Business Plan Consultant for Lexington, KY.

Business Plan Consultant for Lexington, KY.

Quality Business Plan has a business plan writer and MBA proforma financial projections consultant ready to provide services for small business owners in Lexington, KY., Georgetown, KY., Frankfort, KY., Richmond, KY., and Nicholasville, KY., areas. 

Small business owners in this area, as well as in other areas, often seek out a business plan for various purposes.  For example, a business plan writer has found that some business owners struggle with balancing their current assets with their current liabilities to ensure liquidity for the short term.  Having a well-balanced current asset portfolio current ratio not only increases the likelihood of a business owner having enough funds available to pay their current debt but it also helps to show a well-balanced current ratio when applying for commercial loans.  From this, not only can our business plan writer write up an excellent business plan for area businesses, but we can also provide financial ratios calculated in the business plan to help convey the business's financial health to interested parties.  This is just one example of how our business plan writer and pro forma financial projection consultant can assist Lexington, Kentucky, area businesses (7/22).

Business Plan Consultant Services for Lexington, KY.

Business Plan Consultant

Paul Borosky, MBA., Business plan writer
Paul Borosky, MBA., Business plan writer

Our business plan writing service offers numerous business plan packages to business owners.  The business plan packages range from our basic plan, which is about 8 to 12 pages to our deluxe plan, which often exceeds 40 pages.

Proforma Financial Projections Consultant

Have your business plan already written but struggling with your financial projections?  No worries!  Our financial projection professionals can help you complete your projections.  Just give us a call for a price. 

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Our business plan writers are located in Orlando, Fl. We have researched and written business plans for numerous businesses in the US.


Benefits of using our Business Plan Consultant

Financing a company may come in the form of debt, equity, or a combination of the two.  When companies use a combination of debt and equity, there is always an optimal financing structure.  For example, some businesses have the optimal financing structure, based on research from our business plan writers, of 50% debt and 50% equity. Other businesses, in different industries, may enjoy optimal financing with less equity or less debt. Regardless of your optimal financing structure, working with a business plan writer or business plan consultant may help business owners identify this optimal structure.  From this identification, the benefits of the structure may be outlined in the business plan.  This may lead to investors understanding why specific funds are being requested and the potential benefits of using debt or equity.  In the end, make sure to work with a business plan writer or business plan consultant to enjoy the benefits for your Lexington company.

Also, small business owners in the Lexington, Kentucky area, as well as other areas, often write up business plans because of their need for funding in the short term.  However, business plans should also be utilized and updated periodically for operations as well.  For example, our business plan consultant recommends including a company values section in the company information section of the business plan.  Further, benchmarks should also be established for gauging how well the organization is implementing the firm’s values on a consistent basis.  By following this approach, business owners not only have a well-documented value statement but also have specific benchmarks established to show growth towards the objective—just one of many ways to utilize a well-written business plan for funding as well as operational purposes.

Benefits of using our Ghostwriter:

Business owners tend to believe that hostile work environments only exist in large corporations or, at best, at their competitors' facilities.  However, without careful and continuous examination of a small business's culture, hostile work environments may, unfortunately, go unnoticed.  Without dealing with hostile work environments early, small business owners may be faced with considerable lawsuits later on.  To mitigate this kind of problem, creating a nurturing and supportive company, culture is imperative.  With the help of our ghostwriter, we are able to conduct research related to company culture in your industry and design strategic plans that may be implemented.  Now, of course, we don't promise an immediate improvement to company culture.  However, focusing efforts early may help avoid costly litigation later.