Business Plan Writer for Jersey City, NJ.

Business Plan Writer for Jersey City, NJ.

Our business plan writer and proforma financial projection consultant have helped numerous small business owners in Jersey City, NJ., Manhattan, NY., Newark, NJ., and Hoboken, NJ., areas. 

From assisting the small business owners, our business plan writers have found that specific challenges are faced by business owners in this area.  For example, our business plan writers have found that planning for future technology within a business is a struggle.

Technological advances have become a fact of life for both business owners and customers.  Further, the more technology impacts customers' lives, the more they will expect businesses to incorporate technological advances to ensure increased efficiency and optimal customer service.  Unfortunately, some business owners struggle with embracing technological advancements.  Because of this, our business plan writers recommend that a technology strategy be incorporated into the business plan. 

This technology strategy should outline how owners or management will continually evaluate new technological advances to determine how these advances may improve operations or increase customer satisfaction.  By doing this, not only will small business owners stay ahead of competitors, but they were also continually meet or exceed customers' expectations of their business.

Business Plan Writing Services for Jersey City, NJ.

Business Plan Writer

Paul Borosky, MBA., Business plan writer
Paul Borosky, MBA., Business plan writer

Quality Business Plan offers a wide selection of custom-written business plans as well as numerous industry-specific business plan templates.  In addition to our custom-written plans and templates, our business plan writer also provides a wide selection of complementary services such as business plan editing, PowerPoint/pitch deck presentations, and standalone pro forma financial projections.  However, an important growing trend in the Jersey City area, based on our business plan writer experience, is the use of strategic plans in addition to business plans.  For the most part, a business plan will describe your business, specifically, what you do, where you do it, how you do it, and why you do it.  Whereas a strategic plan uses your business plan as a foundation and then projects will your business will go and sets benchmarks as to how you will obtain your vision in the long term.  By using both types of plans, business owners have a better understanding of where they want to go and how they’re going to get there.  For help with writing complementary strategic and business plans, contact our business plan writer today (8/22).

Proform Financial Projections Consultant

Pro forma financial projections are included in just about every business plan that we offer.  However, not every pro forma financial projection package is the same.  For example, our business plan templates include 12-month profit loss statements as well as five-year projections for the income statement.  The structure is usually sufficient for business owners to understand the financial highlights for the next seven years as well as satisfy loan requirements for small business loans.  However, for business owners wishing to have an in-depth understanding of their financial position, then our complete financial projection package may meet this need.  In our complete pro forma financial projection package, business owners can expect 24-month profit loss statements, five-year projections for both income statement and balance sheet, financial ratios, best/worst case scenarios, and other capital budgeting calculations.  For assistance in determining which financial projection package is best for your company, contact our pro forma financial projection consultant (8/22).

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A common concern for most businesses, especially in the Jersey City, New Jersey, area, is concerning competition.  Specifically, small business owners are continually vying for a leadership position within their industry.  Unfortunately, there can only be one leader, and acquiring this crown takes dedication, strategic planning, and execution.  With the help of our business plan writers, small business owners would be able to work with one of our business plan consultants to craft a strategy for hopefully gaining an industry leader position.  Once a strategy is completed, it is up to the business owner to execute the strategy.  Further, always keep in mind, that your initial strategy may not always be the most effective.  From this, make sure to continually evaluate your business strategy in your business plan to ensure optimal performance and success.

In addition, when small businesses start to expand, they all too often need to hire employees.  However, when advertising, interviewing, and training employees, business owners are also still trying to work in their business to satisfy customers, handle vendors, and maintain advertising channels.  With all of the activities simultaneously happening, inevitably, employees are not trained optimally.  This all too often leads to damaged brand recognition through poor customer service or unreliable products made.  To mitigate this problem, our business plan writer recommends that Jersey City business owners construct strategic benchmarks related to hiring, training, and monitoring employees.  By having a workable strategy and a business plan geared towards employee relations, business owners are able to avoid predictable mistakes.

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Proforma Financial Projections Consultant
Proforma Financial Projections Consultant

As most business owners know, your initial target market for your business may change either in the short or long term.  For example, in 1898, Pepsi was founded in North Carolina.  Their target market was individuals with indigestion.  However, as production ramped up, Bradham realized that his target market was terribly narrow.  There were many reasons for this revelation.  However, our business plan writers and financial projection professionals feel that the main driver is that the owners noted that the revenues are growing faster than the projections.  When this happens, frequently, the organization is solving a problem that they do not realize the product itself.  From this, working with our financial projection professionals, we can help small business owners analyze financial statements to identify potential trends and opportunities.