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Quality Business Plan's MBA business plan writer and proforma financial projections consultant work with small business owners in Philadelphia, PA., Levittown, PA., West Philadelphia, PA., and North Philadelphia, PA., to create professionally written business plans and financial projections.

A common challenge faced by Philadelphia small business owners is managing their debt.  Debt is a general term that may be considered as a loan or loan from a bank or other entities, money owed to suppliers, and even wages accrued for their employees.  Debt management, from a business plan writer's point of view, can be tackled in a multitude of ways.  First, our MBA business plan writer for Philadelphia small businesses may create custom budget templates for business owners to use to tractor expenditures.  Further, we can also create strategic plans with specific goals and objectives focused on reducing or controlling debt.  Even more, a business plan writer can also include discussions in the business plan focused on labor control as well as other large expenditure controls.  No matter how debt is managed by an organization, a business plan writer can help articulate and document strategies and plans to best explain the targeted process (2/23).

Business Writing Services Offered

Business Plan Writer

Paul Borosky, MBA., Business plan writer
Paul Borosky, MBA., Business plan writer

Quality Business Plan’s business plan writers offer numerous business plan writing services to Philadelphia area small business owners, like custom business plan writing, business plan templates that are industry specific, standalone pro forma financial projections, and business plan editing services.  However, our business plan writer for the Philadelphia area has found that our most popular service to area business owners would be our express plus business plan.  Our express plus business plan includes two revisions, a company description section, industry analysis, and moderate coverage for financial projections like 12-month profit and loss, breakeven analysis, and pro forma income statement and balance sheet.  For help in selecting which of our business plan writing services will meet your business needs, just contact our MBA business plan writer (2/23).

Proforma Financial Projections Consultant

Proforma financial projections are a key component for any well-prepared business plan, whether by a professional business plan writer, freelance business plan writer, or the business owner themselves.  For our pro forma financial projection segments, at a minimum, we include 12-month profit and loss projections, financial assumptions, a financial highlight section, a pro forma income statement covering five years, and a pro forma balance sheet covering five years as well.  Further, when needed, are pro forma financial projection consultant can also add more depth to a financial projection section by including a valuation section, breakeven analysis section, best case/worst case scenario analysis, financial ratios, and numerous other financial analysis tools to help readers better understand the financial decision and potential for small business (2/23).

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Popular Philadelphia Business Startups: Vending Machine Businesses

Vending machine businesses are growing in popularity across the US and especially so in the Philadelphia, PA., areas.

Because of this growth, our business plan writer and spoken with and or written several vending machine business plans for area startups.  When writing a vending machine business plan, small business owners should make sure to include specific components.  For example, or vending machine business plan writer almost always includes the geographic area serviced by vending machine professionals.  Further, we have found that most vending machine business owners tend to focus on servicing specific types of businesses like offices, apartment complexes, and strip malls.  Because of this, including an area of focus and a well-written vending machine business plan is a great process to follow.  For assistance in developing a vending machine business plan or any other startup business plan, contact our business plan writer (2/23).

Business Plan Writers Help Solve Problems.

As a business diversifies and expands operations into different industries, a business owner may face the need to create an umbrella company or holding company.  Our business plan writer defines a holding company as a parent company that holds assets in multiple organizations.  Using a holding company is an excellent strategy for specific reasons.  First, a holding company acts like a conglomerate and may oversee a multitude of different organizations in different industries.  This structure allows the executive team the focus on the big-picture strategies and oversight as compared to day-to-day operations.  Also, a holding company, especially in the Philadelphia area, may provide an additional layer of legal security for business owners.  Because of the numerous possible benefits of a holding company, make sure to have a business plan developed focused on components of the holding company as well as strategic responsibilities for the holding company executive team (10/21).

A second area where our business plan writer may assist Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, area business owners is through the creation and documentation of an organization’s vision statement.  Documenting and constructing a vision statement in a business plan is trickier than it sounds.  For example, some organizations prefer to use a specific vision statement that may describe the organization at a future point in time, say in 3 to 5 years.  Other small business owners prefer a broad description of the vision statement embracing a concept or idea.  Regardless of how a vision statement is structured, almost all owners agree that it should be included in the most detailed business plans.  Because of this need, make sure to work with our business plan writer to design and document your coveted long-term vision for your organization (2/22).

Proforma Financial Projection Consultant for the Philadelphia Area.

Our proforma financial projection consultant is well-versed in numerous industries popular in the Philadephia area.  For example, surprisingly, our organization receives many calls for business plans related to beauty care.  Beauty care is a multibillion-dollar industry.  Because beauty care is a large and diverse industry, knowing industry statistics is critical for business plan writers.  For example, makeup, deodorant, and nail care products encompass approximately 35% of all revenues generated in the beauty care industry.  Further, hair care items make up about 25% of the industry.  On a final note, there are over 750 companies that manufacture beauty care products in the US alone, some located in the Philadelphia area.  The statistics indicate that small business owners have significant opportunities to gain revenues on the retail side of the industry.  However, manufacturing is often dominated by large conglomerates.  From this brief review, hopefully, you can see the benefits that our business plan writer can bring to the table when research is needed.