Business Plan Writer for Virginia Beach, VA.

Business Plan Writer for Virginia Beach, VA.

Finding any old business plan writer, pro forma financial projection consultant, or business mentor in the Virginia Beach, VA., Norfolk, VA., Chesapeake, VA., Richmond, VA., and Newport News, VA., areas is easy.  Finding a GOOD one is a different story.  

Quality Business Plan's professional business plan writer and pro forma financial projection consultant have acquired their skills through extensive training.  They create our business plan formats and content based on insights from scholarly references, feedback from bank underwriters, and interactions with private investors.  For instance, in particular financial models, we can craft sophisticated projections incorporating free cash flow estimates.  We can also determine financial metrics such as return on equity, return on assets, and, in some situations, return on investment.  The capability to integrate comprehensive financial analysis into standard financial frameworks equips our business plan writer with the resources to tailor basic models to address the diverse requirements of our clients.  This is merely one example of how our writers and consultants deliver expert services at reasonable rates (9/23).

Business Writing Services Offered

Business Plan Writer

Paul Borosky, MBA., Business plan writer
Paul Borosky, MBA., Business plan writer

Paul Borosky, MBA. and doctoral candidate is our dedicated business plan writer.  He works closely with small business owners in the US and internationally, crafting detailed and well-organized business plans.  More than 80% of our services focus on business plan creation; this is our core strength.  We offer various business plan packages tailored to suit our client's needs.  These packages range from our express plan, approximately 16 to 18 pages, to our comprehensive plan, which often goes beyond 30 pages.  Typical sections in our business plan include the executive summary, company overview, industry analysis, marketing section, funding request section, and pro forma financial estimates.  Whatever your requirements, we ensure you receive a plan crafted by an MBA.

Pro Forma Financial Projections Consultant

We are here to assist if you have your business plan ready but need assistance with your pro forma financial projections.  Our financial expert can guide you in finalizing these numbers.  Our independent financial projection packages commence with our foundational pro forma projections.  This package offers a financial assumptions page, a 12-month profit and loss statement, a 5-year pro forma income overview, and a 5-year balance sheet.  We also provide comprehensive projections such as our advanced pro forma financial estimates and full-scale financial projections.  These include a cash flow-based company valuation, relevant financial ratios, 24 months of profit and loss statements, and all features from our foundational and advanced packages.  If you need guidance on choosing the right package, please get in touch with us.

Business Mentor

What is business mentoring?  Many mix business mentoring with business consultancy, but these are distinct.  Business consultants are typically hired to address a specific challenge or complete a task in a business, especially when the company lacks the skills or knowledge for it.  Conversely, our primary service as a business mentor offers small business owners long-term insights, strategic plans, and ongoing support.  While consultants tackle their tasks and leave, our approach is building lasting relationships with business owners.  We stand with them at the startup phase and through growth and ensure continued success.  We welcome you to get in touch to learn more about our business mentoring services.

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Our business plan writers are located in Orlando, FL.  We have researched and written business plans for numerous businesses in the US.


Popular Industries for Business Plans in Virginia Beach, VA., area.

Bed and Breakfast Business Plans

Our business plan writer for the Virginia Beach region has noted an increased interest from entrepreneurs keen on launching a bed-and-breakfast enterprise in this locality.  The rise in the bed-and-breakfast model can be attributed to the expansion strategies of short-term rental platforms such as Airbnb.  These business owners benefit from economical advertising options for their accommodations and can stand out from major and minor rivals by highlighting their unique themes and operational strategies.  Given the fast-paced growth of this sector, our business plan specialist stands prepared to craft detailed plans for clients in this industry and beyond.

Business Plan Writers for Virginia Beach, VA.

In the Virginia Beach area, encompassing Chesapeake, VA., Norfolk, VA., Newport News, VA., and Hampton, VA.  Our business plan writer has analyzed various business possibilities.  We've identified two promising sectors for potential entrepreneurs: defense and agribusiness.  This region's allure lies in its population, which surpasses 1.7 million and shows consistent growth year after year.  Moreover, the number of residents with college degrees is commendably higher than the median of US cities.

There's potential for initiating computer programming and networking startups within the defense sector.  Such companies often utilize technology to carve out a niche in the market.  Computer programmers achieve this by creating new software, while those in networking use the latest hardware to safeguard their client's digital assets.  Before diving in, however, the initial step for every business should be reaching out to a seasoned business plan specialist to strategize effectively.

Financial Projections Consultant for Richmond, VA.

Financial projection experts are ready to assist small business owners in Richmond, Virginia, and Petersburg, VA.  There's a noticeable trend towards green technologies in manufacturing in these locales.  Green technologies emphasize environmentally friendly business operations and processes, a focus that's gaining traction globally.  Entrepreneurs in Richmond and Petersburg could capitalize on this by innovating within local manufacturing.  Given the region's reputation for manufacturing prowess, a wise business person could develop green technologies tailored to this sector.  Achieving this not only aids the environment but also positions local manufacturers to compete globally with their green initiatives.  Our team of specialists is always available for more profound insights or a business plan around this idea.

In this digital age, integrating technology into business operations offers countless benefits.  Yet, as our financial forecasting expert has observed, not every technological tool or update guarantees cost-effectiveness.  Thus, having a financial plan with a dedicated technology section can be crucial.  This section would allow entrepreneurs to adjust financial forecasts based on technological changes.  If the technology adds value or saves costs, it's a viable option.  However, the financial model can guide the decision-making process if the expenses surpass the benefits.

Local Business Plan Writing Help in Virginia Beach

There are many opportunities for a business owner to gain business plan writing help.  An excellent starting point is often a Chamber of Commerce, SCORE, or city offices.

Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce in Virginia Beach.

500 E. Main St.  Norfolk, Virginia.  23510.

Phone: 757 – 622 – 2312.

Feedback suggests that the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce, with a 3.0 Star rating from six Google reviews, might offer slightly below-average services compared to other Chambers across the US.  However, their website offers valuable insights for local entrepreneurs.  For instance, they host various events, including client-connecting webinars, networking sessions, and city presentations.  Business owners can stay updated on competitors, local news, and changing demographics by participating in these events.