Business Plan Writer for Virginia Beach, VA.

Business Plan Writer for Virginia Beach, VA.

Finding any old business plan writer and or proforma financial projection consultant in the Virginia Beach, VA., Norfolk, VA., Chesapeake, VA., Richmond, VA., and Newport News, VA., areas is easy.  Finding a GOOD one is a different story.  

Quality Business Plan's professional business plan writer and proforma financial projection consultant have learned their trade and construct our business plan formats and content based on reviews from scholarly sources, feedback from bank underwriters, and conversations with private investors.  For example, in some of our financial models, we may be able to develop advanced projections that include free cash flow projections as well as calculates financial ratios like return on equity, returning assets, and even return on investment in some cases.  Having the ability to add detailed financial analysis to standard financial models provides our business plan writer with the tools needed to customize basic models to meet the various needs of our clients.  This is just one of many ways where our writers and consultants can provide professional services at affordable prices (4/22).

Business Writing Services Offered

Business Plan Writer

Paul Borosky, MBA., Business plan writer
Paul Borosky, MBA., Business plan writer

Over 80% of all our business is writing business plans.  This is our specialty.  Our business plan writing service offers numerous business plan packages to best meet the needs of our clients.  The business plan packages range from our basic plan, which is about 8 to 12 pages to our deluxe plan, which often exceeds 40 pages.  Click on the link above for more details!

Proforma Financial Projections Consultant

Have your business plan already been written but struggling with your proforma financial projections?  No worries!  Our financial projection consultant can help you complete your projections.  Just give us a call for a price. 

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Our business plan writers are located in Orlando, Fl. We have researched and written business plans for numerous businesses in the US.


Popular Industries for Business Plans in Virginia Beach, VA., area.

Bed and Breakfast Business Plans

Our business plan writer for the Virginia Beach area has received more than a few calls lately from entrepreneurs seeking to start a bed-and-breakfast business in the Virginia Beach area.  The bed-and-breakfast business model has been gaining popularity thanks to the growth model of short-term investment companies like Airbnb.  Not only are bed-and-breakfast business owners able to affordably advertise their rooms, but they are able to also differentiate their services from large and small competitors based on their theme and business model.  Regardless of why this industry is growing rapidly, our business plan writer is ready to write a business plan for clients in this industry as well as others.

Business Plan Writers for Virginia Beach, VA.

Our business plan writers have reviewed potential business opportunities in the Virginia Beach area, which includes Chesapeake, VA., Norfolk, VA., Newport News, VA. and Hampton, VA. From our review, there are two potential industries for entrepreneurs to enter, which include sectors that focus on defense and agribusiness.  These industries flourish in this Virginia area because the population exceeds 1.7 million people and is continually growing on an annual basis.  Further, the percentage of people with college degrees is above average based on the median for US cities.

Popular business opportunities for defense may include computer programming and networking startup companies.  Computer programming and networking startup companies usually focus on creating competitive advantages using technology to gain market share.  Computer programmers create their technology by developing software.  As for networkers, technological advances often come from using cutting-edge hardware to protect their clients’ servers and infrastructure.  Regardless of the company or competitive advantage, the first step for any business should be to contact a professional business plan writer to help identify how your company may best compete in the marketplace.

Financial Projections Consultant for Richmond, VA.

Our financial projections consultants can work with small business owners located in Richmond, Virginia, and Petersburg, VA.  Popular business opportunities in these areas include green technologies in manufacturing.  Green technologies focus on improving business processes to ensure environmental sustainability.  This concept is a growing trend on a global basis.  Business owners in the Richmond and Petersburg, Virginia area may exploit this opportunity by improving manufacturing businesses in the area.  For example, this area is well known for its manufacturing technological advances.  A savvy entrepreneur may design specific green technologies focused on the manufacturing industry.  In doing this, not only will the environments be helped, but manufacturers in the industry may better compete on a global scale using green technological advances made by local entrepreneurs.  For more information related to business plans about this concept, contact one of our business plan writers soon.

The onset of the digital age that we are currently enjoying has provided entrepreneurs seamlessly endless opportunities to incorporate technology into operations, projections, and just about every aspect of the business.  However, our financial projection professional has found that just because a technological piece of equipment may be purchased does not mean it’s cost-effective.  From this, having a financial model customized to your organization that has a technology segment included may be beneficial for small business owners in the forgiven you beach area.  By having a technology section, business owners are able to make adjustments to their financial projections based on the incorporation of the latest technological advances.  If incorporating the advances saves the organization money or makes it more money, then embracing the technology would be financially feasible for the company.  However, if the costs of taking on additional technology outweigh the benefits, then through the use of the financial model, the business owner can make an informed decision about rejecting the technological advance (5/21).

Local Business Plan Writing Help in Virginia Beach

There is a multitude of opportunities for a business owner to gain business plan writing help.  An excellent starting point is often a Chamber of Commerce, SCORE, or city offices.

Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce in Virginia Beach.

500 E. Main St.  Norfolk, Virginia.  23510.

Phone: 757 – 622 – 2312.

Comments: the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce has earned a 3.0 Star rating from six Google reviewers.  This indicates that the Chamber of Commerce possibly offers services slightly below average as compared to other Chamber of Commerce throughout the US.  Fortunately, our business plan writer has found that the company’s website does have important rulings and information that may help local business owners better write a business plan or prepare to start/grow the organization.  To illustrate, the chamber offers numerous events throughout the year.  In the next several months, the Hampton throw chamber will be providing virtual connecting with clients seminars, networking opportunities, and a state of the city presentation.  By attending any one of the events, local owners may gain information about the competition, local happenings, and possibly changing demographics.