus
Confidentiality Disclaimer X X X X X X
Executive Summary X X X X X X
Company description X X X X X X
Problem statement X X X X
Company summary X X X X X X
Product description X X X X X X
Future plans X X X X
Business models X X X X
Competitive advantages X X X X X
Pricing X X X X X
Location X X X X X X
Company Goals X X X
Technology X X X
Business Objectives and Timeline X X X X X X
Plan of Action X X X
Mission/Vision/Value Statement X X X X
Target Market X X X X X
Primary target X X X X X
Secondary target X X X X
Target Market Growth Potential X X
Market analysis X X X X X X
Industry X X X X X X
Threats, Trends and opportunities X X X X
Keys to success X X X X
Risk Analysis X X X
Barriers to Entry X X X
Economic Conditions X X X
Competition X X X X X
Competitive analysis**++ X X X X X
Porter's Five Forces X X
Demographics X X X
Organization and management X X X X X X
Management Summary (with supplied resume). X X X X
Job responsibilities X X X X X X
Organizational Structure Chart X X X X X
Marketing and sales X X X X X X
Objectives and Keys to Success X X X
Social Media X X X X X X
Traditional X X X X X X
Website X X X X X X
Strategies X X X X
Networking X X X X
Competitive X X X X
Synergy X X X X
Strategic Expansion Plan X X
Financials (Limited Customization) X X X X X X
Financial Assumptions ***+++ X X X X X X
Profit & Loss 12 MONTH 12 MONTH 24 MONTH 24 MONTH 24 MONTH 24 MONTH
Common size quarterly profit and loss. X X X
Income statement (5 years) X X X X X X
Balance sheet (5 years) X X X X X X
Projected valuation (based on cash flow) X X X
Break-even analysis X X X
Payback period X X X
Financial ratios X X X
NPV Profile X X
Sensitivity Analysis X X
Scenario Analysis X X
Funding request X X X X X X
Exit Strategy X X X X
Appendix X X X X X X
Non-disclosure agreement X X X X
Third Party Market Research X