Business Plan Writer for Aurora, CO.

Business Plan Writer for Aurora, CO.

Our business plan writers and proforma financial projection consultant have worked with numerous small business owners in the Aurora, Co., Watkins, CO., Brighton, CO., Denver, CO., and Centennial, CO., areas. 

From assisting the small business owners, our business plan writers have found that specific challenges are faced by business owners in this area.  For example, our business plan writers have found that some small business owners have problems differentiating services.

There is a multitude of reasons why differentiating services can be quite challenging.  First, if you differentiate your product or service too much, then you wind up in a completely separate industry.  However, if you do not differentiate yourself enough, then pricing between competitors becomes extremely inelastic.  From this, our business plan writers recommend that small business owners focus on differentiating two or three aspects of the business.  This allows customers to identify the difference between the businesses.  Further, this will also help small business owners focus on a finite set of differentiated services.

Business Plan Writer Services for Aurora, CO.

Business Plan Writer for Aurora, CO.

Paul Borosky, MBA., Business plan writer
Paul Borosky, MBA., Business plan writer

Our popular business plans that are written for entrepreneurs throughout the Aurora, Colorado metropolitan area would include our express business plan, express plus a business plan, traditional business plan, or the complete business plan.  Each business plan structure is designed to meet the needs of our clients.  For example, business owners that are seeking $1 million or more often gravitate toward our complete business plan.  In the complete business plan, business owners are provided with an in-depth financial analysis that includes 24-month profit and loss statements, five years for their pro forma income and balance sheets, breakeven analysis and a multitude of other financial components.  In addition, our complete business plan also includes strategic analysis as well as a business objectives timeline.  These are just some of the features that we used to help our clients best describe the totality of their business as specifically as possible (6/22).

Proforma Financial Projections Consultant

Our pro forma financial projection consultant is not only an excellent business plan writer but also a professional financial modeler.  Our pro forma financial projections may be purchased separately or as a package with our business plans.  For the most part, our basic financial projections will include 12-month profit and loss statements, broken up quarterly as well, five years for the pro forma income statement, and five years for the balance sheet.  However, our higher-priced business plans include more detailed analysis from a financial perspective like a breakeven analysis, best-case and worst-case scenarios, and even financial ratios.  From this, whether you need just brief financial projections or in-depth analysis, we have the package that best fits your needs (6/22).

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Business Plan Writer Help

In the current state of our economy, the workforce overall is exceptionally tight.  Because of this challenge, our business plan writers have found that some small business owners have difficulty attracting and retaining quality employees.  To help improve upon this problem, our business plan writers can assist small business owners in brainstorming various qualitative benefits that the firm may offer employees.  To illustrate, one of our clients has decided to allow employees to develop one to two hours a week of paid time to charity work.  Not only does this action help the community.  But, this also gives the business owner a competitive advantage over other potential employers.

Financial Projections for a Business Plan Help

Our financial forecasting professionals may help business owners in different ways.  To illustrate, some business owners are undecided about offering uncorrelated projects.  Both projects may be profitable for the company.  However, identifying quantitative differences between the projects as benchmarks is somewhat burdensome and complicated.  From this, our financial projection professionals can help small business owners and the Aurora area construct a discounted cash flow assessment.  From this assessment, small business owners can determine which project would be more profitable for the organization.

Common Ghostwriter Topics

Our ghostwriter is able to help business owners in the Aurora Colorado area in a wide array of ways.  For example, our ghostwriter is able to create e-books and web content for specific industries such as the lawn care industry.  For the lawn care industry, how ghostwriters could write e-books discussing the importance of caring for lawns, best practices for lawn care in the Colorado area, and even types of shrubs that may do well in our climate.  These are just some of the strategies that a lawn care professional may utilize for not only educating customers but also showing that they may be a leader and industry experts.

Local Business Plan Writing Help in Aurora, CO.

There is a multitude of opportunities for a business owner to gain business plan writing help.  An excellent starting point is often a Chamber of Commerce, SCORE, or city offices.

Aurora Chamber of Commerce

14305 E. Alameda Ave. in Aurora, Colorado.  80012.

Phone: 303 – 344 – 1500.

Comments: The Aurora Chamber of Commerce, based on a Google review, has earned 5.0 stars from three reviewers.  This indicates that the organization offers above-average services as compared to other Chamber of Commerce.  Further, startup organizations established businesses, and even aspiring entrepreneurs may be able to gain essential pieces of information from examining this Chamber of Commerce website.  To illustrate, our business plan writer found links on its homepage such as Aurora – South Metro small business development Center resources, SBA disaster loan assistance, and Colorado restaurant Association policies and protocols.  Depending on your industry and business, each one of these links may offer critical pieces of information when starting or running a business in the area.  The Aurora Metro South small business development Center may have essential pieces of information about tax benefits for creating businesses in certain areas or outlines the firms in the area have followed for starting and writing a business plan.  As for the SBA disaster loan assistance, this link is critical for any businesses that have been detrimentally impacted by a natural disaster.  And finally, the restaurant Association link helps startup restaurant entrepreneurs and even food trucks or caterers find critical pieces of information about how to run and operate a food-based business in the area.