Business Plan Writer for Austin, TX.

Business Plan Writer for Austin, TX.

Our business plan writer and proforma financial projections consultant help business owners in Austin, TX., Round Rock, TX., Wyldwood, TX., Georgetown, TX., and Taylor, Tx. areas. 

A common challenge faced by Austin, TX., business owners, and owners in other areas, are preparing their company for sale or acquisition.  An unfortunate reality is that entrepreneurs will inevitably need to relinquish control of their companies.  In some cases, our business plan writer has found the business owners have found other interests and wish to move on from their established business.  Further, some entrepreneurs in the Austin area have reached an age where they want to retire.  Regardless of why a business owner is seeking to sell their company, strategic steps should be taken to ensure top dollar is received for years of hard work. 

One step that should definitely be taken would be to have a well-written business plan ready for prospective buyers.  In a well-written business plan, business owners are able to discuss specific activities and strategies that have made the organization successful.  Further, business owners are able to present future proforma financial projections based on reliable historic profits and revenues.  Finally, by having a professionally prepared business plan, by a business plan writer, expansion plans for future owners may be briefly discussed.  In summary, a well-prepared business plan will not only help the business owner receive top dollar for their business but also improve the likelihood that the new owners will enjoy similar successes (10/21).

Business Plan Writer Services for Austin, TX. 

Business Plan Writer

Business Plan Writers for Austin, TX.
Business Plan Writers for Austin, TX.

Our business plan writer may help area business owners by providing any one or more of our various services related to business plan writing as well as pro forma financial projections.  For example, for the most part, our business plans do not include a competitor analysis, a strategic plan, or a pitch deck.  These services have become less and less needed for our clients.  From this, we have removed them from our standard services.  However, there are some instances where a client will need a competitor analysis for the business plan.  When this happens, then our business plan writer is able to provide the service and an additional charge.  This strategy allows us to provide our business plan writing services at affordable prices while still ensuring that our client's needs are met regardless of circumstance (7/22).

Proforma Financial Projections Consultant

Pro forma financial projections are included in each one of our custom-written business plans.  However, there are certain circumstances where a small business owner in the Austin, Texas, metropolitan area may not need a business plan written but still needs financial projections.  When this happens, our pro forma financial projection consultant is still able to provide our services.  Specifically, we are able to create pro forma financial projections for just about any industry through our pro forma financial projections only offerings.  These packages include a basic pro forma financial projection model, an advance pro forma financial projection model, and a complete pro forma financial projection model.  By providing financial projections with business plans as well as separately, clients are able to choose which package and services will best meet their needs (7/22).

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Popular Industries for Business Plans in Austin, TX.

Coffee Shop Business Plan

When we write our coffee shop business plans, we utilize various industry reports to gather important data about the industry.  For example, our business plan writer has found that the coffee shops industry in the US includes competitors that sell specialty snacks, hot and cold coffees, ice creams, pastries, and even smoothies.  In the last year, this industry has generated a proximally $47 billion in revenues, which include sales throughout the Austin, Texas metropolitan area.  Further, industry experts anticipate a 2% growth rate for revenues for the foreseeable future.  Because of this modest yet sustainable growth rate for the industry, we anticipate industry competitors to need business plans to better compete with new entrants in the industry as well as to raise funds for franchise growth.  Regardless of the need, make sure to work with our business plan writer for your business plan needs (3/22).

Business Plan Writers Help Solve Problems

One of the best benefits that our business plan writer brings to the table would be our ability to help owners, select appropriate vendors.  For example, just with shipping products or services, small business owners have a multitude of choices, such as FedEx, UPS, United States Postal Service, or other smaller delivery companies.  Even though the cost may be similar between the organizations, additional benefits may outweigh quantitative qualities. Because of these challenges, our business plan writers can help business owners in Austin, TX. work through the decision-making process for selecting different vendors.

Another benefit that an Austin Texas small business owner may receive from working with our business plan writer and financial forecasting consultants is expertise in different industries.  For example, our business plan writers have worked with numerous home repair companies, such as AC repair organizations.  From our interactions with these companies, we have conducted in-depth research on adversaries such as home repair.  To illustrate, the median pay for air-conditioning mechanics is approximately $47,000 a year.  Further, educational experience often is focused on diplomas instead of degrees.  Finally, the growth rate for AC repair companies is about 15%, which is significantly higher than in most other industries.  This research shows that starting some home repair businesses is incredibly lucrative.  Further, this also indicates that our business plan writer is a qualified researcher that may be able to help owners gain better insights into their business.

Our Proforma Financial Projection Consultants Can Help

Proforma Financial Projections Consultant
Proforma Financial Projections Consultant

Our proforma financial projection consultant offers small business owners needed insights into their business using finance forecasts, financial models, and business valuations.  For example, entrepreneurs struggle with creating a viable balance sheet for the financial section of their business plan.  Creating a balance sheet for a company requires a professionally developed financial template that ties in the profit and loss statement as well as the income statement.  Our financial projection consultant has such models.  Further, we can customize balance sheet templates to reflect different percentages for items such as accounts payable, accruals, or receivables management.  By doing this, various industries may be revealed using customized templates.

An interesting observation that a business plan writer has made over the years is that few organizations, especially startup organizations, include a segment in the business plan in relation to culture.  The culture of the business is the values, thoughts, and ideas that the collective group of people has in common.  For the most part, over time, employees from a business will start to reflect the values and norms of the business owner.  However, in some instances, employees create a greatly different culture than the business owner due to a wide array of reasons.  When a business has two different cultures competing with one another, inevitably, conflict and stress arise which will eventually impact customers, profits, and an organization’s growth.  Because of the importance of culture, our business plan writer recommends setting aside funds dedicated to improving and nurturing an organization’s culture.  This activity may be done with startup cost and the funding section of the business plan or could even be included as a monthly cost in an organization’s pro forma statements.  Regardless, budgeting for cultural growth is an excellent strategy that may produce long-term benefits.

Local Business Plan Writing Help in Austin, TX.

There is a multitude of opportunities for a business owner to gain business plan writing help.  An excellent starting point is often a Chamber of Commerce, SCORE, or city offices.

Austin Chamber of Commerce.

535 E. 5th St. in Austin, TX.  78701.

Phone: 512 – 478 – 9383.

Comments: the Austin Chamber of Commerce has achieved a 2.7-star rating from over five Google reviewers.  This shows that the company's services may not be the best in the area.  However, their website does offer Austin entrepreneurs important information about the area.  To illustrate, their website has links to help potential business owners decide why to select Austin as a business location, advocacy information for startup companies, education and talent sources for businesses seeking to expand their operations, and finally, an innovation link showing the global importance of Austin, Texas.