Business Plan Consultants for Philadelphia, PA.

Business Plan Consultant for Philadelphia, PA.

Quality Business Plan has established a reputation as a leading business plan consulting and proforma financial projection consulting firm.  From this leadership position, our firm now offers these services to companies located in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, area. 

Working with a professional business plan writer and proforma financial projections consultant does have benefits.  For example, an important financial decision faced by growing organizations in the Philadelphia area is whether to take on additional debt for growth or use equity financing.  An important aspect of taking on debt is that interest payments are usually tax-deductible.  From this, business owners are able to exploit the use of debt not only for growth but also for lowering tax payments.  Unfortunately, our business plan writer has found that taking on too much debt all too often leads to monthly struggles to make the interest payment.  From this, not only should small business owners in the area have a well-written business plan but also having a customized financial model may be of benefit when exploring debt opportunities (10/21).

Local Areas We Offer Our Virtual Business Plan Consulting Services:

  • Philadelphia, PA.
  • Plymouth Meeting, PA.
  • King of Prussia, PA.
  • Levittown, PA.
  • Trenton, PA.
  • Doylestown, PA.

Business Plan Consultant Services

Business Plan Consultant for Philadelphia, PA.

Business Plan Consultant
Business Plan Consultant

Quality Business Plan's business plan consultants help business owners complete business plans, edit already finished business plans, or even write a business plan from start to finish.  Whatever your business plan needs, our business plan consultant is ready to help.

Pro-Forma Financial Projections Consultant

Is your business plan all wrapped up but still missing a well-constructed and understandable pro forma financial projection?  Not a problem!  Let our pro forma financial projection consultant complete your financial projections for you in an efficient and timely manner.

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Our business plan writers are located in Orlando, Fl. We have researched and written business plans for numerous businesses in the US.


Benefits of Business Plan Consultants for the Philadelphia Area.

Having a business plan writer assist with preparing your business plan is often a smart move for a multitude of reasons.  For example, some organizations seek to update their business plan when they are considering modifying a product or developing a new product. 

Product development, based on research from our business plan writers, is simply creating a new product or service that the company believes would be well accepted in the marketplace.  Further, product modification is when a company is updating its current product to meet the needs of its customers better. 

Regardless of whether your organization is updating a product or integrating a new product, a business plan writer can assist by documenting the entrepreneurial process employed in bringing the product development phase to fruition.  In other words, business plan writers can help business owners show why a product is needed in the marketplace.  Further, by using the business plan writer, a third party can evaluate whether the product or service will meet the needs of the current customer base.  In the end, not only will the business owner have a professionally prepared business plan, but they also have input from a third party concerning sustainability.

Not all technological advancements are the same.  What our business plan consultants mean by this is that just because a new technological advancement interest in the marketplace does not mean that the utilization of the advancement is beneficial for customers or even ethical for that matter.  For example, some small business owners will put tracking software on their websites to gather information about visitors.  Granted, in most instances, this practice is not illegal.  However, in our most humble of opinions, the practice is definitely shady, which may be construed as unethical.  To best convey your thoughts and ideas about how technological advancements may be used in your organization, work with our business plan consultants for strategic assistance.  Also, we can assist with summarizing your strategies in a well-prepared business plan (1/21).

Why hire our Proforma Financial Projections Consultant?

Managing finances for a small company is a critical process for business owners.  This is especially true for small business owners in the Philadelphia area.  Without the ability to manage finances, small business owners often exceed budgets or fail to have enough funds set aside to meet current debt obligations.  Our proforma financial projections consultant has found that some small business owners seek out third-party software to help mitigate this problem.  Other small business owners attempt to use Excel and develop their templates for budgetary needs.  A little practiced third option is to hire a proforma financial projection consultant for your company.  A proforma financial projections specialist can develop customized financial templates for your organization to use.  This option is most definitely cheaper than third-party software.  Further, our ghostwriter is able to write up summary reports based on findings from the financial model.  A great way to understand current information in your operations.

A second reason, but not a final reason, to work with our pro forma financial projection consultant is through the use of intertwined business models.  In some cases, small business owners often have two or more businesses operating at the same time.  When this happens, complicated financial models are only magnified due to the increased complexity.  With the help of our consultant, we are able to not only design and implement financial models for each business, but can also integrate the various financial models into a master model, which may be used as a summary model for all businesses and operations.  This is just one of many benefits of using our financial projection consultant (2/22).

Common Philadelphia Financial Statement and Financial Projection Questions.

What are lumpy assets?

There are so many different terms related to finance that business owners come across when doing business in the Philadelphia area.  When of the terms that are often run across when making financial projections is lumpy assets.  A lumpy asset is usually the purchase of a large piece of equipment or building, usually in manufacturing.  As a company reaches capacity in a building or the use of a piece of equipment, a second building or piece of equipment is often needed to be purchased.  Because this only happens infrequently, professionals in accounting and finance consider this a lumpy asset.  From a business plan perspective, lumpy asset purchases should be built into complex financial models to predict business capacity better.