Business Plan Writer for Boston, MA.

Business Plan Writer for Boston, MA.

Quality Business Plan's business plan writer and proforma financial projection consultant have worked with many small business owners in New England states and cities, such as Boston, MA., Worcester, MA., and Providence, RI. 

From these experiences, Quality Business Plan's writer and projections professional have found specific challenges that are common to most small business startups in the area.  For example, small business owners are often faced with the opportunity to embrace state-of-the-art technologies in their startup organization as compared to tried-and-true processes.  A benefit of utilizing state-of-the-art technologies based on our business plan writer's experiences is that the technology may provide the startup organization with a competitive advantage over their established competitors.  However, a challenge with this strategy may be the state-of-the-art technology is not as good as tried-and-true practices.  When deciding upon the two choices, a clear and customized financial model may be of quantitative assistance, which our pro forma financial projection professional would be delighted to assist in its creation.  This is just one of many areas where having a professional business plan writer helping with your business plan as well as financial projections is a critical component to your future success (1/22).

Business Plan Writer Services Offered

Business Plan Writer
Business Plan Writer, Paul Borosky MBA.

Business Plan Writer

Over 80% of all our business is writing business plans.  This is our specialty.  Our business plan writing service offers numerous business plan packages to best meet the needs of our clients.  The business plan packages range from our basic plan, which is about 8 to 12 pages to our deluxe plan, which often exceeds 4o pages.  Click on the link above for more details!

Proforma Financial Projections Consultant

Have your business plan already written but struggling with your financial projections?  No worries!  Our financial projection professionals can help you complete your projections.  Just give us a call for a price. 



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Business Plan Writer Benefits.

An important area where our business plan writer may assist Boston area small business owners is through a professional competitive review.  Some business owners, when analyzing competitors, all too often focus on what a competitor does differently in operations or marketing as compared to their company.  However, in our most humble of opinions, analyzing competitors should follow a specific structure and format to make the most out of the practice.  For example, industry competitors should be analyzed as to how they implement various strategies.  Some organizations attempt to go for a low price strategy wears other competitors differentiate their products or services from everyone else.  When a business owner understands a competitive strategy for their competitors, then preemptive actions may be possible to best exploit market opportunities.

In addition, an important component of a business plan is a brief discussion in relation to the organization’s strategic plans.  For example, a strategic plan may be to implement a specific marketing strategy to help the company build or expand upon market share in the area.  However, our business plan writer has found that some area business owners don’t fully address strategic marketing implications—specifically, responses by competitors.  What we mean by this is that when an organization implements a marketing activity, such as reduced prices, competitors all too often respond with ads based on their actions.  When this happens, we strongly recommend business owners have counter ads ready.  This two or three-level deep strategic process does not need to be terribly detailed.  However, specific actions or processes should be prepared to ensure optimal returning investment for marketing actions.  In this situation, not only can our business plan writer help with devising marketing strategies, but we can also help with the counter-responses to the marketing initiatives (1/22).

Proforma Financial Projection Consultant Help.

When a small business owner takes on an investor, compensation for funding all too often is in the form of dividends.  However, most business owners fail to fully understand how to structure dividends upfront to ensure operations are not impacted by the practice.  For example, some small business owners reward investors through monthly dividends.  However, this practice often takes away from an organization’s ability to grow and exploit market opportunities.  A better strategy might be for the small business owner to pay out dividends based on annual profits as compared to monthly revenues.  Not only will this practice ensure enough cash in operations on a monthly basis but will also allow for the organization to exploit market opportunities.  For other possible revenue and dividend structures, work with a professional business plan writer.

Local Business Plan Writing Help in Boston, MA.

There is a multitude of opportunities for a business owner to gain business plan writing help.  An excellent starting point is often a Chamber of Commerce, SCORE, or city offices.

Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce. 

265 Franklin St.  Boston, Massachusetts.  02110.

Phone: 617 – 227 – 4500.

Comments: the greater Boston Chamber of Commerce has received seven Google reviews, which resulted in a 3.3-star rating.  Based on research from our business plan writer, this rating is slightly below average as compared to other Chamber of Commerce is across the country.  However, the chamber’s website does offer some important and even critical pieces of information that the Boston area business owners may need when writing their business plan.  For example, the chamber’s website offers different programs for business owners in the greater metropolitan Boston area.  Some of these programs include women’s leadership programs, Boston’s future leaders, and certificate programs.  These educational seminars may help start business owners hone their leadership skills.  Once complete, business owners can also add these leadership skills and seminars to their resumes, which are almost always included in an appendix section of the business plan.