Financial Forecasting Consultant

Proforma Financial Projections Consultant

The Need for a Proforma Financial Projections Consultant.

Financial projections consultants pick up where accountants leave off.  Accountants are fantastic at reviewing historical data and constructing financial statements based on the information.  However, accountants often fare poorly when attempting to do financial forecasts.  From this, the need for a financial forecasting consultant and specialist is critical for small business owners.

Quality Business Plan has financial forecasting consultants waiting to assist small business owners and executives in projecting sales, estimating costs, and determining the cost of debt and equity.  From this foundation, our financial forecasting specialist will create financial models to establish the breakeven point of a project or business, the optimal sales price for a product or service, sensitivity analysis to examine how sensitive profits are to various variables within a business and identify possible valuations for projects and businesses through the use of net present value and internal rate of return calculations.

Benefits of using our proforma financial projections consultant.

Our financial projections consultant customers claim that our services help them better understand the viability of starting a business or project.  Further, through our sensitivity analysis, small business owners better understand how changes in sales price and cost will impact their profits.  Finally, through the use of our financial forecasting, small business owners can complete their business plans using professionally prepared pro forma financial statements.

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Services Provided By Our Proforma Financial Projections Consultant

Financial Forecasting Consultants help with Business Valuations

A common question from our customers to our financial forecasting consultants is how much a project is worth to accompany or what is the value of their business.  In using cash flow estimations, based on historical events, our business financial forecasting consultants can estimate future cash flows and cost.  With this done, we use various free cash flow techniques to determine the valuation of the company or project.

Financial Projection Consultants assist with 12 Month Cash Flow Statement

When writing a business plan for a loan or investor, a main component in the business plan is a 12-month cash flow statement.  In compiling the 12-month cash flow statement, a multitude of assumptions need to be made such as sales, variable costs, fixed costs and growth projections. Further, these projections must be substantiated through research and market analysis.  Our financial forecasting consultants are well-versed in these areas and can assist customers in creating research backed cash flow financial statements.

Financial Forecaster can assist with Pro Forma Financial Statements

Pro forma financial statements are projections for revenues, costs and profits annually for the next five years.  Most financial consultants start with projecting annual sales and cost.  However, Quality Business Plan financial specialist take a different approach to creating pro forma statements.  Our specialist art with constructing daily sales and costs projections.  From this, we expand the rejections to a monthly basis.  At this point, we introduce fixed cost and establish a 12-month cash flow model.  Next, we then project sales to an annual basis.  Finally, we introduce growth estimations and use common sizing techniques to establish the next five years of projections.  This technique has been proven effective for multitude of industries.

Breakeven analysis Created by Financial Projection Consultants

When will you we get your money back from your investment in your business?  What will be the value of your company?  Our financial projection consultants can answer these questions and more using a breakeven analysis.   Our breakeven analysis will calculate your fixed cost for your project or business.  From this, we will identify an average sales price for your goods or services and variable costs needed to attain sales.  On a final note, we use specific calculations to determine how many units need to be sold in order to break even.