Express Business Plan – Truckers

Express Business Plan - Truckers

Need in a business plan quickly?  Our Express Business Plan for truckers, like over-the-road truckers, box trucks, and hotshot truckers, is designed to provide truckers with a business plan that is customized with your information quickly.  Popular usage for our Express Business Plan may include landlords, small business loans, proof of concept, and sharing your thoughts and ideas with friends and family.

Benefits of our Express Business Plan

Business Plan in 5-10 Business Days (Usually)

There are numerous benefits to purchasing our Express Business Plan for truckers.  First, and probably most importantly, our Express Business Plan is typically completed within five to ten business days of the final payment.  Quick turnaround times help business owners meet short-term needs like qualifying for leasing opportunities and providing interested parties with your organization’s information in a short timeframe. 

Foundation for Further Customization

Also, entrepreneurs benefit from having a solid business plan to customize on their own.  Our business plan writer has found that some business owners want to write their own business plans but have no idea how to structure them.  Our Express Business Plan for truckers uses a traditional business plan structure and has your organization’s information input into it as well.  This foundation enables business owners to customize a document to further meet long-term business plan needs.

Financial Projections and Industry Research Completed

Finally, the most challenging segments of writing up a business plan are researching industry information and designing financial projections.  Our Express Business Plan includes up-to-date information using third-party research.  Further, we also use our proprietary financial model that is customized with your company's thoughts and ideas about future sales and cost.  This information enables us to provide you with basic financial projections to support your business concept.

Ready to get started? The first step is the deposit!

Express Business Plan for Truckers Details

***Content in the video may be different from the current plan.

**** 5-Business day delivery is subject to availability!

Express Business Plan for Truckers ***

  • 16 pages.
  • 2 revisions within 30 days of the initial business plan is emailed (What is a Business Plan Revision?)
  • No Refund
  • Limited to companies with 2 employees or less.
  • Proprietary business plan template filled in.
  • Executive Summary (1 Page)
  • Company description (2 Pages)
    • Company Summary
    • Product Description (Up to two services)
    • Primary target market
    • Competitive advantages (Chart)
    • Location
    • Hours of operations
    • Personnel
  • Industry analysis
    • Industry (1 paragraph)
  • Organization and management (1 page)
    • Ownership
    • Organizational Chart
  • Marketing and sales (1 Page)
    • Traditional
    • Social media
    • Website
  • Financials (No Customization, 7 Pages)
    • Financial Assumptions ***+++
    • Profit & Loss (12 months)
    • Income statement (5 years)
    • Balance sheet (5 years)
  • Funding request (1 Page)

***+++ All projected revenues and costs are provided by the customer.


  • ** Additional Revisions or adding new information after meeting notes are approved start at $100.00
  • ***Express Plans are proprietary business plan templates that are filled in with the client’s name, industry information, and basic financial information.  These plans are excellent for clients wanting a solid business plan structure to customize as needed.

Some popular questions asked about our Express Business Plan

What are the Express Business Plan's limitations?

The Express Business Plan is not for everybody.  This plan was designed to meet the short-term needs of business owners of traditional companies such as daycare, lawn care, trucking, pest control, and other similar companies.  Also, this plan is limited to businesses with two employees or fewer.

How do we write up an Express Business Plan?

Our express business plan uses our traditional business plan template as a foundation to insert specific information about your company, such as your organization’s name, location, services provided, and industry research.  An important difference between the Express Plan and our traditional plans is that the Express Plan has very limited custom writing.

What is the Express Business Plan Process?

  1. Make a deposit payment for the Express business plan (link below).
  2. Complete the Express Business Plan questionnaire.
  3. Participate in our initial meeting.
  4. Make a final business plan payment (invoice will be emailed).
  5. Once the final payment is made, give us 5 Business Days to customize our business template and financial model with your company information, as well as conduct industry research using IBIS World.
  6. Once the plan is complete, you will receive your customized business plan in a word document and PDF file. Excel file not included.

A few things to keep in mind with this business plan...

  • 2 revisions.
  • Limited to businesses with 2 employees or less.