Business Plan Writer for Wichita, KS.

Business Plan Writer for Wichita, KS.

Contrary to popular belief, business success is not an accident.  Our business plan writer, financial projection professional, and ghostwriter have found that success in business takes planning, persistence, and dedication on the part of the owner and employees, especially in the Wichita, KS., Overland Park, KS., Kansas City, KS. area.  

Unfortunately, these are not the only skills needed for success.  Business owners also need a cornerstone on which to build their business.  A popular foundation is a business plan written by a professional business plan writer. In a professional business plan, business owners are able to succinctly show how the organization will operate, discuss customer service, identify specific target markets, and thoroughly assess competitors in the area.  Also, a well-written business plan will outline how much money is needed to start the organization and what the financial projections will be based on current research.

Quality Business Plan hires business plan writers, business plan consultants, ghostwriters, and financial projection professionals with the skillsets startup companies and firms looking to expand need to achieve their objectives.  Our writer has an MBA and several years’ experience in various business activities.  In addition to writing business plans, our business plan writer and business plan consultant helps entrepreneurs find business opportunities through market/ industry research and other activities. 

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Business Plan Writer

Paul Borosky, MBA., Business plan writer
Paul Borosky, MBA., Business plan writer

Writing a business plan for a small business, regardless of whether the startup or existing business is in Wichita, Kansas, or any other place throughout the US, following a structure is an important and critical component of a successfully written business plan.  From this, Quality Business Plan offers three popular business plan structures for our clients to choose from.  The structures include our express business plans, traditional business plans, and complete business plans.  Further, our business done right is also able to point out or recommend business plans based on current happenings in the lending environment.  For example, when interest rates are going up, funds are often tight, and banks tend to lend less money.  When this happens, our business plan writer often recommends going for the higher price plans, typically the traditional business plans and complete business plans.  However, when interest rates are low, then all too often, money is readily available, and lower-priced plans tend to be the best choice.  This is just one factor that we consider in recommending our different business plans.  From this, contact your business plan writer today for assistance in selecting which business plan may be best for your Wichita, Kansas business (6/22).

Proforma Financial Projections Consultant

Having professionally constructed pro forma financial projections by a pro forma financial projection consultant may prove helpful for a small business owner.  For example, in most of our business plans, we include pro forma financial projections.  However, the depth of evaluation for the projections varies depending on the business plan.  Our express business plans typically have 12-month profit and loss statements, a pro forma income statement for five years, and a pro forma balance sheet for five years as well.  However, when needed, pro forma financial projections are quite thorough.  For example, this would be our complete business plan.  In our complete business plan, financial projections include, but are not limited to, 24-month profit and loss statements, best-case and worst-case scenarios, financial ratios, five years for income statement projections, five years or balance sheet projections, breakeven analysis, and several other financial calculations.  To assist in choosing which business plan and financial projection package are best, contact our pro forma financial projection consultant today (6/22).

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The Wichita Eagle, located in Wichita, KS. ran an article recently about the state of Kansas taking over 15 nursing homes that could not make their payroll. This unfortunate event does offer a business opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs.  As we all know, the state of Kansas is not looking to enter the nursing home management business in the state.  And, I am almost certain that they have not consulted a business plan writer to improve the company's operations.  What they do need are entrepreneurs that are going to run nursing homes profitably.  Eventually, the state will seek to re-privatize the nursing homes, and when this happens, entrepreneurs may be able to step in and purchase these facilities well below market value and quickly turn a profit.  From this, having a professional business plan ready for this type of opportunity and others is a great strategic move.

Financial Projection Consultant Assistance

Real estate companies are trendy business choices for entrepreneurs.  In Overland Park, KS., the Kansas City Business Journal discussed how real estate agents in the area are turning toward technology to attract customers.  This trend offers opportunities for tech-minded small business owners.  For example, a current trend is that real estate agents are using drones to gain aerial footage of potential listings.  However, managing the additional information gained takes technological know-how and a lot of time.  In working with one of our financial projection consultants, entrepreneurs may be able to step in and create Excel models to manage better data gathered through new technological innovations.  Not only will entrepreneurs quickly gain market share and profitability, but real estate agents will be able to again focus on their profession as compared to mastering technological advances.

Business Plan Writing Help in Wichita, KS.

There is a multitude of opportunities for a business owner to gain business plan writing help.  An excellent starting point is often a Chamber of Commerce, SCORE, or city offices.

Wichita Regional Chamber of Commerce.

350 W. Douglas Ave.  Wichita, Kansas.  67202.

Phone: 316 – 265 – 7771.

Comments: The Wichita Regional Chamber of Commerce has earned a 4.0 Star rating out of five Google reviewers.  This indicates that Wichita’s chamber offers services comparable to other chambers throughout the US.  Fortunately, the company does earn a higher ranking on its Facebook site, which ranks 4.7 out of five stars.  Also, the website does offer some critical links for business owners seeking to write their own business plans.  For example, the organization offers various opportunities for networking like membership maximizers, honors nights, and member business exchanges.  During these social events, not only can entrepreneurs expand their sphere of influence, but they are also able to build brand recognition through networking activities.  This practice should be documented in the marketing section of a business plan.